US President Donald Trump Authorises Sanctions against the International Criminal Court

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump on Thursday authorized sanctions and additional visa restrictions against International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”) personnel in order to stop the organisation from carrying out an investigation into potential war crimes by US military and intelligence officials.

Under the new executive order, any individuals who “have directly engaged in any effort by the ICC to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute any United States personnel without the consent of the United States” or have attempted the same against a US ally without that country’s consent may be subject to sanctions.

The latest move comes months after the ICC authorized a probe into alleged war crimes committed in Afghanistan by US and Afghan forces as well as alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Taliban. It also follows a push by the court’s Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to investigate potential crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians — a prospect about which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said they were “gravely concerned.”

And in reaction to the Sanctions, ICC said that it expresses profound regret at the announcement of further threats and coercive actions, including financial measures, against the Court and its officials, made earlier today by the Government of the United States.

The ICC stands firmly by its staff and officials and remains unwavering in its commitment to discharging, independently and impartially, the mandate bestowed upon it by the Rome Statute and the States that are party to it.

These are the latest in a series of unprecedented attacks on the ICC, an independent international judicial institution, as well as on the Rome Statute system of international criminal justice, which reflects the commitment and cooperation of the ICC’s 123 States Parties, representing all regions of the world.

These attacks constitute an escalation and an unacceptable attempt to interfere with the rule of law and the Court’s judicial proceedings. They are announced with the declared aim of influencing the actions of ICC officials in the context of the Court’s independent and objective investigations and impartial judicial proceedings.

An attack on the ICC also represents an attack against the interests of victims of atrocity crimes, for many of whom the Court represents the last hope for justice.

As it continues to meet its mandated responsibilities, the Court relies on the staunch support and cooperation of its States Parties. The Court wishes to recall, in this context, yesterday’s joint statement ( from the ten ICC States Parties members of the UN Security Council, reconfirming their “unwavering support for the Court as an independent and impartial judicial institution,” as well as the press statement ( issued earlier today by the President of the Assembly of States Parties.


  1. This is what you get when you vote into office an *****, just like Zambians have voted into office out ***** called Lung and PF must go

  2. I agree with my President, he above all. He is withdrawing from everything, next month he should also withdraw from each every African country.

  3. The USA is a double minded and partial nation. It proclaims justice on other Nations for the crime which it also commits. USA does not want to be investigated but want others to be investigated on the same crimes as the USA. What an injustice country .

  4. Straight Jack …please! The king has lost his mind.

    Anyway, we know the ICC only prosecutes African countries and president’s because it’s a colonialist tool to oppress. This act is retrogressive policing govts has been watered down. That includes the interferences on UN power by Western countries who want to use it to control other countries not themselves.

  5. That is why I like this president; he always speaks his mind (He is straight forward and does not fear anybody, except God) and he does not go for political correctness. It is not a secret that this court does not have any teeth to bite and its laws have eyes. God bless President Trump, God bless America! Psalm 33:12

  6. Pompwe of a President…holier than thou….and yet you harass African leaders everyday….America has become a laughing stock….i cant wait to cast my vote in November..enough is enough…double standards no wonder people are on the streets protesting

  7. Americans said “We have a Demagogue in the white house”. There is truism in what they said, its not the office that makes that individual, if a thief is voted in as president, he remains a thief and will steal big time while in office as president.

  8. @2..Nostradumus
    Trump doesnt consider you his President and let that sink in your head…why do black people force themselves on people who dont want them…WHY… should be sick in your head if you think Trump thinks he is your President…he doesn’t want you…please get it

  9. @James
    Have you heard of a coon….yes you are one of them…no wonder black people always have problems because of coons and uncle Toms like you…

  10. Just like the Zambian based coon Mwewa…he tried hard to fit in but still he wasnt accepted with his fake and forced American accent….

  11. Those reasons given are quarter truths….
    Afghanistan is 90 % reliant on the USA , very few people in Afghanistan can try to drag the USA to the ICC…..

    The last tantrum from trump against the ICC was because the Palestinians were dragging isreal to the ICC

  12. When Jacob Zuma and other African leaders thought of withdrawing from the ICC, they were condemned by their own people and international community. The head of the same international community slaps sanctions against the ICC and it’s ok?? Those in support of Trump, you are colonised mental slaves. You need to free your minds.

  13. ICC is a toothless bulldog. Only targeting Africans. This will be a taste of their authority in fighting injustice.

  14. You Africans full of yourselves. Donald Trump has nothing to lose even if he walked out of the white house right now. He will still be a billionaire whilst you continue and still counting change in your pockets. Truth be told.

  15. The POTUS has said his own.
    Kindly free all Africa convicts judged by this “kangaroo court”.
    Disband the ICC for lack of integrity.
    It failed to convict George W. Bush and Tony Blaire for war crimes in IRAQ.
    It failed to convict Obama bin Biden for killing Gaddafi in Cold blood.
    It has failed to convict the current POTUS for a chokehold on Zimbabwe economically.
    The ICC is an impartial court.
    On these grounds, I support the POTUS.

  16. ICC is an organization for people like HH who cannot solve problems locally. Independent Nations should have their own courts. That is what soverinity is not always running to the International community.


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