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Zambia Police Impounds Passenger Bus with bags of alluvial gold

Rural News Zambia Police Impounds Passenger Bus with bags of alluvial gold

Police in Solwezi District have impounded another passenger bus owned by Likili Bus company after finding 30 Kilogram bags of alluvial gold on board.

This is Barely 24 hours after seizing another consignment of 30 kilograms of alluvial gold on a passenger bus from Chavuma District.

Northwestern province Commissioner of Police, Elias Chushi who confirmed the incidence to ZANIS said one suspect identified as Oscar Mulenga aged 57 of house number E259, Wusakile township in Kitwe has been arrested in connection with the consignment.

Mr. Chushi said the bus was intercepted around 16:00 hours at Kapijimpanga police check point on the Solwezi-Chingola road.

This is the second incident to have happened in a space of five hours after another 30kgs of Alluvial gold was intercepted on an LG traveler’s passenger bus at the same check point around 11 hours, yesterday.

Mr. Chushi said two people identified as Edan Sangwena aged 67 of senior Chief Kanongesha’s chiefdom and Jasper Muyinda aged 54 of Chief Chibwika’s chiefdom both from Mwinilunga district have been picked up to assist with investigations.


  1. Cry my beloved country.

    We do not have a government in Zambia.

    There must be complicity in gold mining by top government officials.

    This gold can solve a lot of problems our country is facing now. But right now, only few PF connected people are benefiting.

    We seriously need flush out the corrupt thieves from power.

  2. It is disappointing to see that senior citizens maybe involved in this criminal operation. We thank our men and women in uniform for doing a great job . We ask you to continue protecting us and the nation from these greedy self centred criminals. We are slowly catching up with them and their masters. We know who they are.

  3. These are characteristics of a weak state. A weak state is one that is unable to perform some of its key functions. That’s where we’re. State weakness is at different levels or grades.

  4. Zambia has turned into Congo where its free for all nothing coming back into the community…by the way this Police evidence will mysteriously turn into bags of river sand by the time it reaches court once the PF thugs make their way to Solwezi Police Station.

  5. The Greed for Gold is the root of all evils! Such will never walk on the pavement of Gold in the New City of Gold!

  6. Foreigners and Chinks are busy quietly dredging and digging Gold the govt is busy asleep with greedy PF officials …if people are even using public buses to transport it there must be alot of gold in NW. Eve just being a buyer there in Solwezi would be a profitable venture

  7. It’s free-for-all but only small fish is being caught while sharks aren’t. Leave the people alone it’s their gold. What do you expect when there;s a lack of leadership? Kungo and his accomplices are still enjoying their freedom, why apply the law selectively? Botswana has been mining gold for a long time but have you ever heard that cadres of the ruling Party have been caught with gold or diamond?

  8. Just give the poor Zambians artisanal licenses and let them exploit the gold, foreigners have been looting gold and diamonds at will!!

    Price you pay for having a clueless, selfish, visionless and incompetent government in power!! Can God move the clock quicker so that we vote them out!!

  9. Tom

    Exactly , they are arresting substance zambian gold diggers , giving space for forigners to fill gaps.

    Let Zambians mine but put struck control on only selling the gold to GRZ.

    This way a very dangerous side to this can be controlled instead of pushing it underground……the use of mercury to extract gold…….mercury is a very hazardous substance and Zambian water systems risk mercury pollution.

    Just now you will see the side effects of mercury poisoning.

  10. You can’t blame them for trying.

    But most likely, they were going to sell to foreigners anyway. Everyone externalises Zambian resource wealth. Let them sell to best price offered not just govt. Let private gold buyers set up. Although most likely there will be bandits trying to take advantage of poor gold panhandlers.

    It’s like the wild west….. exciting. I’m getting my shovel ready……

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