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Traditional leaders in Senga Hill and Mpulungu districts render support to President Lungu on Bill 10


We are in full support of the progressive constitution amendment bill 10 of 2019, the traditional leaders in Senga Hill and Mpulungu districts have said.

Speaking when they met President Edgar Lungu yesterday in Senga Hill District, over 80 village headmen and head women collectively said they were in support of bill 10.

Headmen representative, George Mandona urged members of Parliament to support bill 10 regardless of their political affiliation.

“As village headmen, all of us (80), we are in full support of bill 10,” he said.

The Village headman said the country could only progress if all MPs put aside political affiliations and focus on the importance of the bill.

Headman Mandona said those that were against the bill were not aware of the challenges the current constitution had created in the traditional affairs when succession wrangles erupt.

And speaking when President Lungu met traditional leaders in Mpulungu, Chief Chitimbwa said they were in support of bill 10.

Chief Chitimbwa who spoke on behalf of the other two chiefs namely Chinakila and Chikopeka also assured the President of their support in 2021.

“As Chiefs of Mpulungu, we support bill 10. We also assure you of victory in 2021 elections here because of your good works and leadership,” Chief Chitimbwa said.

He said the bill should be supported by all well-meaning traditional leaders as it would enhance development.

Meanwhile, Chief Chitimbwa appealed to the President for construction of the mordern hospital in Mpulungu.

He also asked the President to consider increasing the salaries of Chiefs.

In response, President Lungu said government was alive to the challenges people in the area were faced with and would do everything possible to address them.

President Lungu said his government recognized the importance of modern health facilities in rural areas.

On the salary increment of Chiefs, President Lungu said he had heard but would not make a promise.

The President also expressed happiness that traditional leaders were appreciating bill 10.


  1. Well! Done Chiefs, please carry this Bill through, it will make successtion more secure and prevent wrangles. We want a peaceful Zambia in all our Leadership structures.

  2. You see how these people including lungu , who is supposed to be a lawyer, and other PF constitutional experts in support of bill 10 scatter and take cover when other lawyers like Prof Ndulo against bill 10 raise their points……? Like scared little rats you don’t see them argue.

    They only target none lawyers and other citizens against this bill…..

    Argue against real lawyers who have given points against bill 10…….imwe ma kawalala…….fusekeni….

  3. Poor headmen they can not keep animals even growing maize but they only depends on supporting bill 10 which they don’t understand.Do they know that Edgar want to stand in 2021? Just eat lazy headmen.

  4. What can they say, just in case he gets celebral malaria and run mad, the chiefs don’t want to be accused of bewitching him on that visit.

  5. Busy forcing and bribing people to accept bill 10…….

    You only see them preaching bill 10 to the common man, when lawyers against bill 10 come on stage , you don’t see these PF theives trying to even debate with fellow lawyers. If they do , they attempt to ban or lockup the lawyer who shows them up like John sangwa….

    The situation is like an engineer who claims an invention but can only explain his invention to villages ………when fellow engineers disect his invention , he is nowhere to be seen……that is PF and their learned lawyers…..taking cover when other lawyers look at bill 10.


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