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Zambia Records 32 new cases of COVID-19 from 3,361 tests conducted in the last 5 days.

Headlines Zambia Records 32 new cases of COVID-19 from 3,361 tests conducted...

The country has in the last 5 days recorded 32 new cases of COVID-19 from 3,361 tests which were conducted.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Technical Services, Kennedy Malama says 20 of the 32 new cases of COVID-19 are truck drivers, who entered the country through various ports of entry.

Speaking during the routine updates on COVID-19 in Lusaka, Dr. Malama said 133 patients were discharged in the last 5 days.

He said the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases is now 1099 with 7 deaths and 876 recoveries.

Dr. Malama said all patients remain stable and urged those in supervised community isolation to adhere to the guidance given by health personnel.

He said the Ministry has received reports of some people who have tested positive to COVID-19 refusing to be admitted to isolation centers opting to be isolated at home.

Dr. Malama explained that health personnel is the ones to guide who should go into supervised community isolation.

He said the country has increased the number of testing sites to 6 and that this will enable the multisectoral health team to test more samples and improve on the time of releasing results.

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  1. “He said the Ministry has received reports of some people who have tested positive to COVID-19 refusing to be admitted to isolation centers opting to be isolated at home”- THIS IS FROM YOUR MINISTERS, DORA AND CHITALU CHILUFYA, if all their tests or proclaimed results are even genuine!!

  2. These are just lies from PF government, we know that. You have stage managed the Zambian people with your lies but there is always a day when you will scamper like smoked rats in a hole.

    Take note of what is happening in USA, that government is being shown that people have power.

    PF must go!

  3. Now that case announcement has been changed from daily to weekly and all of the sudden the cases have reduced…this just raises more questions; imagine close to 3500 tests in 5 days …these guys are not serious!!

  4. It looks as if they have moved the tests to the ports of entry and just ignored Lusaka, Ndola etc

  5. How can they fake truck drivers covid cases?? How can they fake 133 discharged. It is a fact that there thousands who are dying everyday in Zambia, but not from covid19.
    chikkala Kambwili littolee sana, wonder why UPND even tolerate him. Kambwili should just go and stand as MP in Kabushi.

  6. So How many PS are at MOH…if someone tests positive for covid-19 and is made to self isolate like Dora at home then after 14 days is that recorded as a recovery? How is there X deaths when cases have been rising? I am sorry but something doesn’t add up …why so few tests 3000 is what other countries are doing in one hour!!

  7. Things are under control by far. Whoever still thinks figures are being manipulated or deaths being hidden is just fighting a personal war against GRZ or has clearly a mental problem and needs to have their head examined. People should just move on with their lives and stop living in fear of a horror scenario that will never occur on under African skies. One Magufuli will be vindicated..

  8. 1. @ Tarino = First I would like to inform you that health personel are still contact tracing in those districts you have mentioned. Ndola and Lusaka, that why 2 cases out 32 are from Lusaka contact tracing. The other thing you are questioning is why they have moved testing to point of entries. This is comon sense you need to seal, concentrate where problem is entering.
    2. Recovered cases: If you add 779 plus 133 this gives 912 which is on Health Ministry facebook. But LT 879 meaning 100 recoveries in the last 5 days.
    3. @Peter Njobvu there countries that have 100% of course below, 500 cases

  9. Mutende – You dont announce XXX cases in Lusaka then go cold for 2 weeks now you are talking of 2 as result of contact tracing …do you really believe your rubbish?
    Nine Chale – You believe anything in your so called objective mindset …you are comfortable in Germany where they are doing 200,000 cases a day and proper contact tracing yet you are happy with 3500 tests in a week with weekend off.

  10. @Tarino I’m not refuting the importance of massive testing and contact tracing. We are told that the number of testing centers has increased to 6 – which shows that we are working to improve our capacity. My biggest comfort however, is that even after 2 months, a worst case scenario as predicted by some “experts” has not occured. There has been neither millions of deaths nor an overwhelmed health system.

    Given the situation, I think we should now begin to shift our energy towards more urgent problems like debt sustainability and proper management of our resources. Building a strong economy is fundamental for a good health system. This is what Zambia must learn from the pandemic.

  11. @Tarino O you are not happy that cases in Zambia going down. I know that it pains you more after the you were accusing that is lowering figures is not there and the figures become much lower. If you want more figures here bring more people from there. And for you 5 days is 2 weeks. Also don’t compare those countries with this one, due to demographic differences. Eg, America has tested about 3000000. What % is that to that nation population. In Zambia that would be about 5%. You should also be comparing deaths between Zambia and Europe

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