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Dora Siliya Says She Is Shocked by Accusations of Faking The COVID-19 Positive Test

General News Dora Siliya Says She Is Shocked by Accusations of Faking The COVID-19...

Chief government spokesperson Hon Dora Siliya has expressed disappointment over comments attributed to Former Commerce minister Bob Sichinga about her COVID-19 Test.

Ms. Siliya who on Saturday tested positive for COVID-19 and currently in quarantine said that it was shocking that a person that visited the inside of a classroom can accuse her of faking COVID 19 results.

Expressing her views through her recent posting, Ms. Siliya said that she is in her room trying to focus on reading her research material which hasn’t been easy. She adds that she is shocked by the accusations of faking Corona Virus results.

“By implication, I connived with trained lab officials who did my test just to humour some very aneroxic minds there such as that of Bob Sichinga” she questioned.

“Point of education; common sense is not to just count and read, it must lead to behavioral change.” she advised Sichinga

She further adviced Mr Sichinga not to share pedestrian opinions and wait until he has something important to say to help mother Zambia.

She has since wished and prayed for a quick recovery for herself and many others in her situation.

Mr Sichinga recently said that there was a need for an independent evaluation of Information Minister Dora Siliya’s claims that she has tested positive for Covid-19.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the announcement by Siliya that she had tested positive to Covid-19, Sichinga said he had difficulty trusting anything that came from President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Sichinga said this is the same government that recently received a Chinese delegation into the country, through the VIP section without conducting any checkups on them, including quarantining them, despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic started from that same country.

He said he, therefore, did not know what to make of Siliya’s announcement, whether it was true or was just merely attention-seeking, and showing to the donor community that the pandemic in Zambia was serious and therefore warranting them to continue with their support.

“I have no idea whether she has COVID or not, whether she has contracted the virus or just attention-seeking…whether this is an avenue they are using to get donor support, I don’t know,” Sichinga said.

He said he also did not know whether Siliya was using this to draw attention away from Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, whom she has been holding the briefings with on the virus after it was recently reported that he had been summoned by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on corruption allegations.

Sichinga, therefore, said there was a need for an independent medical inquiry into Siliya’s claim, although he doubted whether the same inquiry would be independent


  1. Reminds me of the “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”
    The boy named Peter learnt his lesson, that if you always tell lies, people will eventually stop believing you; and then when you’re telling the truth for a change, when you really need them to believe you, they won’t.

  2. Dora is not sick how can she be when she observed all social distancing and mask wearing how possible is it that she can get it. If it is true she has it then this social distance mask wearing preaching is just a fuss and Corona has evolved.

  3. May we know how contact tracing is progressing with regard to Dora. Where could she have gotten it from? Have we screened people she could have infected also?

  4. The problem with Zambians is that they are full of unnecessary negativity. Bob Sichinga can even object if you call him a human being as long as you belong to the PF government.

  5. Sichinga is right on this. No sane person can believe anything PF says and Sichinga is a graduate of don chi kubeba so he knows their dirty tactics to attract attention.
    Sichinga didn’t insult anyone but look at the insults that came from that fat ugly obverse pig called Dora Open Siliya, quite unbelievable. How can a minister hurl those insults on another person. No wonder she cannot keep a man for more than 2 months. The woman is trash her behaviour shows a person raised in compounds without morals in other words, as a fat bi.tch!
    You wonder how her mother woul have brought up such a dick chamber unless she learnt it from her!!
    Is it true that Dira typifies Nsenga women??
    Is that the Quality of Lungu’s ministers? No wonder we are in this Sh.it!!

  6. That’s the problem of being a crooked government. Everything you say people cannot take you seriously

  7. @Independent. Surely this is all about TRUST. Not long ago, Dora ordered the closure of Prime TV on flimsy grounds and supposedly on instructions from ECL. No amount of pleading or appeals by the television station were entertained. After sensing public displeasure however,

    Dora and her govt. claimed Prime TV had in fact not just renewed their operating licence after it expired months earlier! What can people draw from such a thing and can they really hold in trust over anything? …

  8. “…Mr Sichinga recently said that there was a need for an independent evaluation of Information Minister Dora Siliya’s claims that she has tested positive for Covid-19…”
    These old farts are really finished, instead of being national advisors and elders they become social media commentators and donkeys. What a shame, we held you in high esteem Bob. How wrong we were!!!!

  9. Bob Sichinga is a nobody!!! He’s just trying to stay relevant by using Dora’s Covid 19 test result. This man had his time which he messed up by being busy with bana Nono. Let him leave Dora Siliya alone and focus on bana Nono. Nonsense!!

  10. Depending on none issues, and Shi Nono has been irrelvant for such a long time and decides to pop up on this issue and mislead everyone. None issue, please NEXT!!

  11. Her sickness is questionable for sure. She is just an attention seeker. How did she contract the disease? She is not sick but pretending so that we feel sorry for her.

  12. Bashi Nono, you are such a shameless man, at your age you should be a fountain of wisdom but unfortunately where your brain was, that is if you had a brain at all, there is sewer water! Pedestrian commentator indeed! Masonist !

  13. I reckon some people are being extremelypetty on this one. So what if she is being petty? Her own fish to fry!

  14. It is way too rich of Dora Siliya, of all people, to refer to Bob Sichinga’s comments in such a deregatory manner as “shocking that a person that visited the inside of a classroom” could think that way. Dora is renowned for having sailed through University by openning up her legs to lecturers, she is shocking in terms of promiscuity and she left University an empty bucket. If you recall very well, when she was Information Minister she violated tenderboard regulations by awarding a contract for security and the airport. Justice Malila, then Attorney General advised that Dora’s contract was a NULITTY! However, in her infinite stupidity, she disregarded the advice and proceeded on with the contract. When the matter came to court, the judge noticed that Dora did not seem to know what the…

  15. … word NULITTY meant & indeed when he asked her to explain what she understood by the AG’s advise, she said, & quote: “It means ‘since when'”, which is a direct translation from Nyanja. The judge convicted her, one time & she lost her ministerial portfolio. But because Bwezani was “sampling” her, he found a Kumawanese compliant judge they bribed who freed her on a technicality. I also wonder what “research material” she is focusing on, is it on SANSAMCATION or Kleptomania? It’s a nullitee!


  17. Knowledgeable Zambians merely need to recall and reflect on the behaviour of BA-“NSHINONO” betraying President Sata – his Ba-Sebele. Its shocking that a man of former Govt Minister status can join the ranks of NDC’s Mboela to doubt Zambian Health professionals? Apparently, what is Ba Nshinono hoping to gain from Hon. Siliya having gone on self-quarantine”. MFWITIS that share the same genetic pool have evolved into invasive political weeds. This is a wake up call for parents to warn their progeny NEVER to vote for wild and noxious political human sub-species.

  18. You remember when Carcinoma cancer grabbed Sata ******* sweating the Bisa lumpen, the PF kept on saying he is fine & working hard for Zambians. Six hours after Sata kicked the bucket on 28th October 2014 , without any shameal all Kashimba Chimbwili & GBM told ZNBC they had just a few minutes before finished a conference call with the Sata. Yet a pathologist called Dr Hughes had 6 hours before certified the vicious tribal bigot dead in London’s King Edward VII hospital, of carcinoma cancer. Dora Siliya has the same history of telling horrifying stinking lies, so no one wants to believe these kind of vultures surrounding Zambian Presidents, especially the fool currently in Plot 1 who has no vision.

  19. Africans inferiority complexes can be seen in posts here. Someone believes that if you grew up in a compound you won’t have morals! For you to have morals you must come from Kabulonga? Bakumayadi are the only ones with morals? What crazy thinking.
    Firstly compounds were originally built for Africans only by the colonisers.
    Africans have been living in compounds for a hundred years now so you are saying the whole continent has no morals?

  20. I could hardly understand the article, sorry! @mudenda Roy; ,baseless and ego accusations, kindly be sensitive on gender sex, some of us worked hard to reach that far without opening legs to lectures as you claim to Hon. Siliya as a case. Thanks,SB.

  21. Now Chilufya has tested positive for covid-19…so ZWD was right, these people would go to extremes not to get arrested even killing …what a disgraceful people to ever preside in our public offices.

  22. Everyone knows its FAKE COVID…she’s not positive just trying to some attention seeking and its common with PF bandits…faking things…useless makaka…and we have fake Kaizar Zulu…

  23. Its really hard to believe the likes of Dora, chilufya, chagwa, et al. These have graduated to a new level of shameless dishonest and telling lies. Now they want everyone to believe them. Keep dreaming.

  24. The panic mode being exposed by opposition politicians has nothing to do with COVID-19 pandemic, BUT rather more to do with their FEAR of prospects to be eclipsed after the 2021 General Election. Hence the CHIPANTEPANTE style of politics exhibited by UPND & NDC supporters – which has gone to an extent of even criticizing bees and butterflies that visit their gardens – although honey is part of their daily diet. WHY WOULD A PERSON OF BA BOB SICHINGA’S STATUS CHAMPION THE “HATE CRUSADE” of a hard-working HON. DORA SILIYA? The year 2021 will generate lots of stresses and consequent heart attacks. UPND & NDC have lost Nsenga voters in all parts of Zambia.

  25. Pf government you are cheating people of Zambia…God is watching you..their are beginning and the end..the alpha and omega mind you remember that

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