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Minister of Tourism Assures Artistes of Presidential Protection

General News Minister of Tourism Assures Artistes of Presidential Protection

Minister of Toursim and Arts has called for calm in the nation and in particular amongst artistes assuring them of president Lungu’s protection as long as they exercised their right to freedom of expression within the confines of the law.

Hon. Chitotela who is also Pambashe lawmaker says the government regrets any public altercation that is perceived to have had ensued stating that it had no blessings from the President.

Speaking, Friday, at a meeting with leaders of various associations of artistes, Mr. Chitotela reminded artistes that ‘with great power comes responsibility” and appealed to them to respect the rights of others.

“Government regrets any altercation that is perceived to have been happening in public. It had no blessings from the president, ” said Chitotela

“Every Zambian and artiste in particular expressing themselves will be protected by the President and my ministry as long as they exercise the right to freedom of expression within the confines of law. Remember where your rights end that’s where another person’s rights begin.”

Meanwhile, the Arts Minister has clarified that there is no Gold mine in the country that has been sold to any foreigner.

He advised artistes to form comparatives and apply for prospecting mining licenses to explore the sector.

He further disclosed that part of the K10 billion announced by the president will be apportioned to CEEC for fair and easier access by artistes and small scale businesses experiencing challenges to meet bank conditions.

The minister has told artistes that he runs an open door policy and has since directed officials at the ministry not to subject artistes to any red tapes whenever they visit his office “i want to meet every artist unless I am extremely busy but you must reschedule the meeting”

The meeting resolved to hold quarterly meetings, the next meeting being at the month end of August so that some of the issues raised can be addressed by his Excellency president Lungu during his next address to parliament.

The minister has since called peace to reign and for artistes to bury the past, reassuring them that none of them will be harmed under the able leadership of his Excellency President Lungu.

Minister of Toursim and Arts, Zambia meeting the Artists in Lusaka
Minister of Toursim and Arts, Zambia meeting the Artists in Lusaka

Some of the Artists that attended the meeting in Lusaka
Some of the Artists that attended the meeting in Lusaka

Some of the Artists that attended the meeting in Lusaka
Some of the Artists that attended the meeting in Lusaka

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  1. Ba Hon Chitotela protection of every citizen is through the constitution-our supreme law of the land-and NOT by/through an individual. Until black Africans make their institutions stronger than individuals, they will continue moving in circus. Our rights are enshrined in the constitution.

    • Kings song
      it talks about how one can tell you to slap yourself and you will do it due to poverty.

      It talks about you selling your birthright (national assets) due to poverty.


    • Dictators always ignore the constitution in the fake stance of protecting the people. Its up to the people especially the press to expose such dictators and act against them. Those who insist on being called His Excellency, your honour, bla bla bla and those who will make laws criminalizing criticism against them are DICTATORS. We see them everyday

    • One wonders whose ears he was addressing? The President to hear him or what? People should be protected by the Law not by individuals.

    These Musicians used to be the darlings of [email protected]@ Funkutu aka P.F & it was unheard of them to criticize P.F.
    Fortunately NO MORE, as they now realise Zambia is for Mandarin speakers & other foreigners, who are being gifted with our resources, whilst locals have been reduced to singing & dancing beggars in their own land P.F has also allowed these same foreigners to lock up locals in crates like Goats.
    Yapwa, yazanda game!!

  3. The only reason you are saying this is fear! You have seen the revolution starting.
    If BFlow and Chellah had been cowards like that fake “gospel musician”, you would have continued with you threats. In fact your silly bloggers on this blog continued with your threats.
    Why hasnt lungu protected the people bowman was harassing in recent times?
    If lungu is serious, he would fire lusambo. Unless that happens no one should take these words seriously.
    But in the meantime the revolution will continue.
    Namusakumunya Inshimu ba pompwe!

  4. ‘under the able leadership………….’. Black Africans are an amazing lot!!! This is the problem of getting ‘educated’ only when u get into position of leadership. In PF nearly everyone is now a ‘Dr or an MBA graduate’. From Grade 9 or Grade 12 to being a Dr or an MBA graduate. Very interesting. Now education is being bought like scones at the market.

  5. So u PF pushers of Bill 10, tell us where we are on your PF investigation on recent gassing. Do u need the whole nation to rise up against all forms of order in order for u to let us know who was behind gassing? Do u know that lives were lost in the most cruel manner ever witnessed in Zambia? What is happening to Spax? PF was a very nice party but infiltration by Satanists and hard-core corrupt people destroyed the party. Churches please come together and press PF to tell us who was behind gassing. It may repeat itself if we do not deal with it now.

  6. how f00lish is this, do you require a president’s protection to enjoy human rights? Kwena Zambia is gone to the …..

    • Imagine! People still see their President as some God anointed bearer of Kingdom . You elected this person but you think he is your master and he now thinks so too. Your rights are not enshrined in a President, They are in the constitution. The laws of the country must adhere to the constitution. That is why we need good lawyers and brave journalism to root out the numerous laws that we have that are against the constitution. But if there is no freedom of the press and if the lawyers whom you call judges have been bought who will protect you?

  7. Protection from who and for what? I suppose, it is protection from BowBOY. As long as you don’t cross paths with him you’re protected.

    Artists need no special protection, all Zambian Citizens need equal protection at law!

  8. “…..He further disclosed that part of the K10 billion announced by the president will be apportioned to CEEC for fair and easier access by artistes and small scale businesses experiencing….”

    Those who have been reading blogs on LT for some time will recall me saying many times that

    “…..We are confident lungu does not have enough money to bribe everyone, and those who don’t get bribed will sing ……”

    This is what we mean. There is not enough money for lungu to bribe every Zambian to keep silent……
    The PF monthly bill for their unemployed thugs already runs in the millions. Diverting money from service delivery.

  9. Chitotela is meeting wrong people, he should be meeting with Lusaka Gang minister Lusambo and the PF publicity team.
    PF should hang Lusambo for treasonous threats on PF supporters like Malembe Malembe the self proclaimed son of Ester Lungu.

  10. Artists are looking for relevance ahead of 2021 polls but they need to play it safer. ECL may remain in office or Kambwili may rule. You don’t want your fame to end after 2021

  11. The musicians just want their share of the national cake, they feel they have been left out of the lucrative deals.

    Don’t be cheated, these musicians are fighting for their own bellies and not you the Zambians. They know that if they make noise, someone will offer them something to keep their mouths closed.

  12. What is Bflow? I might have to ask my kids if they have heard of such a silly individual. And who is that camera man ? We have far more talented people in Zambia who have put this country on the world map. We cannot waste our time on silly small chaps like these. You cannot address the office of the president with disrespect on social media and expect his office to respond to you. Remember that we have values as Zambians which teach respect for elders and superiors. The president is not a mere friend of yours. Some of you so called youth in opposition need to be whipped to open your closed heads. Wht sort of household did you grow up in

  13. What protection does tge president offer yo yhe artists? Rubbish!

    Edgar Lungu is not Alpha and Omega to protect people.

    These hungry artists the reason they fail to enter global entertainment industry is because they are heavily reliant on politicians for sponsorship.

    Be creative on your own and the sky is a limit.

    PF must go!

  14. Enough is enough indeed.. its truly laughable that you have this thief Chitotela advising musicians to form co-operatives if they want run a Gold mine. When you see old dinasaurs like Kampamba with no future but bootlicking appear then know you are stepping on some toes. This was a divide and conquer meeting to see what which side you are on …I am surprised these artistes even turned up

  15. Zambia is not owned by a single person but by ALL meaning Zambian.

    Freedom of speech and proctection is not accorded by the so called president but solely a constitutional matter.

    Seems like politians are becoming more superior than the Constitution.

    • We make the politicians think they are superior. Has anyone brought Lusambo to order? Politicians like Dora, Aos Chanda. Mwila keep insulting us and we are silent when we are supposed to tell them to behave.

  16. Why only artistes? Wht about other categories of self-employed citizens and indeed any citizen for that matter? This is desperation.

  17. People are complaining about corruption and you send the most corrupt thug in PF govt to talk to them…when you see these morons wanting to sit down with on your issues as musicians just know they know your influence given than they came into power largely on some song

  18. These ministers in PF are so useless, this is beyond bootlicking and i wonder there is still a sane person in the government.

    Every statement, press briefing and meetings, president said this and that. What rubbish is going on in our country?

    PF must go!.

  19. Zambian artists usually go through challenging periods in expressing themselves on national issues. Alot of them have faced threats to their lives if do not patronise the party in power as demonstrated by one who exiled himself in South Africa. Many will be enticed to sing for president Lungu and at times abused compelling them to sing about party politics in favour of their master- PF and Lungu, worse wearing PF regalia- shameful.
    However, musicians as we authentically know them are principled individuals usually expressing through songs about the suffering the nation is experiencing, corruption in a nation, government ills subjecing its citizens and urging the nation to vote in able leaders without corruption.
    We hope Chitotela is not talking to children and un intelligent Zambian…

    • If a musician criticizes government his song wont be played on many PF controlled stations like the ones in Lusaka

  20. musicians. These are well respected musicians who believe that success in their singing of justice in a nation is not measured by wealth they get, but measured by how much happy people are and how much positive influence they affect others. Musicians and artists believe in themselves and so express it freely to be successful and valuable to others.

  21. The President and all citizens of the country are protected under the law enshrined in its constitution. There is NO OFFICE that protects ANYONE unless by willful blindness of the recipient of such protection. May peace reign. And may change come. This should be the last time we are entertaining low-grade leadership in this beautiful country!

    KZ DEFINITION : .Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

  23. @ Lusambo 2021, same thing I do, skip Kz comments, also Thorn in the Flesh and give a cursory glance at Zambian Citizens’s posts, sometimes he or she argues intelligently and other times they are just finding ways of blaming HH and saying anyone who has a different view is a sponsored cadre/
    I take time to read Nine Chale because he seems to be objective and one can debate with him logically.
    The other bloggers are very anti PF and I skip them, but please NOTE, there is barely anything worse praising in PF and I am inclined to agree with them.
    Chitotela now says he will give mining rights to artists? ma jokes mu Zambia, what if the videos came from bus conductors? And where does the President come into the conversation, he will protect artists, as if the consititution doesnt have…

  24. Lusambo 2021 if it helps you sleep at night to assume that I am a fraud then let it be. I am not here to prove anything to you. I am here to sell our party’s agenda to the masses. Is this a case of assuming that I m fake due to my flag showing a British flag ? You must be dumb to think I would use my real IP address on this website when I have sadists in diaspora attempting to hack me 24/7. Ever heard of a VPN?

  25. provions for freedom of expression.
    We should hear from the Minister of Justice or indeed the President himself (he is a lawyer afrer all) as to whether they agree with Lusambo or not.

  26. Chiza you claim to skip my comments and yet your post refers to me. I am not asking for desperate for your comments. I already have a very strong following of fans. In fact there are some people who stop blogging when I also take a break. For example diaspora lady

  27. I was not reading your comment impostor, I read what Lusambo 2021 wrote and he happened to mention that he skips your comments. And please don’t be silly talking about I use a VPN, what VPN only has one location?

  28. Chiza Chirwa – Just ignore this UK Impostor ..if virtual private network (VPN) shows you in static one location for 3 years when you claim to be in Zambia then that is not VPN and its not doing it job. Any way we have heard it before like a broken record.

  29. Let there be peace on the blog, we shouldn’t outsmart each other and let’s avoid personal attacks.

    We know we have different political affiliation and let’s differ on those lines.

    Emulate Madilu system, my enemy number one is PF party and i attack it left and right because they have brought misery to my people and country at large.

    I will no take it kindly to attack me personally instead of what I’ve written.

    I’ve never attacked any individual based on their opinion on this blog.

    I know we live in a plural world and differ to build not kill.

    PF must go (my personal signature)

  30. The trouble with some ‘artists’ is their lack of vision and creativity. Most think picking at things, especially political, gives them a higher profile.

    Art is about expression of more than one thing. Trying to be populist as a way of appealing to the mass, is a cheap form of artistry. Produce and present new ideas in your art.

  31. Look at the two hyenas above. You have failed to respond to my arguments and points so now you resort to claiming I am an imposter. This is why you celebrate when I am not here because you can freely bully other bloggers and spread your evil upnd propaganda here. Now you are feeling my heat. If I was an imposter Lusaka times would have deleted this account by now. I am kz remember if anyone was masquerading as me I have power to end their careers. I m very influential don’t forget that.

  32. How can anyone respond to a impostor ..really laughable and waste their time on something not serious with life.

  33. Ubusushi bwakwa Lungu bwashupa.

    I think Lungu thinks he owns Zambia.

    He thinks he is running a tavern.

    Let us reclaim our country.

  34. To the Musicians and other artists, if the PF give you money, please get it but be careful not to be bound by any preconditions or you will be their slaves! Just don’t betray your country for a few pieces of Silver! Don’t be cheap! It’s time for a Donchi Kubeba Chikubabe Season!

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