Munaile: No Place For Cadres in Football


Aspiring Football Association of Zambia presidential candidate Emmanuel Munaile has vowed to stamp out the culture of cadres in football.

Munaile said on Sun FM’s Sports with the Boys Show that the cadre culture was a key factor in the malaises the local game was going through.

“Normally when you are in leadership, they are so many people who come to you and say all sorts of things,”Munaile said.

“That is why, as I want to be president of the Football Association of Zambia, I don’t want any cadre in football, I want those who run football to be in football.

“And wherever I campaign, I travel alone because I don’t want to owe my victory to anyone.

“So, cadres have also contributed to the mess that football is in.”

Munaile, a former FAZ vice president in Kalusha Bwalya’s first term, has revealed in his manifesto in which he has stated that he will push for an improved sponsorship package for both the FAZ Super Division and Division One league plus player welfare particularly insurance cover.

He has also outlined plans to reintroduce the reserve league in the FAZ Super Division as transitional stage for fringe domestic players who are struggling to compete for places in the top-flight that has a huge influx of foreign imports.


  1. Munaile is genuine like Mwanawasha who fought for the goodness of everyone. Ditched the thief’s governance.
    His resignation frim the Kalu lead administration showed his smartness as he smelt a rat

    • Munailehas no contacts. That’s the problem we are having with the current FAZ . No international networking that can help Chipolopolo in anything; friendlies, foreign football contracts, partnerships with broadacsters and academies. Its all zilch. Tom Mtine was even better

  2. How do you travel alone, if you’re an organizer you can organize one or two people to move with. I agree with him on cadreism, Kalusha brought that culture, people like Damiano, Shenko, Justin of Mufulira were nothing but cadres stealing ticket money

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