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President Lungu meets US Charge d’affaires to Zambia

General News President Lungu meets US Charge d'affaires to Zambia

President Edgar Lungu yesterday met United States Charge d’affaires to Zambia Mr David Young together with US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Country Director Dr Simon Agolory at a meeting attended Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti at State House.

The President and his guests discussed matters of common interest between Zambia and the US, including COVID-19.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has thanked His Majesty King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco for donating various medical items to Zambia.

The items donated are 500,000 face masks, 60,000 visors, 40,000 chariottes, 40,000 blouses, 2000 litres of hydro-alcoholic gels and sanitisers, 5000 boxes of Chloroquine and 1000 boxes of Azithromycin.

In his letter of gratitude to the King, the President says: “Our two countries share excellent relations as evidenced by the fruitful visit to Zambia by Your Majesty in 2017 during which we had fruitful discussions and witnessed the signing of 19 bilateral Agreements in various areas to enhance the socio-economic cooperation between our two countries.”

He adds: “This donation is yet more evidence of the generosity of Your Majesty in supporting Zambia’s socio-economic agenda. It will go a long way in assisting my country in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that is impacting negatively on countries worldwide. In this regard, l wish to convey my personal gratitude and that of the people of Zambia for Your Majesty’s solidarity and continued support.”


  1. What does Zambia donate to Morroco? Can it be called excellent relation when it one sided? Rubbish, next news please!

    PF must go!

  2. Information reaching the Watchdog indicate that Police in Lusaka have arrested Lusaka-based photographer Chellah Tukuta on allegations of sexual, cyber crime and extortion.
    Tukuta has emerged as the main youth leader in the ongoing youth led revolution. He, unlike his friends has refused to be compromised by government. Government has therefore decided to break him up as expected.
    More details to follow.

  3. Very successful meeting. I have just been briefed by my junior colleagues about what was discussed. Very positive

  4. “Meanwhile, President Lungu has thanked His Majesty King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco for donating various medical items to Zambia.”-LT

    PF current administration why? PF your have run out of time-outs. No more five years.

    “If everyone has AI powers, then there’s not any one person or a small set of individuals who can have AI superpower.”-OpenAI founder

    “Machine-learning algorithms are directed to analyze vast collections of text scraped from the web to discover the statistical patterns in language use. The software can then be tuned to perform tasks like answering factual questions or summarizing documents.”-TOM SIMONITE.

  5. Ask the US and the killing of Africans in that country , this has been our pain that has been there hundreds of years US says they are the champions of human rights yet they dont consider that Africans in that country are also human beings .
    When they come to Africa that is where they find humans when you are in Africa you are a human being with human rights in America you are not a human being with the human rights you are killed daily and no one diffends you .
    The police happily kill you in coldblood and it is forgotten about in a few moments what a shame on you Americans .
    Our own people are being slaughtered like chickens and our president keeps quiet as if nothing is wrong .
    Why keep silent as if you agree with evils being committed to your people , this simplistic thinking…

  6. Why’s there no full ambassador still? I guess they need someone to interpret for them the meaning of this in diplomatic circles. Remember there used to be an ambassador.

  7. Lungus PF crack down on democratic freedoms was discussed…….thank you USA.

    On the morroco donations , Lookout carefully you find lungus gang has created a sales recite to charge the tax payer some where….

  8. I never get the impression that Edgar Lungu knows hw the world is controlled. If u’re looking for a deal with the Paris Club group of debtors, the IMF and World Bank, u hv to understand that the West is a grouping that consults its informal membership on a variety of issues. Emerson Munangagwa is finding out the hard way in Zimbabwe. Inflation has shot up to, wait for it, 700% already in Zimbabwe. Now wht kind of life is possible under such high inflation. Until Zimbabwean politics stops being toxic, no progress is possible on the economic front. Zimbabwean politicians need to work out an interim arrangement to rebuild trust from its citizens and the international community.

  9. While some presidents have meetings high level US diplomats , others like ECL are only worth to meet the US Charge d’affaires.
    We all know what they talked about.

  10. Ndelombako ubwafwilisho.Ngo’s and not for profit organisations are suppose to ask for help to supplement government efforts . Governments should have plans to mitigate the crisis .The next help will come from Malawi

  11. When is he ever going to meet the actual ambassador. Are the US still not appointing one since now the kapiri gay couple has even been released.

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