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President Lungu jets into North-western province

Feature Politics President Lungu jets into North-western province

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in North-western province on a three-day working visit. The Presidential plane touched down at Kalumbila airport at about 09:19 hours.

ZANIS reports that Provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu, his Permanent Secretary, Willies Manjimela, and some senior government and party officials received the President.
The Head of State is accompanied by State House Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe.

President Lungu has since proceeded to Chavuma, and Kabompo districts where he will today inspect some developmental projects that are under construction.

Chavuma Phase 3 district hospital, which is at 98 per cent completion, and Kabompo medical stores hub, are some of the projects that President Lungu is likely to inspect.
The President is also scheduled to pay a courtesy call on some traditional Leaders and later interact with party officials.

 While in the province, the Head of State is also expected to visit Kasempa, Mwinilunga and Ikelenge districts to inspect some developmental projects being implemented there.

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  1. He has just gone for his share of the gold. This 90-days / more money in their pockets government is nothing but looters.

  2. Campaign trail in the midst of Covid-19. for sure 2021 will be tough indeed. Kaizer Zulu please say something, its tough going isnt it?

  3. Since there is no international tourism, its just local tourism now. Will the life of the common man improve after the visit, definitely not

  4. Useless visit, we know the reason he is there for. It’s gold mined by PF cadres and his party officials.

    Edgar Lungu, your time is up and next year you will dance the tunes of our music.

    I’m ready to cast my vote anfci can assure that you are gone. We shall make sure that you kiss dust with your cronies.

    PF must go!

  5. Zambians are so miserable under your rule and nothing moves straight.

    He is a crook. We shall make sure you are prosecuted.

    Whatever you have stolen shall be recovered.

    PF must go!

  6. Gone to inspect Gold again … Kikikiki
    Kasenseli villagers, you should have mines your your Gold quietly. See your life now. Your Gold has gone to PF and foreigners!

  7. Mr President. since you are near Kitwe in Northwestern province, please help us talk to Zesco to work on the un even distribution of power in terms of loading shedding, In Nkana East near Nkana East chapel, power goes at 6 in the morning and comes at 18 in the evening, with the exception of yesterday when it went at 14 and restored at 22hrs, we have done an audit of other areas and they are not subjected to this kind of schedule. As I write now almost 15 hrs there is no power which went at 6 in the morning. The water level at Kariba will admittedly dictate that loadshedding is necessary but will not dictate un even distribution of power

  8. Envy will kill hh And his dogs of war, ever since they head of gold in nw province, protect that gold your excellency do a fact finding mission whilest there.

  9. The man is so useless that when if he stays at State House there is nothing for him to do…there is absolutely nothing he is doing there for 3 days that his ministers can not do.

  10. ‘Inspecting the completion of a district hospital, visiting a secondary school’ …etc. Some of you call that ‘work’. Those are ventures that district commissioners can carry out. Shouldn’t he be at State House working with some ‘brains’ on how to get us out of the debt mess?

  11. Nitpika – ZAF military aircraft can land in your back yard provided there is clearance for the wingspan…even the Gulfstream can do it but its not advisable due to expensive maintenance costs.

  12. Mr. President talk to ZESCO otherwise this loadshedding is excessively done here. Power goes from 06-15hrs during the daytime schedule and then the night is from 13hrs to 22hrs everyday.

    Could you provide some form of feedback to us?

  13. Unbelievable, this man is touring with cadres around him, making people disregard social distancing in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic. Level of judgement to avoid public infections of the virus is absent, so long its sacrificing life of North Western province people at the alter for gold.
    So called developmental projects can go on without Lungu’s visit.

  14. Let lungu travel …..,he is hopeless at statehouse and only directs PF cader violence.

    At least when he is on the road and inflation hits 17 % , atleast he can say I was travelling ,

    Otherwise the man is totally useless for anything other than looking at buildings and inspiring PF cader violence

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