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The Universities will start opening from 8th June 2020-Education Minister


The Universities will start opening from 8th June 2020, Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba has announced.

Dr Mushimba says the opening of Universities will be approached in a phased manner considering that they have different circumstances and are at different levels of preparedness.

He said at a media briefing that graduating students will be the first ones to commence lessons and subsequently write their examinations based on calendars approved by their respective senates.

Dr Mushimba said foreign students will continue with e-leanings and their exams will be conducted online.

He added that TEVETA colleges and other colleges will open on 1st July 2020 and their examination dates will be reduced to two sessions this year.

Dr Mushimba said Exams that were scheduled for April/May will be held from 27th July to 7th August 2020 adding that examinations for July/August and November/December will be combined and held from 8th to 23rd December 2020.

He however emphasized that when reporting back, students will be required to bring their own masks, soap and hand sanitisers as these will not be provided by the Universities and Colleges.

Dr Mushimba said before the Institutions re-open, they will need to be inspected and certified ready by the appropriate authorities as some of the schools have been used as quarantine centers for COVID-19.

He said these will require to be adequately disinfected before they are certified ready to receive students back on their campus.

Dr Mushimba said when the classes resume, some of the key guidelines that will be required to be followed include temperature checks at entry gates, provision of hand washing facilities at all entrances of Hostels, lecture rooms, labs and administration buildings.

He said others are restriction of students to 2 students per room in Hostels and no squatting will be permitted, restriction of visitors on campus, social clubs and amenities will be closed, very strong peer to peer monitoring, provision of a check-in check-out register in all hostels, regular inspection of hostels to ensure compliance and regular cleaning, disinfection of buildings and surrounding areas.


  1. We cannot put the lives and futures of our citizens on hold forever. We can coexist with the virus while ensuring measures are put in place to mitigate any risks. I m tired of my kids so let us roll.

  2. Mushimbe is one of the VERY FEW sobre ministers in pf. He is driven focussed and has a level of professiinalism in him.
    Personally I respect him

  3. How and why do you want to give people two days to prepare for openning of colleges and universities? PF is confused political party

  4. 8th June is on Monday. These foools, how do they expect kids from Shamgumbo raise money in 2 days, this weekend?
    24 hours ultimatums..

  5. UNZA AND CBU tekwesha!!! How to keep social distance will be a challenge. 8 students in a small room.? In the same room the are cooking beans which is their daily supper. Akachena …bushe kuti twapusuka???.

  6. Another corrupt individual.

    People that knew him from way back are so disappointed that he has been infected with the “brown envelope” syndrome.

    By the way, people are still waiting to see the receipts of his hospitalization in RSA. At the time, he claimed he was footing his own bill. And he would prove it. Upto now, nothing has been shown.

  7. You’re not just students your game changer.

    “One of the things I saw was a terrible shock. I would sit there because I understood the theory of the process of what we were doing, and so they’d ask me questions and then we’d discuss it. Then one man would make a point and then Compton, for example, would explain a different point of view, and he would be perfectly right, and it was the right idea, and he said it should be this way. Another guy would say well, maybe, there’s this possibility we have to consider against it. There’s another possibility we have to consider. I’m jumping! He should, Compton, he should say it again, he should say it again! So everyone is disagreeing, it went all the way around the table. So finally at the end Tolman, who’s the chairman, says, well, having…

  8. @chisebwe part two-it went all the way around the table. So finally at the end Tolman, who’s the chairman, says, well, having heard all these arguments, I guess it’s true that Compton’s argument is the best of all and now we have to go ahead.” 

  9. “And it was such a shock to me to see that a committee of men could present a whole lot of ideas, each one thinking of a new facet, and remembering what the other fellow said, having paid attention, and so that at the end the decision is made as to which idea is the best, summing it all together, without having to say it three times, you see? So that was a shock, and these were very great men indeed.
    This project was ultimately decided not to be the way that they were going to separate uranium.”-From Los Alamos by Richard Feynman

    Student you have a big rank to play in shaping the future of this (GRZ) Republic. PF time-out.

  10. Exams online? There will be 100% pass rate unless someone is so dull that he cannot just get answers from a book or from someone else who knows what to write. In fact you should just employ your professor to write for you.

  11. when reporting back, students will be required to bring their own masks, soap and hand sanitisers as these will not be provided by the Universities and Colleges? Where have U taken donations? Far as concerned not even at secondary schools did they receive any free donations from GRZ.

  12. Within 2days people should prepare everything during the weekend and find themselves at Universities that have not yet been disinfected that do not even have a plan yet of how they will implement these measures. With Zambian time are U telling me everything is already in place at each University? Which day are U conducting inspection to see if the institutions are ready?

  13. You should have given us more time to prepare, even upto monthend. Like this, we have to start looking for money in the midst of Covid-19.

    Do you ever think about the poor? Not everyone has money like you.

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