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Poor Work on Lumumba road by AVIC is a manifestation of corruption in the PF government-HH


UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says the poor workmanship on Lumumba road by AVIC International is a manifestation of corruption in the PF government.

Mr Hichilema says it is a shame that a road that cost tax payers US$1.2 billion is being redone just after few months of its completion.

The UPND Leader was speaking when he inspected the road in the company of Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala.

He said when the UPND forms government, roads will be built at the right cost and good quality in order to save money that will be channelled to other sectors such as health, agriculture, water and sanitation and education.

He has accused the PF government of wasting tax payers money at the expense of improving lives for suffering majority Zambians.

Mr Hichilema says corruption is one of the biggest challenges facing Zambia and has promised to bring this to an end when his party forms government in 2021.

He has urged Zambians to vote wisely in the next election and retire the PF in order to save their resources from further plunder.

Meanwhile, Avic International, a Chinese construction firm, has offered to re-do some poorly done roads in Lusaka at no cost to the government.

This was revealed by Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Vincent Mwale during a briefing in Lusaka.

Mr Mwale has further called on the Road Development Agency to be on high alert and ensure that no contractor gets away with shoddy works.


  1. Bandit PF how much is mealie meal ? How much is fuel ? We told u PF is Bandit Group. Let the Zambian suffer now. Zambians sex and alcohol is more important then anything.

  2. If Mwanawasa arrested FTJ every bandit in PF will be scared of corruption. Next Government need to audit government budget from 1997 to 2021 . See how much budget have stolen,if not this corruption will become common in every government.

  3. The problem here is not PF corruption, but poor supervision by the consultant and engineers in charge. It is not the President or Ministers that supervise construction works.

    If I was Minister in charge I would fire or demote engineers who were supervising this contractor.

  4. Corruption is an expensive venture even to those in higher offices.

    If for example eagle one wants $1million from let’s BOZ or ZESCO he ask one of his aides to call the BOZ governor or zesco MD. The aide will ask for 1.5 million the Bank governor will withdraw $2 million and will give the aide 1.5million and the aide will take out his 500,and the principle will get his requested $1 million.

    Even when dealing with a corrupt judicial officer (judge) you will never take the bribe to the magistrate, judge directly there is always a agent. If the agent comes to say the magistrate or judge wants $5000 chances are, the judge demanded for $2000 and the $3000 has been pocketed by the agent.

    Since, ba mwine (presidents , judges, magistrates and other officials don’t want to be…

  5. Implicated, taped having a conversation which compromise them aides and agents are the buffers.
    And some instances one of the other aides will find out the boss was short charged.
    And usually we see aide X is fired and there is no reason for his dismissal.
    And usually these aides have mountains of cases in corruption and other plunder, but the system does not touch them for fear of embarrassing information the aide might have.


  7. When I started reading the statement, my immediate thought was that HH was at last doing his job as opposition leader but then came the “When UPND forms goverment…” please ba sir, everyone remembers the 90 days promise from PF. Pounce on the details of what you think was wrong with this particular job and then explain to us how you will do it differently without making further pledges which sound like the PF 90 days. When you do this, the people will decide by themselves to allow you to form government. You have a mandate as opposition to provide checks and balance so your shadow minister of infrastructure should give Vincent Mwale sleepless nights on this. At the moment the cats have gone to sleep and the mice are having a field day.

  8. But if avic will redo them at no cost, it means they take responsibility. Why should this oval headed twit blame GRZ???

  9. You see ba pf, when you steal, it wil always come out. You may try to hide it, but will show. Its the nature of things.
    Despite all the propaganda and denials, every day that passes reveal a new scandal. And lungu is mute and not doing anything because he is a captured president and all he and his followers and masters are interested in is how to remain in power.

  10. Selling zambian parastatals for peanuts for your own benefit is tantamount to evilness of the highest order. Ati richest zambian and yet this chap stole and facilitated the worst corruption in history. Crawl back to your cave hh

  11. Even ended up owning some properties and shares of those parastatals that empowered so many Zambians…..evil little twit!!!!

  12. In fact if I recall this road cost $15 million for a few kilometre stretch…these thieves are bled the country dry and they are hiring debt advisers.

  13. John Chinena: If u don’t know hw things go wrong, better stay quiet. Politicians themselves tour these roadworks and pass them fit before even talking to their technocrats. They behave as if it’s charity even whn taxpayers are paying. They never learn any lessons even from bitter experience. Something can look good quality to the naked and untrained eye but whn it is used just for a little while, it begind to wear out. Hw much previously good quality looking furniture do u see in govt offices these days? Who made that furniture? Wht’s wrong with u Zambians?

  14. But redo a major road. So the Chinese avic have accepted that their works were inferior. Iam a Technician myself, and redoing a job confirms yo first job on it was inferior & causes 10 times more damage than the innitial problem. So let the chocholi destroy the road further.

  15. HH was chief executive of a formal sector firm of accountants and management consultants which govt hired to implement its own policy of privatisation. This firm employed lots of people and occupied rented offices. This firm was subject to govt taxation as was HH’s salary and surplus which was paid out to partners. The firm paid rent to the landlord. Everything was accounted for. HH invested well and was lucky that his investments grew to make him what he is now. Government regularly sends ZRA to HH’s companies to look for dirt but they always draw a blank. Hw much dirt does the auditor-general finds from government ‘s accounts? We all know the answer.

  16. The freedom to expose ignorance on these platforms is amazing. We have Zambian Citizen stating ” but if AVIC will redo them at no cost, it means they take responsibility. Why should this oval headed twit blame GRZ??”. Zambian Citizen, do you know who engaged AVIC to construct these roads? What supervision has been conducted on AVIC to make sure AVIC doesnt do a shoddy job? How long will it take AVIC to redo the roads? What is the cost of wasted time? As Nemwine has indicated, there is need to have professional and independent works supervision contractors who would also be held accountable if they approve a shoddy AVIC constructed road. Having politicians approve constructed roads without the expressed approval of an independent professional roads construction supervision contractor is…

  17. Who are HH’s advisors? HH opens his mouth, the wind blows in and a load of waffle comes out the other end. He is such a pathetic weasel. All he does is lie, smear and scaremonger. That road did not cost $1.2bn!!! Stop twisting facts just to cause a media frenzy of hatred and trouble. UPND are making themselves look silly and devoid of anything positive for Zambia. Where on earth did they find this pointless individual……desperation or what?

  18. Calling HH a liar wont change the facts on the ground. What caused AVIC to do a shoddy job? Why should AVIC be the one to determine that they will redo the road at no cost to government? Why did whoever was supervising the AVIC constructed road fail to do the supervision works properly at interim phases? You are free to say what you want to say. However this will not change anything on the challenges under discussion on this issue of shoddy road works undertaken by AVIC on behalf of the GRZ.

  19. The usual erroneous and falsehood peddled by KZ and PF cadres about HH will not rescue PF regime of corruption. Avic admission of shoddy road works in Zambia is evidence of corruption in itself. When we say Lusambo, Chitotela, Kampyongo, Sturdy Mwale, are part of the entire corrupt PF regime you call us envyous – my foot – thieves.

  20. And then h² narrative in this matter turned out to be very very suspicious and devoid of any trace of truth.
    Dabo h is a pathological puti wa puti. A liar from the pits hell.

    Ine that’s why I don’t trust this gay nigga. Thank God he won’t make it to plot1

  21. KZ is the election rigger expelled from Malawi who was trying to add numbered to mutharika ruling party but was caught red handed together 2 other chaps .

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