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Nevers Mumba Marks 60th Birthday by Performing Charity Work


“New Hope” Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) leader Dr Nevers Mumba marked his 60th birthday on Monday (18th May) by spending time performing charity work in Lusaka’s Kalikiliki Compound.

The charismatic pastor and politician gave away food packs to the elderly and vulnerable people and also donated sanitary buckets and soap to selected households.

The cheerful “birthday boy” interacted with residents, engaging them on the dangers of Coronavirus and demonstrating how to wash their hands to protect themselves from infection.
He also distributed face masks to children while urging residents to strictly adhere to guidelines given by health officials.

Afterwards, Dr Mumba said the charity work was done in his capacity as president of Zambia Shall Be Saved as well as leader of the opposition MMD.

“For me it’s an great honour to spend the first hours of birthday doing this, being able to make someone’s life better, being able to save a life by ensuring that we teach hygiene to our people, and so there is no better way to celebrate my 60th birthday than to be able to help somebody else. So I feel greatly fulfilled to be part of this,” he said.

He explained that a total of 200 buckets, liquid soaps and food hampers were distributed in Kalikiliki.

Dr Mumba thanked his cooperating partners that had made the dream of serving the families of Kalikiliki come true.
“We still have about 1,700 families to serve and I know with the help from the Church and those who want to help, we appeal to you different partners, especially the Church that would like to help us to continue making these packs available to our people,” said Dr Mumba.

“I also want to thank all those partners that are working with us in this project, including the Potter’s House [and] Bishop TD Jakes who is working with us in ensuring we can do what we are doing. So I take this opportunity to thank Bishop TD Jakes publicly. He was held our hands as we are working on this project.

Nevers Mumba assisting a Child put on a face Mask
Nevers Mumba assisting a Child put on a face Mask


  1. Happy birthday . Hopefully you will start acting your age too and exhibit mature politics.

  2. The repoter has put it wrigtly that “the cheeful birthday boy” its time to become a man now and stop practicin under 5 blame politics

  3. Nevers is 60 not 63, most colleagues he was with at Hillcrest are around 63 to 66 years old now, how can he be 60. Is it the rebased age?

  4. My contribution on this is face masks. When the PF made masks from their chitenge material, there headlines everywhere. We have seen akainde’s cadres in red face masks and now Nevers in blue face masks and no comments.
    Why do people hate PF that has done so much in the period they have governed. funny enough foreigners are appreciating the pace Zambia is developing under the PF and indigenous black asses are busy complaining day in day out.


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