Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Miles Sampa Confronts Another Chinese Operation Locking locals on fear of COVID-19 Transmission


By Miles Sampa

Disturbing now proven occurences at the Chinese owned and managed Simona cement plant. This morning we got a text from a brave whistleblower a Zambian worker from the plant. Him and other over 100 Black workers have been held hostage inside the factory and not allowed to go home because they can bring back Coronavirus. They have been threatened with getting fired if they ever left the plant.

Our fact-finding mission later in the afternoon proved that indeed it’s the factual position. Both the Zambian workers we spoke to and the Chinese supervisor we spoke to via a Zambian interpreter confirmed that Covid19 is the reason they have not been allowed to go home for about 8 weeks (2 to 3 months).

We told the Chinese supervisor that this is slavery reloaded. Black Zambians did not originate Coronavirus. It originated in China and first imported into Zambia via France .

The Chinese management and Executives in the meantime are allowed to go home every night and come back next morning.

I ordered them to release the workers tonight and allow them to go and see their wives and children.

Over 60% of labour workforce at this plant are from our City and the rest from Chongwe and Kafue Districts.

I will cascade this anomaly to my Ministers for further indulgence and reprimand if possible.

Overwhelmed with this particular complaint of workers locked in for months by various Chinese owned companies.

Meantime, I am off to another whistleblower with an exact complaint along Airport road.


  1. PF government has given too much powers to manipulate my fellow citizens. But don’t worry Bally will fix them and fix PF government officials.

    Zambians are now slaves like in their country. This can’t even happen in lawless countries like Somalia.

    We have to vote out PF government and put a responsible Bally’s government to fix this inequality.

    PF must go!

    • No all politicians are the same. Lets start a revolution of workers. We will look for our own leaders. Not any of these in current politics qualify. They are all interested only in their pockets

  2. Too much hate for Chinese from the dead camp.

    But before I say much, this story ought to be verified.

    To much fake news in this country. Certain sectors of the economy ought to open.

  3. Chinese rats should be kicked out of our beautiful nation. Send them back to China, I once sat next to a china man on a flight to Zambia he was coming to Zambia and Africa for the first time, he was surprised that the sky is blue in Zambia, in his country everything is black because of pollution , The Chinese poison everything they touch! They are not good for Zambia, there are now big holes scattered all over the country because of them digging for our precious minerals, in Lusaka there’s a jet-black smoke ozzing from a Chinese company before we know it Zambian skies will be black like in China.
    Chinese pretend to be better than us when most of them as a matter of fact were born in pigsty’s! Chinese children in china are tied up like dogs on a leash when they are small for fear of…

  4. It is clear that Chinese in Zambia have their own government. PF government beat up citizens, churches closed over the corona-thing, but no Chinese company ever closed.
    We told you, beating up citizens in bars was mayor Miles Sampa’s job, not Lusambo. Inspection of company compliance is PF’s ministers job.

  5. Useless. We told you this as soon as the first Chinese dropped his bribes at your doorstep. You already have whistleblower stockpiled on your office desks. Mwe mbwa mwe. We are no longer laughing now.

  6. You people are always saying Chinese people bullying you, racial discriminating you. Look at your comments on these news. People who discriminates deserve to be discriminated! You ask 4 that!

  7. But at Chambishi mine same practice has been endorsed, iwe Sampa dont you rread your state newspapers?

    • Junior jj Iam going to Chambishi to start a revolution tomorrow. Are you speaking the truth?? This cant go on in my free country!

  8. Your Worship the Mayor of Lusaka Councillor Miles Bwalya Sampa, look for some Zambian citizens who hv studied in China. They will tell you about wht their Chinese hosts told them. And this is that to hold China together it takes a strong-arm government and not elements of Western democracy as found in post-colonial states such as Zambia. China it is feared can break up into chaos without a strong and centralized state as provided by the Communist Party of China. Post-colonial states are always a poor copy of the colonial power that constituted them as political entities and the traditional societies they preside over.

  9. Sorry, but the story makes me feel like I am watching Shawa’s TV station.
    Without verification, I am sorry to say this sounds social media fake news; Watchdoggy style.

    Damn it!

  10. The question is why are these whistleblowers not going to the labor officers and the minister of labour? Then I remembered the horse shoe saga.

  11. So, the PF government has made its own citizens to be enslaved by Chinese companies in Zambia. This is a serious shameful scandal of modern slavery in a so called independent nation. This has never happened any where in Africa let alone in the world except in China and some repressive countries. Surely Zambians must free themselves from this enslavement in exchange for Chinese donations and funding of PF regime and its corruption.
    Indeed PF MUST GO.

  12. Bravo, Miles Sampa! We cannot have our fellow citizens being locked down at work against their will. What type of law is that? I’m also wondering what has become of LT bloggers. All I see is weird comments that seem to be supporting this type of equally weird, subhuman treatment as if they would all be happy to be in that situation.

  13. Zambia has already been sold to the Chinese by PF criminals. Zambians are now literally slaves in their own country. Mayor Miles Sampa, while meaning well, will either succumb to a big bribe to make him shut his mouth and look the other way, or he’ll just get tired and give up this crusade. He’ll soon realize that he’s the only one who seems to care about the poor Zambians who have been effectively sold as slaves to the Chinese by corrupt Lungu and his minions. The Chinese know that the Zambian leaders, by and large, don’t care about their own people. Most African leaders are modern day slave traders, who don’t hesitate to sell their own people for a few pieces of silver. They’re not any different from the greedy African chiefs that sold their own people into slavery some 400…

  14. … years ago. The labor laws in Zambia are nonexistent or are just not enforced. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, there’s even no minimum wage, which means employers are allowed to give their Zambian workers slave wages. To change this, we have to kick out incompetent, mediocre, corrupt PF slave traders next year, together with their Chinese partners in crime. Both PF and the Chinese are not good for Zambia. Because they’re both practicing slavery in Zambia.

  15. Thanks Miles for standing up for our people, you are doing a great job mate, black people have suffered all over the world, that should never happen in their own country, we are proud of you

  16. But last week there was news on ZNBC that on a Copperbelt mine, some miners had been locked for almost two months. They didn’t go home but continued to work. However they were given an allowance of about K1500 and this time around they were demanding for increment to the tune of K3000 to K5000 otherwise they would demonstrate. The Minister of Mines cautioned that the K1500 Covid-19 allowance they were given was just okay.
    Touching on this Chinese cement factory case, we have to be fair , what you should ask for is that these workers must be given an allowance just as their colleagues in the mines are being given. If the Chinese refuses then the workers should be allowed to come from home. That’s operating in the spirit of fairness.

  17. PF bandit….they talk big and yet the chinese are screwing them and enslaving Zambians…politicians are full of nonsense…thanks Miles Sampa and i hope you not doing it for bribes….Hakainde also wrote a letter to the Chinese government begging for funds….never trust a Politician and I’ve said this several times….Edgar Lungu is the most corrupt and useless leader in the world

  18. Africa is waking up. The East and the west are not Africa’s friends. They never have been. The should just be treated as business partners. It ends there. Am at a loss for words, covid came from China. Maybe they should lock the Chinese management in the companies.

  19. @Nzelu
    Very true my dear friend and yet we busy fighting tribal wars within ourselves and the Chinese are enslaving us..they know we are devided…if we band together as Zambians and Africans no one will enslave us…lets all unite…Politics aside whether PF or UPND or MMD or whatever tribe….we can defeat and challenge the West and the East…india, China etc….Kaizar Zulu is my tribal cousin thats why i call him dunderhead gumu gumu….TO HELL WITH THE CHINESE…and Miles Sampa is exposing how useless Lungu is with his entire PF bandits…unfortunately HH also gave Chinese govt a big shopping list…promising them resources once he becomes President….Sata was anti China before he became President but he ended up opening his bedroom door for the China man…and Lungu has even…

  20. All this is like Bowman running around alone shutting down bars during lockdown after a tip off…the question is where are the relevant institutions to deal with these issues …where is Joyce at Labour Ministry? Simona cement plant is a company PF govt was showcasing as ideal foreign investor in 2017 …the owner promised investing half billion dollars…all these are lies because we know that Chinks bring in their own if you allow them to. The Chinks have no regard for Health and Safety ..no regard for people if no one else cares, can you see Dangote doing this to his workers at his cement factory.

  21. These are the foreign investors Lazy Lungu is crying for everyday…they just bring their own people to do all the cushy jobs and we allow them!!

  22. Iwe mwaiche Sampa, just be careful with the way you are handling this. We don’t want to offend our good friends and partners in China. Our economy (and indeed every economy, including Western economies where these Diaspora demons are based) depends too much on China. We don’t want to make any enemies and we don’t want them thinking the PF government is intolerant to the Chinese nationals living in Zambia. We are a government that embraces diversity. So please don’t embarrass ba boss with these things you are doing that may be interpreted as anti-China promoted by the PF government. Careful mwaiche – please call me if you want some guidance. Kz

  23. @Bandit pompwe gumu gumu Kaizar Zulu….Sampa is exposing your lazy bandit President Lungu…its like we dont even have a President..just sleeping in state house whilst chinese are enslaving Zambians

  24. They have been threatened with getting fired if they ever left the plant. And we still allow them in our country!!!!!!!
    The Chinese are going against the very laws that establish our constitution. I thought as a republic we are established on respect of citizen’s rights. May be they think because our ruling party doesn’t respect our rights they should take this a step further. If our politicians respected our rights no foreigner would disrespect us


    Three Chinese nationals have been murdered by their workers after a dispute today in Makeni. The Warehouse was also set on fire.

    But police claim it was just aggravated robbery:

    24TH MAY, 2020 – Police in Lusaka recieved a report of Aggravated Robbery and Murder which occurred today 24th May, 2020 at around 12:00 hours in Makeni.

    Innitialy, a report of fire incident was recieved from a member of the public to the effect that Warehouses belonging to Chinese Nationals were on fire.

    Police rushed to the scene together with the Fire Brigade and whilst there, it was discovered that owners of the warehouses were not at the scene of fire and a further inquiry led to a search of their houses located behind the warehouses…

  26. ….Police spotted blood stains on the floor right from the entrance and a machete with blood stains was also found inside the house on the floor near the bed.

    With the help of members of the public, one suspect whose name we have withheld aged 22 of Garden House area was apprehended.

    A burnt body of a female Chinese national namely Hu New Cao aged 52 has been retrieved from the inferno. A search for other two remaining Chinese Nationals has continued

  27. The governments knows what is happening here on the copperbelt,KITWE in particular I can give you the place where employees are locked…..If really the kitwe mayor or chambishi mayor would also want to do what Miles Sampa is doing THEN let them go at ZCCZ off Chambishi copper smelter you will find 500 locked up there in the warehouses for three months without being allowed to go home.

  28. Iwe Kaizer Zulu, just shut up man. Leave Mayor Miles Sampa alone, you corrupt, shameless, ignorant foooool. If you and your corrupt boss Lungu, took bribes from the Chinese, just give them back. You PF criminals think Zambia is your personal company for you to abuse, and rape at will. Well, your time is coming. You’ll answer for all your crimes against the Zambian people. Come 2021, your behinds are going to be behind bars. You’ll be imprisoned for 300 years each, you and your corrupt boss.

  29. The question that every one needs to ask is where is the Minister of Labour Joyce Nonde Simukoko? She is one of the most useless Ministers in ECL’s Government. Sadly ECL does not sack Ministers who do not work.

  30. @Patriotic Zedian. That indeed is a useless minister. This is not happening for the first time but she is as silent as someone who only waits for her paycheck and they are many more in our cabinet

  31. So after this, a chinese company was set on fire, and killed 3 chineses. Shameful. That is not slavery, caz they have known the scary virus, and it is better for them have a locked enviroment, and they have provided food and house for them. Major even said China Man, which is known as a insult for chinese people.

  32. This is a serious case. There should be serious charges here because this isn’t just flouting of the labor act. It’s criminal too.
    they have not been allowed to go home for about 8 weeks (2 to 3 months).
    Isn’t this kidnaping? Zambian lawyers tell us

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