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Now UPND Catholic Parliamentarians back Catholic Bishops on Bill 10


UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Members of the Association of Catholic Parliamentarians have supported the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) on calls for the withdrawal of Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

Representing the UPND Members of the Association of Catholic Parliamentarians, Kabompo member of Parliament Ambrose Lufuma has further disagreed with association Chairperson Professor Nkandu Luo’s insinuations that all Members of the Association are in support of controversial Bill number 10.

Mr. Lufuma told a Media briefing this morning that only PF Members of Parliament in the Association are in support of Bill number 10 and opposed to the ZCCB Communique which has demanded for the immediate withdraw of the Amendments.

He says all UPND MPs in the Association are in full support of the communique and demand by the Catholic Bishops to have the bill number 10 immediately withdrawn.

He said it is now evident that the ruling Patriotic Front is aiming at hijacking the constitutional amendment process for political expediency aimed at perpetuating their rule against all odds and opposition.

He has maintained that Bill number 10 is manipulative and attempts at deceiving the people of Zambia and creating a dictatorship under the guise of constitutional reform.

Mr. Lufuma has since appealed to Zambians to heed to the advice given by the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops and other Church Mother Bodies in rejecting the bill.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema on Thursday said Bill 10 aims at creating a dictatorship citing the planned repealing of Articles 52(4) and 60(4) of the Republican constitution as one such avenue that should not be tolerated.


  1. When a leader is stupid is stupid period!
    When a leader is humble you can not take his /her humbleness
    When a leader is compromised is stupid and foolish
    You will be adopted for 2021 but we will NOT vote for you.
    Sumaili is blind to corruption, to high levels of poverty, gassing incidents, theft of mukula trees, 48 miracle houses.
    WOMAN OF GOD or christian for LUNGU!
    Who do you serve?

  2. There is a upnd catholic association? Ah I have heard it all Haha. I am sure they also have a “keep hh as leader of party until death” association haha . And they wonder why they lose elections

  3. You will never hear of UCZ and the likes talking to this …they always side with the govt of the day even during KK’s era they were also busy eating taxpayers money. Any way us Africans do not need this religion just look at how lock down has opened our eyes and ears to question as we were not distracted by religion, football and other irrelevant things.

  4. Edgar don’t belong to any church, what’s wrong with him?
    – KK is member UCZ
    -.Chiluba was a Pentecostal pastor
    – Mwanawasa was Jehovah witness
    – Sata was Catholic
    – Edgar , nobody knows, what church accepts drucks?
    – HH is SDA.

  5. I get very worried when the Catholic Church begin to get involved in deviding the Country. I cannot forget how they influenced the Genocide in Rwanda. Who can forget a thing like that? I can see now they are at the centre of hate speeches against the current Government. I wonder why the Catholic never ever support a ranning government..

  6. @ fosteman the bible says you will know them by their fruits. Between ECL and HH who behaves like a Satanist? And the bible says when the wicked rule people groan and when the righteous rule the people rejoice! Don’t mislead yourself you seem to be suffocated with relentless hurt for HH. You have really helped to campaign for him!! Just wait and see.

  7. Zambian politicians should be able to demonstrate that they understand the parliamentary process. Catholic priests are a form of society stakeholder, but they do not surpass Parliament as law maker. So….you cannot ‘back them’ because they are NOT the originators of the Bill proposal. You can TAKE IN CONSIDERATION, their and hour constituents opinion and use that to form your response to the Bill in Parliament.

    You can back the Bill proposal or reject it ……..in Parliament. Please UPND respect our Parliament and democratic processes. It would be ‘confidence building,’ if your party can demonstrate you understand democracy by holding a Convention to select leadership in your party. That will be very good.

  8. Their is upnd catholic association??


  9. I am Catholic but to hear that there is Upnd Catholics and Pf Catholics is very shameful. and our so called bishops are quiet. I want to hear that they have asked Upnd to withdraw that statement.

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