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UPND MP Rubbishes Defection Rumours After attending President Lungu Rally

Feature Politics UPND MP Rubbishes Defection Rumours After attending President Lungu Rally

United Party for National Development ( UPND) Member of Parliament for Ikeleng’i Constituency in the North Western Province Elijah Muchima has rubbished speculations that he is positioning himself to join the ruling Patriotic Front.

The speculation follows his presence at a rally addressed by President Edgar Lungu in Ikeleng’i District two days ago.

Mr Muchima explained that he decided to attend the meeting in his capacity as Member of Parliament and welcome President Lungu to his constituency to talk about development and not politics.

He said before going to the meeting, he informed the UPND National Chairman Mutale Nalumango and the Secretary General Steven Katuka about attending the meeting.

There has been speculation on Social Media that Mr Muchima appeared to talk favourably about President Lungu because he intended to join the ruling party.

But Mr Muchima said he was busy mobilising the people in his constituency to support President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

‘’I am a principled man. I’m UPND through and through. I cannot ditch my party to join PF,” said Mr Munchima

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  1. In short you are not like lungwangwa ,mulowa and kasoso? difficult to understand because elders of today you are most stupid people,just look at Mr lungwangwa,you can not believe that a professor can behave in that man!!! Talk of kasoso he is also let down.lastly do these mps have families?

  2. GOOD MP.

  3. Elijah Muchima maintain your lane my brother and don’t ever even think of jumping into the sinking ship (PF).

    The PF government has destroyed the economy and we need to rebuild the economy of Zambia after next year’s elections.

    PF must go!

  4. When you are standing next to or beside a car or a lady for that matter, does it mean that the car is yours or the lady is your wife/friend. Wow i’m just asking and looking at things from a different perspective..

  5. Iwe ka madilu, which building the nation.You just to enhance your tribal mafia so that you do unhindered looting of the reources

    • You’re a useful *****, where did i mention a tribe in my blog. Foolish as you’re.

      Repent, if you dwell on tribal nosense you’re proclaiming be rest assured that you will a sad person.

      Poverty knows no tribe and learn what’s happening in the USA, where racism is in government institutions, same as your tribal nonsense.

      Please stick to the topic at hand. Nosense.

      PF must go!

  6. In fact it’s Edgar Lungu and his PF who need to learn a lesson from Elijah Muchima. But Muchima knows that he cannot go to Intercity Bus terminus in Lusaka clad in a UPND t-shirt because Edgar Lungu’s thugs would descend on him like a tonne of bricks.

  7. That’s the problem in this country. Too much politicizing of everything. An area MP surely cannot attend a function officiated by the Republican President in his own constituency? Afterall we are all for the development of our country

  8. This is the problem of Zambian politics. If an opposition mp ,councillor etc. attend a presidential function, we start saying he is crossing the bridge but if he doesn’t attend we say they don’t want to work with the government of the day. what do we want kansi ?Hon Muchimwa is not so to cross over the bridge he is a man who want development as he is part of the governance.

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