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Some doomsayers are undermining government’s efforts to fight against COVID-19-YALI


The Young African Leaders Initiative YALI has said that it is saddened that some doomsayers are undermining government’s efforts to fight against COVID-19

YALI president Andrew Ntewewe noted that the cynicism against the country’s health architecture and the Minister of Health is nothing but an effort to undermine the impressive, robust,and effective intervention against COVID-19.

Speaking when he addressed the media this morning, Mr. Ntewewe said that the priority, as a country, should be to support President Edgar Lungu’s measures put in place and therefore called on all cooperating partners and Zambians to collaborate with the entire health infrastructure and to ensure that the ravaged economy is equally revamped.

He said that it was a total misplacement of energy to constantly be talking and accusing one another of corruption on donations when the energies should be on being innovative and imaginative on how to seek access to the 30 billion kwacha stimulus package.

“We want to particularly note the gradual, strategic and cautious approach of opening the country for business and announced by president Edgar Lungu which we are in agreement with and must be made known to the public that other countries are opening up for business in order to save their economies despite the high number of people dying from the disease,” he said.

“Currently, there is a K2.5 billion to pay arrears, pensioners and contractors,10 Billion Kwacha for commerce set up particularly to assist women, youth entrepreneurs through banks and the 10.3 Million Dollars for aquaculture through CEEC. This is where the agenda must be. In total, there is an estimated 30 Billion Kwacha for commerce, trade and industry which must be the national agenda to get the economy running again” Mr. Ntewewe emphasized.

Mr Ntewewe reiterated that the COVID-19 is real and its fight must not be trivialized and thanked the health workers for the priceless efforts they are putting in place to manage the pandemic.


  1. There are many. We know them and they know themselves. Sitting and waiting for things to get out of control. But God is on our side and will bless all our efforts with success, delete our stress and remove all grief.

    • What’s the difference between him and those thugs who went to disrupt a phone in interview at a private radio station in Mpika and chinsali.

  2. Things getting under or out of control depends on the driver bwana. Leave the people out of your nonsense. Your driver in the name of ECL is just too preoccupied with 2021 period

  3. Is this the PF rat caught on tape extrolling his other rats that lungu is not happy with the support he is getting from this silly YALI after paying them ??????

  4. This YALI is an underwear of PF government. Just eat in their bedroom. The doomsayer is YALI officials who support anything coming from PF government. Bill 10 proponents are YALI boys driven by their ego to eat with ruling party PF. These NGO run by poverty stricken men and women. PF must go!

  5. Yali let me help you by calling the elephant in the room. SOME EVIL DIASPORANS AND UPND DOOMSAYERS ARE UNDERMINING OUR FIGHT AGAINST COVID 19.

  6. YALI is nothing but a pathetic bunch on PF’s payroll. YALI, with its compromised, spineless, bootlicking president, is a stooge of the PF. Who the heck told you fighting covid19 means we should put aside the call for transparency and/or accountability regarding for instance the management of resources GRZ has been receiving to fight the pandemic? Who in your stup!d mind told you we should not critique MoH simply because there’s corona? Take your blind loyalty to the PF elsewhere!

  7. @Aristotle I don’t see the connection. More importantly, people should be researching and informing themselves more widely. Read between the lines in order to stay aware and understand what’s happening. The doomsayers are playing with people’s emotions, spreading fear and panic – exactly what certain forces need in order to materialize their agenda of a vaccine for Africa. By the time people wake up to realise what is contained in that vaccine, it will be too late.

  8. Finally someone has said it as it should be. This fight against Chilufya is undermining the real fight and may distract Edgar if he is not careful

  9. What’s the difference between YALI and the green fly. They are both attracted by anything that ‘smells,’ they thrive undercover…

  10. The ghost in PF is making the party more disorganised and losing direction. Why fight a ministry which is critical to pandemic fight

  11. When you are offered advise ,you said everything was under control.
    We advised pf in the initial stages to close the borders with Tanzania and to lock down the country for about 2 weeks.
    That by the name of kz is always insulting us as if we don’t have relatives and friends in Zambia.
    The infection is out of control and the only way forward is to protect the vulnerable, those above 70 yrs with conditions like High blood presure, Asthmatic, and with kidney conditions.

  12. Kaizar Zulu what do you smoke kanshi, your level of thinking is not befitting a former presidential adviser. First and foremost, in the diaspora you would have been fired from the civil service for name calling. Now since the civil service is your “mother’s farm”, who are we?
    Also let it stick in your thick head, “diasporans” you keep referring to contribute enormously to GDP, go and check with BOZ or MoF. They support orphans and other vulnerable groups in various ways at the expense of leading celebrity lives. So the sooner you stop treating them like second class citizens the better for development.

  13. Once you hit 1,000+ cases. Just pray that Zambias health system will cope with the surge in hospitalizations.

  14. Nothing that this govt does go well because from the beginning they didn’t get power well under lungu. You see there is just that thing that can’t be explained that makes thieves fail to enjoy what they steal or that makes what they steal not last long. No one values what they didn’t get through honest and hard work with integrity. To keep what you stole one has to keep fighting for it, the person is never secure and fear is their portion always, in the end nothing meaningful is done and you realize how wasted those years are when behind bars. If one wins an election fair and square they don’t panic, they work confidently and fear nothing from being exposed. Now what is happening is that Edgar is afraid of firing anyone who knew their schemes hence keeping a lot of deadweight and that…

  15. Stop forcing health workers to pickup covid19 samples on public buses n don’t politicize donated stuff . We want a clean election this time n we will pray for transparency @ the ECZ. We ( MMD n UPND ) shun violence .

  16. YALI is entitled to register some observations on Zambia’s efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19. YALI’s observations are hinged on achieving a successful control of this virus in Zambia. Zambians must realize that Govt has to act cautiously so as not to harm the national economy. Taking into account that Govt has assembled a capable team of Ministers and technocrats to contain COVID-19, there is a clique of persons geared to undermine the work of the Ministry of Health. Strange thatthe half-baked Medical Doctors [Dr. Puma, Dr. Bota (lady in USA) and now Dr. Beck Banda] have joined the band-wagon to wish the hard-working Dr. Chilufya fired.

  17. Lungu has no plan to contain Coronavirus, none at all. If Ntewenye can see one and hereby accuse the majority who can clearly see the King is stack naked (chi tali) as, quote: “undermining the impressive, robust,and effective intervention against COVID-19”, then Ntewenye wenye weo!

  18. Lungu has no plan to contain Coronavirus, none at all. If Ntewenye can see one & hereby accuse the majority who can clearly see the King is stack naked (chintako) as, quote: “undermining the impressive, robust, & effective intervention against COVID-19”, then Ntewenye wenye weo!

  19. Next time Ntewenye claims the Zambian economy is doing fantabulous, be cautious because his nearest comparable is Malawi, where there in no economy! It’s like Nkandu Lunyo claiming Bisas are civilized & cannot be “pyanikard” by a Tonga, when the Bisa nearest pyaniker partner is a baboon in the kwaNabwalya & Ituri Forests! No wonder she so ugly & looks baboonic!

  20. Being a Medical Doctor is a noble profession destined to save human lives. However the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed persons who strayed into Medicine to make money – and ventured into some NGOs to amass more money. All Doctors are expected to channel their expert knowledge to established authorities in the Ministry of Health, but some have opted to seek glory by advancing their views through social media. Zambians need to know how Dr. Puma, Dr. Kasese-Bota, Dr. Beck Banda (had legal issues with World Vision) and Dr. Mujajati are sourcing parallel data to discredit the Minister of Health. The same antagonistic trend is being fermented against President Ramaphosa by the DA in South Africa. Who is FUNDING THESE DISSENTING MINDS IN ZAMBIA & SOUTH AFRICA?

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