Thursday, May 30, 2024

Abolish gender roles for fairer society


What does it mean to be a feminist in Zambia today? Changurufaro Chibesa shares her thoughts with Kennedy Gondwe and calls for the abolition of gender roles in society.


  1. At least her skin is not bleached. That alone is a turn-on for me. I don’t like the nail polish though. It’s a slow poison in case no one has told her.

  2. The best chiefs are men…..the best tailors are men ……the best cleaners are men……..the best bakers are men

    Don’t upset the balance of nature

  3. Don’t kill the values, norms, mores, customs and cultures of the African societies. Men are supposed to have roles that are naturally distinct from those of women. Let us not alienate ourselves from our rich values as Africans, Zambia in particular. Let us not infuse borrowed cultural aspects and pretend that all is well and start suffering from cultural inferiority complex.

  4. Don’t be silly. Would women be willing to work in mines ? There is gender equality and then there is also unrealistic thinking.

  5. That is madness.
    There is good reasons why God created male and female.
    If gender role where insignificant God would have made a sexless creature.
    And why do you think God gave women the capacity to carry children, breastfeed them and have a more compassionate nature?
    Why are men physically stronger than women?
    It because they are equal partners fulfilling different roles in a carefully designed structure. Dont just follow ideas blindly simply because its the popular thing that gets you some attention

  6. It is shocking that Zambian PF women now call men as chikkala.
    They even ask for phone numbers from men, and chew roots for libido boosting.
    “Modern ” Zambian PF women they even tell men “…fulama nkutohombe bwino”.
    This is why Chitimukulu keep annoying is by saying “there is freedom of styupidity in Zambia” .

  7. Why Kennedy doing these things? Did he loose job again? He used to be a very respectable journalists, who can run any TV station, than these YouTube.

  8. Are u saying that our society is just right whn it comes to the relationship btwn men and women? I’m afraid we still hv work to do but the comments suggest that all is well. I’m a feminist myself.

  9. Good intentions, but a bit out of place.

    I believe Zambian women have choices and are respected by their men folk. More women in Zambia are in positions of power than in some countries I won’t mention here.

    Women in Zambia do all manner of jobs, including driving locomotive E-trains! Isn’t that fair empowerment for women? Obviously, like everything else in life – there are exceptions – some men in positions of power have sought sex as repayment for job offers, and women have been abused by their partners. This is not unique to Zambia, it happens all over the world despite feminist ideals. A bad apple is a bad apple where ever. The plus in Zambia though, is that women are not locked into abusive relationships by unbending traditional expectations. Women are empowered to…

  10. We currently have bigger issues to worry about. Let’s send these thieves to jail first. Including judge Chuulu. That’s our current task

  11. All these movements or philosophies are a continuation of dilution of the African nation identity cultures and a grip on colonization of the mind! The no strong culture ties of the western world keeps poisoning African way of life by invading societies through the weakest points….women! The interviewee is mostly academic and doesn’t advance respectable gender norms in African communities. Of course as environment is dynamic certain life changing aspects are adapted in areas of health and education but it should be for benefit of all across the nation! Women fights for equality are exclusive and segregative depending on their status levels i.e. urban vs rural, “educated” or professional status.

  12. Men and women need to work together to run the home. Zambian men should cook, clean, do laundry and change diapers. After all, you live in that house too, it’s your baby too. Your wife pays half of the rent, why can’t you do half of the house chores?

  13. Feminism has not worked for black women world wide. Black women in America in the millions live their whole lives lonely. All due to feminism, it produces feministic men. No!

  14. Upfronting gayism and GLBT without realising the inherent danger . Young people should not be misled not be misled into shopping for poison


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