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One prisoner dies in Correctional Service vehicle road accident


The Zambia Correctional Service has announced that there was a Road Traffic Accident involving 30 inmates and three officers on Sunday morning around 06:50 hours, while transferring 454 inmates from Kabwe Maximum Security Correctional Facility to Mwembeshi Maximum Correctional Centre.

It was during this operation that one of the ZCS buses Registration No. PS 3424, was involved in a RTA after failing to negotiate a curve about three kilometers from Kabwe on Lusaka Road.

The accident occurred after the bus went off the road and fell on its right side.

One inmate died at the spot while two others are admitted to Kabwe Central Hospital with minor injuries and are out of danger.

The other inmates were treated and discharged.

Service Senior Assistant Commissioner and Head of Public Relations Doreen Ngoma said the transfer of inmates was part of the ongoing program to decongest the facilities.

In January this year one inmate from Luanshya correctional facility died on the spot while 38 others sustained serious injuries after the truck, they were traveling in overturned 3 times.

correctional service accident
correctional service accident


  1. Mhsrip. Very sad day to lose a life. Irrespective of this man’s criminal history, he is still a human with family and friends that loved him. If Americans can mourn George floyd a criminal we should also mourn our brother. Why is no one commenting here ? Oh I forgot this website is full of diasporans suffering from inferiority compex

    • Lusaka times
      Zambia : Government hands over Buses and and Power Generators …
      9 Apr 2020 ·
      The 45 buses are part of the long-awaited vehicle consignment which the government had contracted Polytech a Chinese Company to supply. “The Correctional Service is yet to receive 44 twin cabs, 20 tractors, 15 ambulances, 4 combine harvesters, and 3 bulldozers,” he said.

  2. Another Zambia Correctional Service vehicle ..this must the new ones they got from the Chink masters, this is what happens when there are no reviews after accidents like the one that involved 50 inmates in a pickup vehicles and no senior officers were punished…the recklessness just continues.

  3. Tarino have a heart you sad son of a dog. Some one has lost a loved one. Yes this is a blogging platform, however a bit of humane approach will not hurt you when commenting on sensitive matters like this. It seems you blogfor attention. However, sadly majority ignore your boring comments. You are too desperate. Grow up

  4. PF’s Lusambo led faction asked for space at Mukobeko to accommodate the planned arrests of social activists.
    Meanwhile Minister of prisoners Kampyongo abandoned his job to about hunting people posting peaceful videos on Facebook. That worthless death of prisoner is hands of Kampyongo and Lusambo. It is a sign from God, that Kampyongo should repent again.

  5. @ Kaizar Zulu © waba amato!e ukufota !! The people suffering from inferiority complex are the ones apologising to the foreigners and enslaved in their own country. Most black Zambians in Zambia calls anyone with light skin complexion boss, even if the person was sweeping sh!t on the streets in India, Bangladesh or The Philippines, when they land in Zambia, they are welcomed as ”bwana”Swahili word meaning “Sir” or “Lord.” “Boss”bosses,
    Many Chinese people were born in pigsty’, which is a common practice in china for women to give birth in a pigsty. When they come to Zambia they start behaving like they are better than Zambians who were born in hospitals across Zambia, even those born in thatched mud-houses in the villages are better off than the Chinese born in pigsty!…

  6. The driver should be charged for causing this accident and at the same time fired while his pension should be used to pay family of the deceased and repair of the bus. Too many accidents from prisons.

  7. @ Razor, it was an accident, they are called accidents coz they are not planned for. Unless the driver was under the influence then he could lost his job. With that said, impostor Kz started well, I dont know how everything that happens in the country is the fault of the HH or diasporans, if you had ended your comment on how sad it was to lose the life, we could be more than happy to like your comment.
    Also, the world isn’t protesting G Floyd’s death because he was a criminal, they are protesting his murder by police.
    @ Donna, such sentiments about Chinese being born in pigsties is just wrong, lets not fight using racism.

  8. The SSAC /Head of Public Relations is giving an excuse of an ongoing exercise instead of giving consideration to loss of life and suggesting concern for public consumption that the accident is being investigated. The observation @ Tarino Orange makes of there being no reviews for accountability just emboldens probable negligence on the part of those overseeing the welfare of those living in correctional facilities! The vehicle could have even been carrying more prisoners than the recommended capacity or driver error due to not being fully conversant on operating the truck/bus! From the picture its like the vehicle is more than basic!

  9. @Chiza Chirwa formely known as Spiderly Existence ”@ Donna, such sentiments about Chinese being born in pigsties is just wrong, lets not fight using racism.” Do your research!! CHILDBIRTH IN EARLY IMPERIAL CHINA and look for documentaries

  10. @BasketMouth, I beg to differ, you are talking of imperial China, Imperial China seized to exist in 1911 when it became a Republic. And most chinese Born during the era of Den Xioping were born in proper hospitals, certainly not advanced as they are now. Besides, this isnt the point.
    We cannot be labeling Chinese as pigs as Donna has said.
    I am not saying I am happy about the treatment of Zambians by SOME chinese, but I don;t support statements that Donna has made. We can’t fight bad treament of our people by acting hostile as well. This is why the three chinese were murdered in our country, what do you think will be the response of chinese and the many Zambians studying there for free?

  11. @Chiza Chirwa formely known as Spiderly Existence June 7, 2020 At 11:14 pm ‘Like I mentioned before do your research… in rural China the practise still lives on in poor families’
    We cannot be labeling Chinese as pigs as Donna has said” Well, they label you as monkeys and don’t feel bad about that. in the 21st century Incredibly racist Chinese museum exhibit displays photos of Africans alongside animals and you expects us to be nice to them!?

  12. It’s sad that a life was lost, may the soul of the departed rest in peace and quick recovery to the hospitalised. Hopefully an enquiry will be launched; however, accidents do happen on the road and everywhere else so let’s not politicise this unfortunate incident.

  13. It’s sad that a life was lost, may the soul of the departed rest in peace and quick recovery to the hospitalised. Hopefully an enquiry will be launched; however, accidents do happen on the road and everywhere else so let’s not politicise this unfortunate incident.

  14. @BasketMouth, we have people being born at home in rural Zambia as well. I find it disturbing that you would insinuate tpeople in rural China will leave their homes and go give birth in pigsties. Thats the same as saying that people in rural Zambia leave their homes and go give birth in goat or cow stables.
    Additonally, I have been priviledged to travel to China and I have not seen any museum (and I visited a lot) were black people were put together with animals. You are speaking from misinformation, just like SOME ignorant chinese speak of Africa.
    Take time to ask anyone who has studied in China to tell you their experience. Hint:the majority of chinese are decent human beings.
    And it is sad that racism exists, but to fight racism with racism makes things worse for everyone.
    Was it…

  15. wrong for the chinese to mistreat Zambians and refuse service, of course. Was the mayor wrong to admonish them and expose them, No he wasnt. But racial tensions with the chinese have been thick and people seeing Miles may have taken it as permission to look and perhaps kill. Was it right for the three chinese to be killed and set on fire? Of course not.
    What do you think the Chinese will do when they read this news back in China? What will their families think of the many Zambians studying there? Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your relative there is killed and set on fire, will you be gentle with the chinese in Zambia, I think not.
    You talk of the chinese calling Zambians Monkeys, that may be true, but it is a very small number, extremely small. Should the whole of China believe…

  16. that Zambians think of them as prisoners and criminals? we are not helping anything with your attitude of trying to justify hatred and its reciprocity.
    We don’t fight racism with racism.

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