Monday, May 20, 2024

No MMD Member has defected to UPND in Lundazi – East MMD Chief


The Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Eastern Province has dispelled information coming from the UPND that the MMD Executive in Lundazi has defected to them as wishful thinking.

Eastern Province New Hope MMD Chairperson Mr. Yoram Jere said that the MMD Leadership and membership in Lundazi district are intact.

“We have seen on Social Media where our colleagues the UPND are celebrating that the MMD Executive in Lundazi district has defected to them. For your information, non of those are neither our members nor our leaders in Lundazi. Our leadership there is led by Mr. James Lungu and am just from calling him and has confirmed that the leadership and membership there are intact”, Mr. Here said.

Mr. Jere said that those who have alleged to have defected are part of the disbanded Felix Mutati group.

” When we were in Court. Expelled members led by Felix Mutati and Raphael Nakachinda started picking people from the unknown and started making illegal structures especially here in Eastern. Those who have defected belong to those illegal structures that Mutati had made. If you remember, there was a by-election in Mkomba ward in Lundazi last year and Mutati’s Chairperson there Godfrey Mapili who is the same person who has defected decided to support the UPND and not the PF as per Mutati’s directives”, Mr. Jere said.

Mr. Jere said that the group became tired of waiting for Mutati to form a new party.

“That group actually approached us 2 weeks ago where they told us that they were tired of waiting for Mr. Felix Mutati to form a new party and they asked us if they could join the New Hope MMD and We could give them the positions that Mutati gave them. However, We told them that we already had an intact structure in Lundazi and if they wanted to join, they should have joined as mere members. I think the mere members idea didn’t sink well with them that is why they went to the UPND”, Mr. Jere said.


  1. MMD just swallow your pride and move on with the mighty UPND and join us to liberate the country from economic mismanagement.

    MMD humble yourself and there is no way MMD will bounce back into power and you can try power witch doctors from India or Nigeria nothing will change.

    We need every sensible person help to redeem ourselves from these crooks in PF.

    PF must go!

  2. So ba upnd were celebrating over one of Nakachinda’s followers joining them. Yaba.

    Keep up the Good work ba MMD in Eastern Province. We need you to grab it back from the PF next year.

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