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If My COVID-19 Positive Test had leaked, it would have undermined the fight, Dora tells BBC

Headlines If My COVID-19 Positive Test had leaked, it would have undermined the...

Zambia’s Information Minister Dora Siliya has told the BBC that she publicly shared her Covid-19 test results to fight stigma associated with the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus.

Ms Siliya said that she was afraid the stigma would impede the fight against the virus-like it did for HIV in Zambia. Ms Siliya said she felt that if her test results had leaked it would undermine the fight against stigma.

“I felt if I did not share my status in terms of the COVID, people will be treating this the same way they do with HIV.

The minister said some Zambians still don’t believe Covid-19 is real. She said the behavioral change has only been seen among the elite in the city, but those in rural areas still think coronavirus only affects those who travel abroad.

“There are people who still think it is a disease for those other people.”

And Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organization (WHO) regional head for Africa, has praised Ms. Siliya for being open and sharing important information on COVID-19 risk and prevention measures.

Ms Moeti said “Such candor is vital to the fighting stigma around the virus. I wish you a speedy recovery,”

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Zambia is 920, with 7 deaths and 336 recoveries.


  1. A minister who doesnt trust the system she operates in……..a system where leakage is a norm. Instead of her being concerned about transmiting the virus, she is concern about her health records being leaked.
    If the “rural areas still think coronavirus only affects those who travel abroad”, then there might be something missing in terms of communication, and yet she is a minister of information.
    Well, ba Dora wish you well, and better hype than this in future.

  2. This government would do anything to try and gain publicity .They have neglected the health industry because they get treated in private Hospitals in South Africa .They have no respect and pay no attention to a common man and woman dying in government hospitals which have no ventilators and oxygen . This government is worse than covid-19

  3. We know Ng’andu at the Treasury also tested positive upon his return from Namibia and so did Prof Lunyoko but they opted to keep quite and maliciously silently spread COVID19! What they did is actually homicide!

  4. Congrats for telling the nation the results.I sincerely applaud that gesture.What was undermined are the preventive measures(masking,hand washing & sanitising) that according to the clip did not work.I was in town yesterday and all the masks i saw were hanging under the chins.The people have gotten mixed messages.An seasoned expert in the civil service would have advised appropriately on the content of the video to send out

  5. These convid 19 reports in Africa are one big joke!! I’m from reading a report from Ghana where the president of that country is claiming that Ghana has the lowest coronavirus cases on the continent of Africa and indeed the whole world, with 6,683 confirmed cases, 1,998 recoveries and 32 deaths., When Zambia is claiming to have fewer numbers of infections and deaths than Ghana

  6. Meanwhile…
    Lethoto is claiming to have 2 cases and 0 “Zero” deaths!! How can the Ghanaian president say his country has the lowest cases in Africa and the whole world with 6,683 confirmed cases and 32 deaths????

  7. I begin to doubt her covid-19 outburst, this is in not joke.

    What stigma is she talking about, we live and drink with hiv/aids patients we don’t even stigmatize them.

    Dora Siliya is a joke of a minister and her covid-19 outburst must be done by independent health officials.

    This PF government of jokers must pack and go in in Twente Twente wanu (2021).

    • @ Madilu System, you are gifted…you can see and smell a person with HIV…you are a genius.

    • If you’re not intelligent then you’re stupid, just seeing what you’re insinuating already tells me that you’re one of those who are highly intoxicated with heroine drug.

  8. Muntu alibe chabwino. The Minister comes out in the open about her condition, some people don’t believe her. If she had hidden her condition it could have been another issue

  9. #Takwaba kuwamya you’re right. Man to man is so unjust. She did the right thing and yet she is still being criticized.

    That is why it’s extremely important for leaders to stay focussed on their duty and not pay attention to sentiments. I feel our government has done quite well and they continue to do well despite the social-economic challenges in the country. I can see leadership showing committment and taking the fight seriously no matter what people say.

  10. “Sex workers in Zambia are helping to trace people who have contracted coronavirus after a surge in new infections at the border town of Nakonde, the health minister has said.
    Chitalu Chilufya said 76 of 85 reported new cases in the northern town were either sex workers or lorry drivers.” -BBC

    “Zambia’s Information Minister Dora Siliya has told the BBC that she publicly shared her Covid-19 test results to fight stigma associated with the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus.”-LT

    Showing how the truth or falsity of a proposition.

    PF time-out.

  11. Dora open Prime Tv and get interviewed from there. That BBC issue is not necessary for us. Why run to BBC for what, who are you impressing? go open prime tv so you are interviewed their are you Information Minister for Britain? Now we will hear that you are being interviewed by CNN, News 24, Fox News, you will even forget that you have corona and you will travel to china for interviews on china news. Remain in quarantine and keep quite, those mikes you are talking on will have covid – 19.

  12. @ Dora Siliya, I applaud your gesture. It’s strange why other people prefer to hide when they test positive. Hopefully other influential people will follow your lead once they test positive. Quick recovery sis.

  13. Dora… good on you to have done the right thing. Wishing you a quick recovery.

    It reminds me of KK. When he was president he came out and told the nation his son had died of AIDS. He did not hide or feel ashamed.

  14. You are just fake. Do an independent test we will believe you. PF can do anything at this time we are moving on.

  15. The challenge with society we live in is that honourable things are not appreciated. If Dora had just gone missing from the scene and a romour came out, everyone would have believed. Remember Kampyongo situation. People should just appreciate her courage.

  16. Ecclesiastes 1 vs 2-10
    It is useless, useless, said the Philosopher. Life is useless, all useless. You spend your life working, labouring, and what do you have to show for it?
    after all the masking up, sanitizing, handwashing, social distancing etc.

  17. Well done Dora. I are providing the required leadership in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you.

  18. Well done Dora. You are providing the required leadership in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you.

  19. Who us more important country wise, continent wise and world wise the UK Prime Minister and Dora? The rest you can add. Today’s generation has been ‘*****ized’ . If this was the generation of the 80s, multi party system would have just been a pipe dream. The docility with which today’s generation is cursed with is frightening. Surely would any normal Zambian be fooled by impyani shapa fililo?

  20. Their is the catch here: all of the comments above are from dumwits pamafi. This woman waits for President Lungu to address the nation on Covid-19, following day(just like Chilufya) she detonates the bomb. This is a sign that she is deeply working with Chilufya. Now, she doesnt end here, a day/two later, she runs across to bbc to justify her actions (again, genuine actions need NO justifications)(esp with a foreign media house). Why not justify on ZNBC? And why announce yo infection on twitter? And why u? and not yo doctor or a government official? Who tested u and where? When and Why?

  21. What i sense is that, Dora Siliya knew that Chilufya wud,supposedly, be getting arrested today. But fortunately,he was jst given a warn & caution. This is why she went to BBC today to coincide with the incarceration of Chilfya,as she wud be next. So, she wanted BBC to be her vuvuzela cos Prime TV, she closed it down herself. If Chilufya goes down-Dora goes down too. This is one gang.

  22. But what’s the noise about Covid19. It’s not a stigmatized illness so PF minister stop making mileage of an illness that is uncontroversial. Politicians! One in America called Trump boasts that his country has the highest number of tests. He forgets to tell us it has the highest number of covid deaths

  23. Another baseless article; give us news to comment please! which part of the world would categorize Covid-19 as stigma with HIV/ AIDS comparisons? Thanks, SB.

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