Bowman Lusambo names his newborn twins,Esther and Edgar

Bowman Lusambo admiring his newborn twins

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo become the proud father of newborn twins over the weekend.The minister announced the good news on his Facebook page where he revealed that he has named the twins Edgar and Esther, after President Edgar Lungu and first lady respectively.

“Colleagues, allow me to introduce to you our new addition to the Lusambo family. Welcome Esther Natasha Lusambo and Edgar Chilosha Lusambo,” he wrote.“I give the glory to God the Almighty for this double blessing.”

Baby Lusambo 1
Baby Lusambo 2


  1. This how u want to please his excellence for that I think u have to go back to school, don’t fool a man how don’t want that and u have cross the limit now I see.

  2. Congratulations mwpwa wandi Chilosha on the birth of the twins, we are so proud of you in the family. But ayo mashina waleta mulupwa bufufuntungu wachita, you should have consulted first. Stay blessed.

  3. This daft guy reminds me of Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri from the hit crime TV series The Sopranos…this guys should never be ministers but drivers or bodyguard he thinks GRZ is Lungu and Lungu is GRZ. He is like a guard dog…poor children I feel for them being names after corrupt people.

  4. Congrats my brother. It was good talking to mr lusambo at the weekend. I could tell from his voice that he is a very happy and over the moon . We welcome these two blessings in the world. I am sure they will live up to their names. The president is very happy about this gesture and for sure he and the first lady will be God parents. We thank black god

    • These kids are cursed for life, how do you a normal parent ( Bowman is questionable in this regard) name your children after a thief or a loser with scatter teeth like drunken master [email protected], the most useless person on earth, the creature and the kachasu model wife (hahahaha). He will probably change the name to the next president after this moron leaves

    • These kids are cursed for life, how do you a normal parent ( Bowman is questionable in this regard) name your children after a thief or a loser with scatter teeth like drunken master [email protected], the most useless person on earth, the creature and the kachasu model wife (hahahaha). He will probably change the name to the next president after this m0ron leaves

  5. A man is not complete until he has kids to take over from him. Tarino, youseem very worked up. Are you unable to impregnate? Are your soldiers weak. Seek medical attention .

  6. Congratulations to new life,
    While we take time to welcome the Lusambo twins , let’s give a prayer to many many suffering majority new borns and their parents in Zambia, who have no jobs and are in constant worry where the next meal will come from….Some who’s parents have jobs don’t even get paid on time

  7. What a fvcking idyot of father. Feel sorry for innocent souls born from that uncircumcised PF thug. How can a woman suffer for 9 months, then her twins are awarded sinful names?
    Those children will commit suicide when they learn about the origin of their names.
    This is total abuse of wife and worse on children.

  8. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, parents “choose” their children. It is not the other way round. So do not blame the kids for their names. The Minister is very “woke” ! Bet their nicknames are “Mummy and daddy”

  9. One hopes that the shoe polish inhaled by Lusambo form Lungu’s shoes did not eventually get passed on to the poor souls. Zambia does not need anymore bootlickers in the future generation!

  10. Cat power, have you now calm down since your fit of anger at the weekend ? Kids are a blessing. I m sure a man like you catpower should have kids. Myself I have a number of them and they are crazy. I cannot wait for covid to go away so that they go back to school

  11. Wangling no one forced you to click on this article. If you not interested why not go and comment on your demigods Facebook page, hh

  12. Even Tetamashimba did the same when he served under RB, Kavindele named his son after KK. This means that he’s eating very well. Twins? so fire still burns in those balls

  13. But Lungu’s shoes polish is bought using taxpayer’s money. So we have the right to talk about the shoes polish and all the eventual recipients of it!

  14. FTJ named his children Castro and Miko after socialist leaders and KK named his son Mwalimu. I can also bet you some people have named their children Bowman Lusambo

  15. Congratulations on the new arrivals.

    Shame they will have to make prison visits to see Daddy after 2021.

  16. Extreme boot-licking. That’s all I can say. These kids will hate their father when they grow up, for naming them after the most corrupt family on the planet. The kids might even sue Lusambo for this. Even if they change their names eventually, the damage would’ve already been done. Poor kids.

  17. Congratulations Minister Lusambo on the birth of a set of twins. Do not let naysayers dampen your spirits. You are free to give them names of your choice. They are your children. God bless your twin children. I am myself a father of two lovely and intelligent twins pursuing degrees in the natural sciences. I share in your moments of joys and sleepless nights tending to the babies. It is when one goes to sleep and you get a few winks that the other one begins to cry.

  18. corruption scandals: 48 houses social security cash luxury presidential jet ambulances fire trucks mukula trees ndola-lusaka rd malawi maizegate fuelgate swaziland landgate zesco loans

    Are you freaking kidding me? Wtf is this?

    Is this his insurance policy not to get fired and hiw way of insulating himself against corruption investigations.

    I bet he will change their names and rename them once Lungu fired him or when Lungu loses elections and he gets put in jail for corruption scandals.

    Unbelievable! What a country this is!

  19. Congratulations to the new born babies to the Lusambo family.
    As parents we have more responsibility to our offsprings at their weakest point as babies. However, we should not come to be ashamed or unable to provide plausible explanations in future once confronted with questions of how our children got to bear loathsome names to their peers or in their lives. This may come to haunt the family in future all because of ill motive intentions in naming the children and taking advantage of their vulnerability as can not object to names given to them. In foolishness be wise.

  20. Just how far does one go with licking one’s dirty boots. The presidency in Zambia is not life long. Leaders come and go. Tomorrow he can be fired by the very person he is naming children after and will hate his own children for the bad luck.
    As others have said he should have consulted because this is not a small matter or a joking matter. Poor children.

  21. Nostradamus @13: You hv gone over the top. Bowman Lusambo’s choice of names for his children isn’t a matter of public concern. You hv no right to criticise him over it. Your criticism won’t be tsken seriously even on serious issues with an attitude like that. Concentrate your fire on Lusambo’ s real sins.

  22. I’m scared of the future. Comments above, at least most of them, suggest that people don’t even know real issues. The future can’t be bright like this.

  23. It’s fine,

    Come 2021, a commission of inquiry will be instituted to establish what transpired.


  24. Please why name innocent twins after guilty people. Do you want them to get a leaf out of your bad book? Don’t raise them like yourself.

  25. Esther okay, but Edgar no, no, no please, should have been Chagwa. Iwe Lusambo, that is lack of respect even love for your President. You have heard how proud HE The President is proud of his name. His followers in PF always mention his complete names, to emphasise his middle name , for a good reason.
    Bad omen ba Lusambo, you are going pretty soon, you will pay for that abomination, certainly before the elections.

  26. Ubu puba of the highest order .Can you imagine what the father to the former grave digger must be saying to himself if he has got one

  27. Frustrated tetirees whose hard-earned morning ney is stolen by Lawrence Sikutwa of Madison Assets Management. Sikutwa has stolen over K350 million from Madison group and wants us retirees to keep quiet?
    @Kaiser Zulu, you seem to be close to His Excellency. Government released K30 million to Zisc and lawyers involved, cannot government pay us a part of K256 million that Sikutwa owes to retirees?
    Elections are approaching. Do not you want our votes, or one man’s vote is more powerful than 2000 families?

  28. This is shocking, really, is there any worse degree of stoogery than this? Had it been triplets, he you bet the Chimbwi zero plan would have named the third one as Ntombikazi, Lungu’s eSwatini concubine! By the way, those babies look high yellow, we need to investigate whether Findlay orLubinda were guests at Lusambo’s house nine months ago, ba katusize kandate ki kapulu aka hweli!

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