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A Chinese Calls Zambian A Foreigner in Zambia ?




  1. My Ghana friend how are you brother….Chinese have become too much we need to get rid of them

  2. Its our miserable non-thinking leaders to blame. People become Presidents to make their nation bigger beggars. When all you do is beg beg beg those with money know they can manipulate you. Come with your begging bowl and we will demAND a share of the wealth in your nation that you cant even see. You cant see your wealth because you are too lazy and are always looking for quick money. Have any of you Zedians read the story of The Arab and the camel? Go read it ND YOU WILL SEE HOW A CAMEL WHICH WAS outside a tent eventually ended up inside the tent and kicked its master out. Thats what the Chinese will do to Africa

  3. Racist comments… When a white man came to Africa he wipped you bundled you in ships . To you land and animals . Discriminted you in your land . Mwenze dwii… But Chinese not perfect but build you roads ati Chinese this Chinese that

  4. What makes news? Drama. Sensation and worst case scenarios. Our Ghanaian friend here would want us to believe that there’s currently a chinese invasion in Zambia but may I ask: are there no English signposts in China?

    What about Ghana, in what language are the signposts there? In Ashanti? Or is English the indigeneous language of Ghanaians?

  5. That’s actually “new normal” antics of PF politicians. I know some folks can remember back in 2018 when we had Chinese police officers and some PF cadres and ministers supported until there ead an outrage from general public.

    Chinese have been given too much powers even rule us.

    Don’t worry Bally will fix it.

  6. Lets avoid racism on either side Africans and Chinese. But yes it’s a problem to see those notice boards in Chinese.

    Which ever way you look at it, they have spent a lot investing in Zambia. It’s the Western vultures we need to worry about. Look at the Mining problems. It’s not Chinese but huge Western conglomerates and our Asian friends letting us down.

  7. Guyz it isn’t fun. Chinese don’t have any other word to call black people.
    Don’t just be rascist like them. And wonder why you guyz marry Chinese, you just abuse them for prestige that “he is married to a Chinese”. You fuvcking racists..

  8. People , let’s be very carefull how we demonize the Chinese…..most likely we are being unwittingly used by Donald trump and the CIA to ground China.

    Seems to me these issues have been amplified ever since trump came to power and caught a pain over Chinese work ethic
    and picked a fight……..

  9. People are free to live, work and trade anywhere they wish in this global world subject to national laws. But what relations are created in the process, do matter. There are issues everywhere and they should be fought on the basis of being human first, as anyone else, and hence not to be exploited or subjected to inhumane treatment. The relations that emerge as an offshoot, usually explain the underlying economic base. Some of you, in your comments above, are already glossing over the barring of a Zambian from a Chinese establishment. That action alone, should be an indicator of what lies beneath in the ‘bedroom arrangement’ between the PF regime and the Chinese ‘investors’. It’s not about ‘demonizing’ anyone, it’s about challenging injustice – from wherever and whoever.

  10. Looking at some of the comments above by my fellow Zambians, it is very depressing. It calls into question some of the posters’ intellectual capacity. Like the fool that said, “How come you are speaking in English which is also foregn language.ha!!.” So what language did you want WODE MAYA to use to get through to you? His native Ghanaian language? Yes English is a foreign language too, but currently it’s being used across Africa as a medium of communication by about 700 million Africans. We don’t have one common continental native language to replace English for now, even though some have been proposing Swahili. English is the official language in Zambia, and is used by a considerable percentage of the population. But what’s the percentage of native Zambians who use Mandarin,…

  11. … if any? It’s just a handful, if any. Wake up fools. Zambia is being taken over by the Chinese, and you’re more worried about the language the person trying to wake you up is using. Don’t you see that Lungu has sold you out to the Chinese? Wake the heck up.

  12. @KZ,
    This must be a hard pill to swallow, basically, you are a disporan in Zambian, which is worse than the disporan you insult day-in-day-out. The lady asked “how can a chinese ask a Zambian to be a foreignor?” Well its because Lungu and his pons like KZ have sold our country. I know, PF as usual, will say this is fake news. You know what, yesterday you called the IMF a western imperialist organization, which you dont need, but secretly asking for loans and you should have been embarassed when they told you the truth. Now, I wonder what you will call the chinese behavior in Zambia? It will get worse now that IMF cant lend you money anymore, your only option is to rely on chinese loans, and guess what, the more, the Chinese will occupy my beloved country. We keep telling you, you are…

  13. Continued:
    We keep telling you, you are paying for the Chinese loans in different ways, and this is one of those. But because the PF GRZ is focussed on misappropriation of money, you will only realize this after you are kicked out of the government. With this said, HH please dont be discouraged, even if you lost in 2021, try again in 2026 until you win and we lock-up these PF thi..eves. At least ECL & Chanda have Eswatini, I wonder where this KZ will escape to. Remember how GADDAFFI ended? And he was bigger than you !!!

  14. Ba LT stop this nonsence of moderating my comments, there is nothing wrong in what I have written, please release

  15. Wode Maya also known as “Mr Ghana Baby” has spoken on Lusaka Times. Well said Mr Berthold .

  16. The Chinese folks who are doing Business on the African continent should quickly understand one thing very clearly, Africans aren’t stupid or naive. They know and understand what RACISM or DISCRIMINATION looks like, how it smells like, and what it sounds like. They have delt with sworn racists in Africa before. So the Chinese should be very careful with this issue or their stay on the African continent will be rough. They should realise that IT IS “LITTLE” THINGS SUCH AS THIS THAT IRRITATE AND ANNOY NATIVE/INDIGENOUS FOLKS (citizens of the country.) And if not careful small irritations and annoyances can eventually turn into ANGER towards you.

    For instant, having labels on grocery packages all written in a foreign language (Mandarin in this case), as a foreign merchant, simply…

  17. Continue…

    sends a wrong message to local people that you don’t give a damn about them or their culture. I mean, what kind of message are you trying to send to “local” customers by running a restuarant with menus all written in a language they can’t read or understand? Isn’t that a way of telling them that they are not welcome into your establishment/restaurant? This is just common sense, isn’t it?

    I have been to Chinese/Asian restaurants and Supper Markets here in America, menus and merchandise labels are always written in English. They might have some Chinese writings on some packages but English is always included. In fact, what certain Asian/Chinese restaurants do is carry menus in both English and some Asian language the restaurant owner wants to represent. I am sure…

  18. Continue…

    some people would ask: Why pick English when America has many languages spoken? Well, the same way Zambia chose English as the “common official” language of instruction, so did America.

    There is another video circulating on YouTube in which the owner of the restaurant claims that the regrettable incident was due to some unfortunate miscommunication between the Chinese Lady (store manager) the Zambian brother seen being refused entry to the restaurant. Now, if that’s the case, why no hire locals/Zambians as managers because they already understand the culture and speak the “local” official language? Then you avoid the problem of communication and messages being LOST IN TRANSLATION. I hope this is a wakeup call to other foreigners/Chinese doing business in Zambia…

  19. Continue….

    The nonsense of hiring foreigners even for lowly positions such as restaurant/store manager should come to an end. There are plenty of Zambians who can do these jobs even better…..AND IT IS JUST SMART BUSINESS TO SHOW RESPECT TO PEOPLE IN WHOSE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO LIVE OR DO BUSINESS!

  20. Yambayamba you begin your long post by claiming that Africans are not stupid or naive.Wrong.The first step in sorting out a problem is to admit it’s existence. Africans are actually very stupid and naive, we wouldnt be having this conversation if that was not true…

  21. Indeed strange and strange and I am speechless, shame! Sorry for that couple’s pure Racial discrimination at the shop. Do Human rights exist in Zambia? Thanks, SB.

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