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Muchinga Province PF Chairman Differs with Dora Siliya over Radio Stations Programming

Feature Politics Muchinga Province PF Chairman Differs with Dora Siliya over Radio...

Muchinga Province PF Chairman Alex Simuwelu says the province is a no go area for UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Simuwelu says there is time for political campaigns; and there is also a time to suspend all politicking, especially during times when a nation and Province in particular is absorbed in a ferocious war against the Coronavirus pandemic.

He said for Zambia and Muchinga Province, that time is now and not politics.

“This is that time when patriotism and love of country summons us to close ranks and put politics aside as we engage a vicious mutual enemy in a ferocious fight”, he said.

Mr Simuwelu said in a statement that the common enemy Zambia now face is COVID-19 and Muchinga Province has become a hot spot of the war with fierce battles raging in Nakonde, Chinsali and elsewhere in the province.

He said this is a time that calls for seriousness and urgency against an unprecedented pandemic that has the potential to totally wipe out the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Muchinga and the rest of Zambia.

“We need all hands in the province on deck rallying with our Commander in Chief His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as he leads the assault on the virus”, he added.

Mr Simuwelu said this is a time for all politicians in the ruling party and opposition alike, to put national interest and patriotism above any other consideration – including political ambition.

He has therefore cautioned all opposition politicians including Mr Hichilema that no radio station in the Province will be allowed to carry out any political programming when they are in the heat of the battle with COVID 19.

Mr Simuwelu said the PF are not being undemocratic by banning radio programs but are being reasonable.

He said during this period, only two themes will be entertained in Muchinga Province namely COVID-19 Sensitisation Programmes and Development Programs.

Mr Simuwelu said any other kind of programming at this time of war is anarchy and the people of Muchinga do not deserve this anarchy.

He said the people of Muchinga will not entertain such reckless irresponsibility as they continue to be strongly behind the coordinated mutisectoral and multidisciplinary approach against COVID-19 which President Lungu is leading in the region and the rest of the country.

The statement comes barely a day after Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya condemned the disruption and blocking of UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema on two radio stations in Muchinga Province.

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  1. I’ve always said that our colleague is misplaced, how do you start campaigning in the midst of COVID 19.?? This time is to support the President is in this fight!!!
    The man is right, this is no time for politics!!!!

    • He did not even appear on Radio. You should read with understanding. This is english. He was blocked from appearing from a radio programme.



  4. So this man had HH speech even before he said a word on the radio? What if his message was about the convid 19 itself?

  5. What a shame everyone is doing what they think is right bootlicking is killing our Nation how can a PF official differs with a minsiter?

  6. How did this PF man know what HH was going to say on radio beforehand? If opposition parties shouldn’t politic, then nobody should politic including PF. PF must be stopped from distributing party-branded materials during this period. And so, there are some no-go areas for some Zambians in Zambia! Is this consistent with following the commander-in-chief’s directives?

  7. He has a point. Childish hh does not have common sense. He cannot read situations. This is why he holds the record for the highest election losses in Zambia history. I pray for him every day as it is clear he has brain issues.

  8. I don’t get the point on his statement, he says Muchinga is a no go zone for UPND and at the same time he is saying it’s not time for campaign…. so which is which? if it was in southern some1 would have said tongas are tribe-lists. chalo ichi

  9. Unless cadreism go, we are not safe. PF is being managed and engineered by cadres. Tell me a difference between Kaizar Zulu and Alex Simuwelu.

  10. Dora is right. Its not in order to stop anyone from excercising their right to freedom of expression, as spokesperson for GRZ, she’s on spot. The PF provincial chairperson is equally right in calling for hh to excercise responsibility, leadership, patriotism and civic duty by not abusing his freedom of expression by campaigning during a national crisis and emergency. Hh is at fault here!!

    • The statement says; HH was blocked from attending a radio programme. So all this, that about HH is just being tribal.


  12. I think covid-19 has manifested itself in Alex Simuwelu, he needs to be quantarined sooner than later. I will tell HH to go their and see what gonna happen.

    PF must go!

  13. To those of you who are funs of seer1, tell him that he can not be trusted because he is the one who put us in this mess, if his God father had foresight he was going to see what he was putting us through before it happened, why should seer1 say he is regretting now, and over his request to see HH, tell him that we don’t trust him with that either, he did the same to The Lusaka mayor and ended up putting saw dust in his head, what can stop him from putting saw dust in HH’s head as well if HH talked to him?.

  14. In case you had any doubt, there you have it now the Piffle is supreme. Cadres can even slap police officers in uniform and get away with it. This lawlessness has been sanctioned by the PF top leadership. These are traits of a regime on its way out. We saw how the police were threatened with dismissals by Francis Kabonde when MMD was on its way out. History is repeating itself, bye bye PF we won’t miss you.

  15. Proverbs 28:12 When the righteous triumph there is great elation, but when the wicked rise to power people go into hiding. PF is Wicked.

  16. Simuwelu should have sewer water where his brain was supposed to be! Madam Dora Muliokela is right on this one, only the IBA can regulate content by ensuring that the content is within the confines of the IBA Act! Lets wait and see whether this cretin Simuwelu will be fired!

  17. So in PF juniors have more say or power then seniors. How can this man advise the minister?Let him be
    Promoted to be a minister and Dora
    To take his place.

  18. We pray for a day when three public Universities (CBU, Unza, & Mulungushi) and a promising private University (UNILUS) will restructure their curricula in various Schools, to include a course in African studies for students to appreciate dynamics of social needs for peoples of Southern Africa. In a democracy, all parties must preach cross-pollination of ideas and allow a seating Government to administer the rule of Law. In this regard, Hon. Minister Dora Siliya, whose Ministry issues Licences to Ratio & TV Stations, has properly translated Govt’s position, All Zambians must have a balanced intellectual capacity to appreciate that since human life is vital, all political parties need to assess the timing of conducting politics when the nation is currently afflicted by COVID-19 pandemic.

  19. Honestly it’s senseless and selfish for any political party leader to be capitalising on the current situation by using it as a campaign opportunity. “There’s a time for everything.” Can his supporters please remind him to take time to read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Good Book.

  20. Pathetic fools! (PF) what is wrong with a leader interacting with the people with the hope of fighting COVID as a united front? Was nt “snake lips” in Livingstone enticing people to spread COVID through tourism?

    It is only politicking when wise people want to donate or send a solidarity message are we scared that people will see through our short legged lies?

    Your time is surely up!!

  21. And these PF maggots expect a bailout from IMF for covid-19 relief. Forget it PF maggots. Your time is approaching to account for your wrong dealings. PF must go!

  22. When Sata left MHSRP there was confusion in PF everyone wanted to be president. That was a time we were supposed to see that PF can’t govern bcz it has no unity in itself as a party. Here we have a future judge who has the power to predict what the opposition will say before saying any word. He stands up with no shame to even say the place is not a go zone for UPND. A clear indication of personal beef judgment based on hate & not facts. Then we have Dora saying PF is not in support with this man’s actions against HH. Is this unity or confusion I see conflicts of interest & power

  23. The PF really take Zambians for fools .
    They have been campaigning aggressively ever since covid-19 came to Zambia
    1) They have been handing out those dangerous PF branded face masks.
    2)Bowman Lusambo has been harassing the general public clad in Edgar Lungu campaign material.
    3) Other PF party members have been making donations (using tax payers money) with 2021 party campaign materials.
    Video and picture evidence is readily available

  24. A team can’t win if every player wants to score. PF is disorganised because it’s like everyone has authority to make decisions they feel like making. This minister of team A within PF will say this then minister of team B within PF will oppose. And the leader of all the teams within PF is just watching from a distance. How can people in conflit with each other form democracy? If you support PF honestly you are either confused or very dull to see the truth right in front of you. We need to stop embarrassing ourselves start behaving like grown ups. Sit down and learn to discuss not fighting each other on national media. Am sure you make other governments laugh at you with the way you backfire on each other

  25. Its shocking to Zambians. So, the entire PF regime hasn’t got any structures to which Zambians can be informed on sensible issues. Each PF cadre says whatever comes into their head, off it goes to the nation. Even after embarrassing the entire PF regime, some cadre insists PF has not embarrassed itself. The question is attracted; Does PF regime have sensible and rational people among themselves?

  26. I now realise the importance of Dr Kaunda’s words those days when he said ignorance is a very big problem. Which constitution says when there is a disease politics must be suspended. Don’t mislead yourselves please. No liberties have been suspended, that is why school is very important.

  27. Mr. Simuwelu is wrong. As much as I do not agree with HH, democracy cannot he stopped. HH as a free Zambian citizen is free to campaign anywhere in Zambia at anytime. He has also like the president been fighting covid 19. Let us be normal Zambians and fight for democracy and decency of our people.

  28. On the evening of 14 November 2017, elements of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) gathered around Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and seized control of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and key areas of the city. The next day, the ZDF issued a statement saying that it was not a coup d’état and that President Robert Mugabe was safe, although the situation would return to normal only after the ZDF had dealt with the “criminals” around Mugabe responsible for the socio-economic problems of Zimbabwe. The same day, Kudzanayi Chipanga, the leader of the ruling ZANU–PF party’s youth league, which is aligned with Grace Mugabe, said that the Youth League was “ready to die” to try and prevent the army from deposing Mugabe. You should have seen how Chipanga wailed like “nkumba ya…

  29. … ya chiwewe” when the soldiers squeezed hit bollocks! So naiwe Simuwelu, uzanya zesmanjemanje wena! You should ask Gen Meandering how he cried and popped in his combat when Gen. Chitomfwa squeezed his nuts after fishing him out of Katanga for alleged dangerous coup plotting. That’s what awaits you, Lungu will be “Gadaffyied”.

  30. These are the allegations Zimbabwe levelled against Sekuru Robert Mugabe which could have led to his impeachment had he not resigned, coward! So interesting how they would fit well with Lungu’s ones when we nail his stinking backside. Except on Lungu’s list will be a fifth point namely: “Stinking kleptomaniac tendecies that bankrupted the state”.
    1.serious misconduct;
    2.failure to obey, uphold and defend the Constitution;
    3.willful violation of the Constitution;
    4.inability to perform the functions of the Office because of physical or mental incapacity.

  31. Primitive politics from the Muchinga so-called party chairman – no surprise there. This is the hallmark of the PF government, supported by equally primitive thinking and a clear lack of any analytical faculties from the likes of @Zambian Citizen

  32. But on Sunday Lusambo was campaigning for President Lungu, ati Copperbelt is PF bedroom.
    And didnt His Excellency say we should acvept tge new normal and go about our business?
    By the way was Trible HH campaigning? So according to PFwhen you see his face then he is campaigning? Then tell your boss to use his powers to confine Trible HH to his bedroom in New Kasama.
    Kwena ba PF you are in full panic over 2021, even raising tge profile of that Trible HH of Sejani trible background.

  33. Zambians, just allow me to govern just for 60 minutes and all this nonsense will be a thing of the past! Zambia needs a lot of housekeeping! All those who have built riches using stolen money don’t love their lives! In Ghana, when someone steals, it is assumed that person has signed their own death sentence! That is the reason why stealing is not something you hear of often there.
    Where do some misfits get the courage to think they can ban fellow citizens from visiting any part of the country? If Sata who founded PF was restricted like this, do you think PF would be in power? Whether you like it or not, we are changing ubuteko 2021! It may not be HH but we are changing!

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