Don’t use Social Media to Disrespect and Insult Political Leaders- Sumaili

Hon. Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs
Hon. Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has advised youths to use correct channels to engage their political leaders and not abuse social media to disrespect and insult them.

Reverend Sumaili says government has an open door policy and working with the youth is among the priorities as youths are the future leaders of the country.

She says the youths should never resort to protests or demonstrations to air grievances, but must embrace dialogue.

Reverend Sumaili has also appealed to politicians who may be using the youth to insult leaders to stop misleading the youths, but guide them correctly.

She says all Zambians have a responsibility to protect the country’s peace.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, the minister expressed gratitude to all Zambians for their contribution to peace and unity.

Reverend Sumaili said according to the 14th Global Peace Index – GPI, Zambia has been ranked as the 4th most peaceful nation in Africa because Zambians embrace one another through co-existence, patriotism and sustainable development.

She has further reminded Zambians not to abuse the country’s peace through hate speech, lawlessness and abuse of social media.

Reverend Sumaili said government remains democratic and thrives on the tolerance of diverse views and opinions of leaders and citizens for continued good governance.


  1. There can be no open door policy with a thieving government. The threats won’t work because come next year you the same corrupt beings will showing fake humility by kneeling down to the people for another chance in government, only this time people are awake and have seen for themselves and will decide accordingly.

  2. Aba BaMayo be Sumaili enjoy being insulted. Which day have you seen Zambians insult BoMa Inonge. Ichindikeni mayo.
    Social media stuff are for chicks like Dora and Kampamba Mulenga.

  3. It’s not unpatriotic to denounce an injustice committed on our behalf, perhaps it’s the most patriotic thing we can do.

  4. Yes we are a Christian nation with values of respect. We can’t throw away our morals just because a western ideal of democracy gives you the right to open your mouth. With freedom comes responsibility and after watching this boy chellas videos today I can say he lacks responsibility.

    • You need to be getting ready of because this is your last year. I hope when the new government comes in they scrap your ministry because mama you are a disappointment and if you call what of is doing is “Christian” then probably I do not know what Christian is. Mrs Sumaili you, are you blind and deaf. Is what Lusambo, Kampyongo, Tutwa Ngulube and all the other thugs doing “Christian “
      Shame on PF

  5. Most people do not really want others to have freedom of speech, they just want others to be given the freedom to say want they want to hear.

  6. Godfridah Sumaili has a point here. I hv often expressed concern about the poor dialoguing skills on this site and elsewhere. Some people let off steam after taking it out on others.

    • Are you for real? Is your brain working well? This government has no conscience and no morals. They have become too big headed.

  7. That’s the problem of having dianasors for politicians. Firstly social media is one of the many platforms youths or any citizen can use to voice out their issues. The fact that the insults are getting to you on social media just cements the fact you are listening. Secondly you Sumaili are PUBLIC figures. You chose to be in office to SERVE us the citizens. We are your BOSSES. As a PUBLIC figure you need to develop thick skin as you are subject to criticism considering YOU have access to the PUBLIC purse of development projects. We therefore can question, criticize, condemn, insult, advise etc you as long as you are in PUBLIC office . You chose to be in office. PUBLIC office is not a charity organization that we should worship you.

  8. If you can’t write freely and if you can’t speak freely in your country, you can be sure that you are living in a very primitive country

  9. Welcome to the podium of Deliquents and Psychopaths.
    Untaught spoiled kids. Just read the tumacomments.

    Nonetheless, don’t tire. We have a bunch of disgruntled kids at our hands.

    “Social media is for all while journalism is for trained communicators but if you allow all and sundry to masquerade as journalists, your profession will perish,” POTROZ ECL.

  10. Pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader’s greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe

  11. Mr Kaizar Zulu you’re saying Chellah is irresponsible? But you were moved from Advisor position because you’re always beating people. You beat a Woman at a Filling Station, you burnt peoples houses in Lusaka East. What do you say about that?

  12. Let your eyes see what they see, not what others want you to see. Let your ears hear what they naturally hear, not what others want you to hear. Let your mouth speak your mind freely and not be constrained by other people’s approval or disapproval. Let your mind think what it wants to think and not let other people’s demands dictate your thoughts. If your senses and your mind are not allowed to do what they want to do naturally, you are denying them their rights. When you cannot think, sense, feel, or act freely, then your body and mind are injured. Break these oppressions, and you will cultivate life.

  13. Mrs. Sumaili you didn’t hear your President and his MPs telling the ZP to break the legs of these young people? You’re compromised bamayo. You don’t know what you are saying.

  14. When PF, Lungu, KZ, Valden Findlay, and all the thugs in government controlled PF die or are in jail then I will show respect.
    Until then you can duck off

  15. Zedian
    KZ is a blind dog bootlegging a$$hole with no grade 10 certificate. He is there because he is the boot licker of Lungu

  16. Hello Guys,

    Madam, no one is insulting the political leaders, they are useless and illiterate. The country is ruined. Instead of you coming up with a solution to fix the issues we are facing you are in a hurry to intimidate us and change the narrative, this will not work.

    Please madam don’t get involved and let us do our jobs. We are fed up with this garbage administration…and this is what happens when people can’t take it anymore.

    The name of the game is sorry.

    Stay healthy.

  17. KZ is a thug naimwe, just evaluate his contribution on this site, its like he’s not part of this world, needs a psychiatrists. Mrs Sumaili should just tell the president to open Prime tv if she is serious with morals for our leaders

  18. Madam, your corrupt government that is not delivering to the people is causing the youth to curse you out. And if Chellah insulted you and your fellow bed mates, sue him for defamation. Why is the government locking him up on behalf of individuals?!? He should not be spending the weekend in the filthy jails that exist in your christian nation(which should be a prediction of heaven). Your behavior is causing the youth to rise and they are rising up. You need to listen to them and not repress them. Which God do you pray to?!? Mchew!

  19. Sick, disgruntled, spoon fed, do nothings, idle standers, empty tins, Government will it all, he will fix it and Sick kids on the block.

    In other countries kids nurture technology and turn it to gold. They spend time doing research on the internet and come up with great innovations like usable apps, robotics, web applications, computer programs and automated solutions the main issues the country faces.
    At our hands is a sick online youth who wants be spoon fed by authorities. They want to insult their way to a million kwacha job or kaponya cadres. Sick upndead generation. Damn it! How do you just learn to type to insult leadership. What a waste of youthful life!

  20. @ zedian I was not removed or fired as advisor. Any firing in government is accompanied by an official letter of dismissal which is public information. Have you seen such a document signed by his excellency? To the contrary I am now in a senior position and have opened an opportunity for younger ones.
    @ john there is no such thing as grade 10 certificate in Zambia. Clearly it is you who has never seen the inside of a class room. As for munadekahne I cannot take biased peacocks like you seriously. You will only be happy when your tribal demigod becomes president. In other words you will never ever be happy.

  21. All these so called leaders in PF don’t seem to have an idea what freedom of speech means. She says the youth should respect the leaders and not insult them. Madame, RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT DEMANDED. Just because someone is a politician and elderly doesn’t mean they deserve to be respected. We’re dealing with THIEVES and BANDITS here. The charges leveled against PF leadership are not just mere accusations. They’re real corruption crimes. Even Lungu himself testified to the fact that his ministers are engaged in corruption, in a leaked audio that’s all over the internet. Thus it follows that THIEVES and ROBBERS who are stealing Zambia’s resources to enrich themselves must be called out. They don’t deserve any respect at all. They’re THIEVES period. A thief is a thief whether he…

  22. … stole K10 or K10 million. Even if he has a double-breasted suit, clean shaven chin, well manicured fingernails, clean cut hair, wearing very expensive cologne, and speaking the queen’s language flawlessly..he is still a thief. So tell your fellow PF leaders to bring back what they’ve stolen from the Zambian people, and tell them to stop stealing. Only then can they get some of the respect they lost. Lastly, disrespect and insults are not a crime and are part of protected free speech. They may not be morally okay, but they’re protected free speech under the constitution and international protected human rights. Nobody should go to jail for insulting a politician. Also defamation and libel is a civil matter and not criminal. If someone feels defamed, they should sue the defamer…

  23. …Again respect is earned and not demanded. Most of PF leadership is corrupt, and deserves no respect at all. They’re bandits and robbers who deserve no respect—except prison time.

  24. Where is your office ba pastor at district level I want to engage your office by asking about who burnt the Lusaka City Market and who were or was behind the gassing? Tell me the truth since you are not only accountable to earthly supervisors but also to the Creator as per your calling.

  25. Leaders what leaders? PF is a grouping of thieves, robbers, apostates, heretics, liars, scavengers, illicit traders and all negative slangs that an immoral stooge can have. Time for change and respect will come next year after August elections. Till then revert to comments of @dudelove

  26. Honorable Reverend is right here. Dialogue is key to development. GRZ is ready to listen if you use the right channels. Upnd have destroyed the character of our leaders and sadly it affects them too as Zambians today view every politician in the same light. In Asia and countries like Russia, they respect their leaders first and that’s why they are ahead of us today-they have refused to embrace western ideals blindly.

  27. This woman is a fo*ol of all fo*ols. What values? How do thieves preach values? Stealing and corrupt values are rotten values. People wont eat values. When people are in poverty, they turn into prostitution, and other unwanted but survival mode. Please Sumaili, shovel your values you know where…

  28. With all due respect to the honorable, if we can’t use social media to air our unbiased views (Criticism construed as insults) about our government, as is the case in democracy to reach out to the masses, then what can we use so that the government is held accountable for it’s misdeeds??? What can we use to discuss our political views? Since we can’t use state controlled media? Madam honorable, do you even know what social media is for? I understand it wasn’t there in your time. So maybe I would cut u some slack for bin old fashioned.

  29. respect is earned.Do not force people to respect you when you do not deserve it.Just Shut the F.U.C.K up!!!

  30. Why is it that every time we the citizens want to express our displeasure we are associated to UPND. This is the beginning of leadership failure. We want you to address our concerns but you hurt our feelings by always rubbishing our concerns and associating them to the opposition. The mandate is with you in leadership. Stop arrogance and the people will respect you. Open Prime Tv, our mouth piece. Otherwise as it is social media is the only space for our voices. Hate it or not, it is informing the masses and is burning like wild fires that devoured Australia.

  31. Mrs Sumaili, I hope when you leave government, you will leave with “clean hands”. There’s no way you can spend a long time with thieves and not become like them. You shall reap what you sow. I hope you have left a mark on these thugs that truly you have served in truth and with integrity. You will give an account to God and not Lungu

  32. Christian nation full of bana ba mu chigololo fathered by priests, pastors, cabinet ministers, MPs etc. Parliament motel is a B r o t h e l . Divorces are rampant. Corruption and graft. Everyone who is in a position of authority abuses it for their own gain. People are directors of companies owned by Arabs, Chinese etc just as fronts who have sold the country for a morsel of bread.
    When they are attacked on Social media suddenly they run to Christian Nation mantra. Please, God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows he shall reap.

  33. Youths should pay heed and listen to their elders for advice.

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