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Christian Churches Monitoring Group concerned with the continued intimidation and harassment of the media

Headlines Christian Churches Monitoring Group concerned with the continued intimidation and harassment...

The Christian Churches Monitoring Group is concerned with the continued intimidation and harassment of the media.

CCMG Steering Committee Chairperson Father Leophas Lungu says world over, a free press plays an important role in a democratic society, allowing the dissemination of information and a space for the exchange of opinions and ideas.

Fr Lungu says particularly in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have a duty to uphold and protect the freedom of the press so that free information sharing is guaranteed.

He said CCMG thus notes with concern the recent happenings aimed at limiting press freedom, censoring and intimidating the media.

Fr Lungu has called on government to take concrete actions to investigate and hold individuals accountable for any violations.

“CCMG condemns in the strongest terms the actions of Mpika District Commissioner in instructing Mpika FM not to host a paid for programme featuring the United Party for National Development (UPND) President, on 13 May 2020, the unauthorized entry of suspected PF cadres into Muchinga Radio studios in Chinsali on 15 May 2020 to disrupt yet another paid for
programme featuring UPND President via telephone, and the attack on Isoka FM on May 18 during an interview with the UPND President”, he said.

“We are concerned that these acts of intimidation represent a restriction of press freedom,
which is a fundamental component of our democracy,” said Fr Lungu.

He said as the country is preparing for 2021 elections, the media must remain free as part of a democratic, transparent and credible electoral process.

Fr Lungu said as noted by the United Nations Secretary General in commemorating World Press Freedom Day earlier this month, meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic “depends on media freedom and independent reporting.

He said the challenges of COVID-19 should not be used to limit the freedom
of press, or the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Fr Lungu has since welcomed the statement by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services
noting that “it is a violation of the IBA Acg for any person to procure other people to storm a radio station and disrupt a broadcast programme or
order a broadcast station to broadcast in a certain manner.

He has urged the government to hold the individuals responsible accountable for their actions adding that Law
enforcement agencies should investigate the incidents in Chinsali and Isoka and ensure that the individuals involved are brought to book.

He has further called on government officials to refrain
from using their office to intimidate the media, and those who do be disciplined according to the appropriate procedures.

“Further, we call upon the Independent Broadcasting Authority to play its role in providing protection to the media through existing statutes to ensure that media
houses operate independently”, he added.


  1. I watched HH “complaining” on video, the guy is not wise. I couldn’t make sense why those videos full of wrong words. So annoying, we may fail to remove these PF bandits again .
    An incoming President should be wise enough to let citizens complain on his behalf like what this Cleophas has come up with.
    HH were are UPND female MPs to speak for you? HH wise up, let Zambians work for you man.

    • One man once complained bitterly on election day and called an innocent journalist a “bloody reporter” , Ba nostra remember that at one time these pf cadres would not let his chopper to touch down so that he could engage the citizenry in shiwang’andu,and are on record to have declared that this area is no go area for him , he decides to resort to radio, TV and social media to disseminate the message still they want to stifle him, surely what’s wrong with fight for your rights .

  2. @Nostradamus, which word(s) offended you? Bally is never offended by criticism. I am very sure he would be happy to apologize.

  3. @ Nostradamus, “let citizens complain on his behalf” . Yeah right. Perhaps you are expecting too much from a very docile citzenry?

  4. #1Nostradamus, what did he say which annoying you my fellow blogger? I’m Madilu System and Nyboma the real Afro Jazz Rhumba Musica. I can send you the oldest album when featured with great brother FRANCO ti quench your anger.

  5. My Bally your Bally is a great Bally, i know most of you get annoyed with his deep, factual, truthful and straightforward voice. There are no lies in him

  6. Twente Twente wanu (2021) tulebikapo Bally, my Bally and your Bally. You will see how the economy will be transformed within 3 years of taking power.


  8. After their Gass!ng plan hatched right from State House failed, P.F only have intimidation & brutalising those with opposing views as their last throw of the dice, before they are finally terminated. These thieving Brutes have lamentably failed to run the economy & only PF officials economies & their pockets are truly thriving.

  9. Hichilema isn’t as clever as his supporters project him. The chap can’t even express himself properly. So the best strategy to de-campaign him is to allow him space because he’ll tie himself in many notches he will fail to disentangle. People will know that after all he only clever at cutting shoddy deals. However, the Boat of full of equally not so intellegent fellows so they can’t get that. PF dundaheads think they can beat an idea out of you or they can beat people into voting for them. PF supporters will raise feasts even in an intellectual debate like Tutwa Ngulube did by bringing cadres into the Constitutional debate. So Zambia can’t move forward because both parties practice stone age politics

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