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Continued Attack On Radio Stations By Patriotic Front Party Members is Sad-Sean Tembo


The Patriots for Economic Progress is saddened with the continued attack on radio stations by Patriotic Front Party members in Muchinga Province, despite several public condemnations of this criminality by President Lungu’s Government.

Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean Tembo says this is evidence enough that President Lungu is not taken seriously and is considered a joker by his own party members, hence their continued disregard of his Government’s directives to stop the attacks on radio stations.

Mr Tembo said any President who is unable to instill discipline in his own political party members, to the extent that his members run amok destroying private property and assaulting innocent citizens at radio stations, is a lame-duck president and unsuitable to be the commander in chief of our armed forces.

He has challenged President Lungu to grow a backbone and deal with his unruly Patriotic Front Party members saying if the President is unable to grow the necessary backbone, then he should resign the presidency forthwith.

Mr Tembo has reminded President Lungu that Zambia has continuously existed as a peaceful nation for more than 53 years because of adherence of the citizens to the rule of law.

“Not even UNIP members during the One-Party-State, would have the audacity to attack a radio station, destroy private property and seriously assaulting journalists. Mr. Lungu is hereby advised that the citizens of this Republic will not allow to be held hostage by the unbridled and insatiable political ambitions of a single individual, who is willing to sacrifice our national security in order to preserve his fast dwindling political fortunes in the northern-circuit of Zambia”, said Mr Tembo.

He has called on President Lungu to not only enjoy the privileges that come with being Republican President, but also properly discharge the duties that come with the job, which duties include protecting citizens and their property.

Mr Tembo has demanded that not only should the PF members that attacked radio stations in Muchinga Province be arrested and prosecuted, but also Mr Lungu’s Lusaka Province PF Chairman, Paul Moonga and his accomplices that attacked the PeP peaceful protest along Cairo Road on 28th November 2019 should also be arrested and prosecuted.

He said President Lungu’s most outstanding failures, since the commencement of his Presidency in January of 2015, has been his lack of self-restraint to use any and all means necessary to achieve his political goals, regardless of the damage of his methods on the fabric of this nation, and its posterity.


  1. Mr Tembo can attest to the extreme violence of these know PF thugs….he was badly assaulted in full view of the police

    Same with radio station invasions , they are on film,

    Lungu knows who they are because orders come from state house

  2. How can you tell that these were PF cadres? It is possible they were sent by UPND to disguise as PF cadres. It is very common in Zambian politics to paint the other black to appear as violent and claim victim as we go for election.

  3. These acts are done with the blessings of the PF leadership that is why they have not arrested for instance those thugs that were transported all the way from Lusaka to Luanshya to threaten Chishimba Kambwili .The condemnation from Dora Siliya is just a cosmetic exercise because they know the person funding this illegality .They talk one thing and mean another when people are looking away .If the same was done by say UPND or NDC, ,the police would have been there like a rocket trying to reach Jupita from police command offices .Like most Zambians keep on saying this government is worse than covid- 19 ,

  4. mung hak

    They are on video , unless they had plastic surgery ,

    PF can not disown their thugs , they are on film, badala

    The thugs are on film taking instructions on phones , records from ZICTA will point to KZ …..

  5. Do yo think he can act on his pf thugs? The issue is when a parent always tells his children that ‘ ndekuma then umwana says batata ubufi’ then thats it hence is ba President and his cadres.
    He has failed to control them and once he tries to should at the PF, they all lough at at him saying ‘ ninshi naimwe mulepakala’

  6. Council workers? What is government doing. We have families to take care. Give a statement as to why people are not paid. Have you people indirectly killed the local authorities. What’s your ambition?

  7. Sean you think lungu is the president of Zambia? It is his caders and those ministers who were vocal when appointing him. Lungu is lost right now thinking about what will happen to him in September next year. Every effort of his is failing and his lieutenants can see that things ain’t good right now.

    Performance Failure(PF)

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