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It is an abomination for PF MPs to criticise the Catholic Bishops in Public-Kambwili


NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili has lashed out at the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament for denouncing the position of the Catholic Church on the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

Mr Kambwili says it is shameful that some PF MPs under the auspices of the Association of Catholic Parliamentarians could come out strong condemning the Church’s position on the matter.

He said what the PF MPs did is an abomination to the Catholic faith as they should have engaged them privately.

“You are lucky we the Catholics are not like other Churches, you should have been excommunicated for castigating the Pastoral Letter”, said Mr Kambwili.

He has advised the PF MPs to apologise to the Bishops and the Catholic faith for castigating the Pastoral letter.

Speaking at a media briefing held at UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence, Mr Kambwili said the opposition Alliance does not support Bill 10 describing it as poisonous.

He has warned Zambians against supporting Bill 10 which he said the PF has not taken time to educate them about the content.

Mr Kambwili said Zambia will be destroyed if Bill 10 is passed into law.

And UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says the content and process of coming up with Bill 10 is wrong and is meant to hoodwink the people of Zambia.

Mr Hichilema said the PF is used to using deception to find its way through a lot of issues including important issues such as constitution review Commission.

He said PF surrogates have betrayed Zambians for 30 pieces of Silver and will never be trusted by any well meaning Zambians.

Mr Hichilema said the Catholic Church, progressive Civil Society, Right thinking political parties and the Law Association of Zambia were not involved and has wondered how the PF claims that all Zambians participated in the process.

He added that the regazetting of Bill 10 was a ploy to cheat Zambians that there was cheat Zambians that there was a consultative process to amend the document when in fact not.

Mr Hichilema said the regazetting of Bill 10 is illegal and should not be supported as it is against the laws of Zambia.


  1. And yet it is ok for kambwili to insult pf and the country’s leadership in his public addresses. Shut that your ugly mouth. Why do you not talk like this when facing court cases, and instead choose to faint with your chi big stomach on display like a constipated hippo. If I should just hear ati puuuuuuum!

    • Just look who is talking! The former loudspeaker for the PF and its government! The one who was shutting up anyone criticizing party & Government.

  2. No. It’s wrong of Priests to make inciting arguments against at a govt, a ruler of a country, encouraging disquiet among the people. They should be encouraging peaceful conduct among people.

  3. What is more abominable Mr.Kambwili is to bring a woman into your house as a man of the cloth and she dies because of sin.That is an ABOMINATION!

  4. That was best ever press conference by Kambwili, the real chief government spokesman.
    That is a must watch video.
    The tone and mood of both Kambwili and HH has scared the hell out PF.

  5. CK you are an abomination.
    (HH) is a Bally Matore.
    Under 5 fake politicians with nothing but rubbish on their lips.

  6. UK increased aid to Zambia when they agreed with Mwanawasa to give huge pieces of land to disposed white Zimbabwean farmers. Now the farmers are safely settled in. And their different govts have deliberately forgotten. And the PF corrupt leaders are toothless to do anything. So they will now withdraw the aid & life goes on. Pf ni ndwiiii

  7. The PF are stubborn, they don’t want to listen to anybody. So leave them. The most deaf is one that has vowed never to listen to you. You can shout until Jesus comes back they’ll still not listen. So leave to do as they wish, we’ll deal with them through the ballot

  8. CKinsultor has outlived his relevance.

    He is as finished as h².

    Heavy defeat awaits the dual.

    As for bill 10, I am letting you people debate. It is healthy to debate.
    Put it the vote. If proponents win, so be it; if opponents win, so be it.
    Either way whoever wins Zambia would have won. In the end democracy would have served its purpose.
    Co cise? Will not solve the problem. What Catholics or chase the devil church say doesn’t affect me.
    What affects me are people spreading lies and those shutting up divergent views.
    Allow democracy to flourish. Kwasila.

  9. The church is supposed to be to netural.. Ba Catholic set on fire Rwanda. Why don’t people learn from their own mistakes.HH please tell the people of Zambia the truth regazetting bill 10 is not against the laws of Zambia.

  10. The Catholic church has been one of the most destructive force since the founding of organized religion in our history as a species. All you have to do is read about the history of the Catholic church and its involvement in politics of nations and world geopolitics. And the picture is not pretty. There are plenty of religious faiths in Zambia apart from Catholicism. But surprisingly the Catholic church somehow feels they can and should speak for all of them. Under what mandate, nobody knows.

    Zambians elect Parliament to do their bidding on exactly matters of this nature. This is NOT about what the Catholic church (Fathers) want or desire to see happen, NO. It is about what the Zambian people as a collective (sometimes through their representatives in Parliament or by exercising their…

  11. Continue….

    right to vote) chooses to do when it comes to how they want to be governed and live by. Zambia is not a RELIGIOUS THEOCRACY, period. If Kambwili and others wish to be guided by their Catholic faith in their private lives; well, God bless them. However, that should be the extent of the churche’s influence on citizens and society as a whole. Otherwise we risk our country turning into a THEOCRATIC STATE examples of which exist in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, extra. Where Religious “Mullahs” are in control of nearly every aspect of civic life, discourse and Govt policy.

    We see this even in certain South American countries where Catholicism has infiltrated almost all pillars of democracy (the legislature, judiciary, even the Presidency) passing legislation…

  12. Continue….

    and adopting Constitutions that are religiously skewed…..and we know how badly that can turn out for citizens, especially for sub groups and categories of people/citizens!

  13. Just look who is talking! The former loudspeaker for the PF and its government! The one who was shutting up anyone criticizing party & Government.

  14. The Referendum on Bill of Rights failed and those “Right Thinking parties and NGOs” are now happy that the progressive Rights in the Bill were shot down to the detriment of the people of Zambia. And by the way, these so called “Right Thinkings” have not said a word on the failed Bill of Rights. And now, the same “Right Thinkers” are back trying to hoodwink the suspecting Zambians. I beg that these so called “Righters” should table the pros and cons and explain clearly for Us Zambians to see what they are seeing or not seeing. Otherwise these so called “Righters” are behaving like Satan, the Mdyelekezi who scoped a third of the stars in Heaven out of Heaven. Anyway, Mdyelekezi remains a defeated foe.

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