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Bars and Nightclubs To Open As Soon As Operational Consultations Are Concluded-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has assured Owners of Bars and Nightclubs, whose businesses were closed in the wake of COVID 19, that they will resume operations as soon as consultations on how they are to operate in the new normal, are concluded.

Addressing the nation on COVID-19 this afternoon, President Lungu said that he has not forgotten about the bars and nightclubs as they are critical to the social, economic fabric of society as well as to the livelihoods of the people in that business.

“Let me hasten to assure you owners of bars and night clubs which I closed in my first COVID 19 address that I have not forgotten you. Your businesses are critical to your livelihoods and to the social, economic fabric.”

“I would like to inform you that your outlets will be opened once consultations finish about how you are to operate in this COVID 19 period.”

“I, therefore, direct the Ministries of Local government, Health, and commerce to quickly conclude consultations so that we can get our friends back into business, ” he said.

President Lungu said that he will continue to ensure a balance between managing the COVID-19, and avoiding economic collapse. President Lungu also stated that evidence has proved that the COVID-19 could become endemic, just like other ailments like Malaria, hence the need for the people to begin to learn to live with the pandemic.

The President has explained that in the past days, he has taken time to observe for himself, the impact of COVID-19 on various sectors of the economy, but as well, on the well-being of the people.

And from his findings, he has said it has been prudent to allow some socio-economic activities, such as those in the tourism and education sectors, but all amid tight adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

President Lungu also directed General Education Minister, David Mabumba, and his counterparts in Health and Local Government to ensure the schools are safe as they partially reopen on June 1.

On the reopening of colleges and universities, the President said consultation among all stakeholders is still on-going, just like the case is on the bars which remain closed.

The President has further stated that the past months of COVID-19 have presented several lessons for government, however, it is not prudent to suspend everything, but allow a cautious continuation of socio-economic activities.

President Lungu has since reiterated his appeal on some businesses to consider normal operations but within strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

The President also announced that, in the last 24 hours, Zambia had recorded 54 COVID-19 new cases, bringing the national total to 920. The President further requested the Ministry of Health to hold their briefings on Mondays and Fridays to allow ample time for data analysis.


  1. So the whole bunch of the president could call a national address for that? I don’t see any reason for national address. We have leadership crisis in our country.

  2. He is a drunkard kaili. He never address the country on the economy, no address on unemployment, no address on poverty levels, nothing. But on drunkardness chabe. Come next elections some people will waste votes on such individuals.

  3. Am equally surprised that entire presidency can address the nation on beerhalls and tarvens. Promising the people that they will soon start drinking beer.

  4. Thank you your excellency for assuring the nation. We understand the conundrum – the harder and longer the restrictions, the fewer the cases yet the more the damage to the economy. The balancing act between saving lives and saving the economy is not an easy task for any government in the world.

  5. People paid attention to this speechless guy called Dr this how the president can address the nation? Shame

  6. I switched off my TV altogether just in case he accidentally pops up on my favourite DsTV channel.

  7. No wonder real Presidents walk out of his gibberish speech at UN General assembly…useless Bandit President has now become one of the richest men in Africa,,stealing every penny,,,uubomba mwibala alya mwibala syndrome President

  8. Zambians need to get rid of this Bandit President and convict him for all the financial crimes he has committed and making Zambians poor…together with dunderhead Kaizar Zulu and the entire PF Cabinet

  9. I will start watching when it becomes two way, question & answer after talking. So I would rather watch Dr Chilufya or Professor Mukonka because it is two way communication with the two professionals, not directing or talking down to people.

  10. Never heard even Boris Johnson, Trump, or Nichola Sturgeon of Scotland, or even Ramaphosa near home, talk about beer and bars in a serious COVID-19 speech. Of all things sure!!

  11. Leaders address citizens by prioritising things in their order of importance. Talking about bars and nightclubs is that too important for the nation or for the bar owners? I expected to hear solutions that are going to be implemented against serious problems the country is facing such as, how GRZ is planning to strike a balance between debt repayment & economy recovery now that all lenders are refusing to help. These guys said they will bring more money in pockets. People who can do that must have big brains to implement working strategies. PF is useless

  12. Sir if I were you I’D just step down and allow others to bring in new ideas that can help the country. You are taking us 50 years backward.

  13. cuanta pena me da que se tomen decisiones así, No tiene la idea de que podrían aumentar los contagios ,y no pudieran atender a todos porque el sistema de salud que tienen es muy debil, y provocaria una terrible desgracias. Soy de Peru, y a pesar que se tomo medidas de confinamiento, y prevenciones, seguimos en aumento,porque nuestro sistema de salud no es suficiente fuerte para abordar tantos casos, y sobre todo por el comportamiento humano de cada uno de nosotros que no cumplimos las indicaciones de cuidado: Distanciamiento, uso de mascarilla y lavado de manos .
    Señores zambianos , estan en ustedes cuidarse uno mismo, sino te contagias y mueres Sr. Presidente POR FAVOR, tome medidas sanitaria de prevencion, aperturar lugares que involucra reunión , por mas que se desinfecten, se…

  14. “President further requested the Ministry of Health to hold their briefings on Mondays and Fridays to allow ample time for data analysis”

    I always stated here that Chilufya’s data never made any sense 6 weeks ago no one listen ….everyone laughed …I told you that Chilufya had his own motives now that’s when its sunk in…I think Lazy Lungu has brought in independent medical experts.

  15. Tarino you dont seem to understand PF culture. Mondays and Fridays means that Dr Chilufya will no longer be “making a name for himself” talking to people everyday and answering questions face to face. Its campaign time remember? And you want to be seen on TV and radio more often than Trible HH for example..

  16. I feel sorry that decisions are made like this. He does not have the idea that they could increase infections, and they could not attend to everyone because the health system they have is very weak, and would cause terrible misfortunes. I am from Peru, and despite the fact that confinement measures and precautions were taken, we continue to increase, because our health system is not strong enough to deal with so many cases, and above all due to the human behavior of each one of us who does not comply with the care instructions: Distance, use of mask and hand washing.
    Zambian gentlemen, it is up to you to take care of yourself, if you do not catch it and die Mr. President PLEASE, take preventive health measures, open places that involve meetings, even if they are disinfected, they…

  17. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the strain of coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a respiratory illness. Colloquially known as the coronavirus, it was previously referred to by its provisional name, 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). As described by the National Institutes of Health, it is the successor to SARS-CoV-1. SARS-CoV-2 is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus. It is contagious in humans, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
    So ACT like you already have it.
    . Always wear face mask
    . Observe social distance
    . Avoid social gatherings
    . No hugs, kisses and stay home as much as possible.

  18. Reopening bars and nightclubs will only pose more danger on people’s lives.
    It will be very difficult one who is drunk to observe the health guidelines. 1m social distance and covering of mouth and nose with mandatory masks can easily be forgotten when you are under the influence of liquor.
    Please Mr President save us by not becoming flexible on reopening taverns.
    I am made to understand that bear drinking is not forbidden. What is being discussed here is how we can save the lives of many from this deadly virus by keeping the health guidelines on our fingertips.
    I suggest allow the bar operators sell take always to avoid bear drinking groupings. Let the the consumer consumes it at his/her home.
    Country men and women let’s not leave our leader fight this pandemic alone. Let…

  19. Thank you Mr. President for not cowering in fear like most respondents in this article. Thank you for understanding that the new disease is a part of life and that life must carry on. It is no good for anyone to lock ourselves in our homes and let our businesses and social lives go destroyed. Those who are vulnerable need to protect themselves and as a society we owe it to them to help them with that. But that does not mean we need to continue to damage the future of our children by cowering in our homes.


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