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We will be making legitimate demands for reforms at the Electoral Commission of Zambia-Msoni

Feature Politics We will be making legitimate demands for reforms at the Electoral Commission...

All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni says his party will be making legitimate demands for reforms at the Electoral Commission of Zambia going into 2021 general elections.

Mr Msoni says the starting point of holding any credible free and fair election lies in the changing of the current composition at the Electoral commission of Zambia.

Mr Msoni says the current composition at ECZ is skewed to advantage one political party and their potentially illegitimate candidate.

He says the era of electoral theft, deception and cheating is over.

Mr Msoni says it would clearly amount to dangerous political miscalculation to think and imagine that political stakeholders would sleepwalk into a rigged electoral process without prior demands for reforms at the commission.

“Arguably we have reasons to believe that this commission is definitely up to no good, going by the apparent lack of consultation with other stakeholders”, said Mr Msoni.

He added that there is too much at stake for the Country to leave in the hands of those who seek to champion for personal gain and gratification.

Mr Msoni believes that this shouldn’t be done at the expense of the welfare of the Zambian people.


  1. The man is thinking with the wrong body part.

    The system of the president appointing the head of Electoral Commission is what needs to change. Anything else is a cosmetic change.

  2. As I said before. This guy starts making
    noise closer to election. The rest of time he is quiet busy stuffing himself with
    Sausage and burgers. He is an opportunist. That is why he got 0 votes in his village

  3. Essau Chulu must resign and be investigated full stop. He is disgrace to ECZ and people of Zambia at large.

    His behavior can cause civil war in Zambia if remain unchecked.

    PF must go!

  4. As we saw in Malawi a reconstituted Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) delivered a free,fair,credible and peaceful Election Re-run in Malawi. Chairman of ECZ Justice Chulu delivered a disputed Election in 2016. He must be removed from ECZ if 2021 Elections are to be conducted in an Objective and Professional manner. Concourt in 2016 mishandled the Presidential Petition and it needs to be reconstituted if Zambia is going to have Credible Elections in 2021. In Malawi a Professional Army and the Judiciary helped to deliver a credible Election. Its highly unlikely that Zambia will have free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections in 2021 if ZPS,ECZ and Concourt are not reformed. The writing is on the Wall.

  5. Mson makes a lot of sense. Esua Chulu must go. Ba Zambia you must learn from Malawi. Justice Chulu did it in 2016. He will do it again. Fellow Zambians now is the time to flock to the street in mass protests. Otherwise your vote will be stolen and berried at some cemetery in Luanshya. For your information ECL is dead scared of protest as he knows the military is not happy with him. So any form of unrest will give them a legal ground to deal with him. That is the main reason the won’t allow even a single peaceful protest.

  6. Malawi is now a darling in paving the way for credible management of elections! Give Malawi credit for investing in education thus an enlightened political cadre bold against intimidation and a youth community that is not used as a tool for violence even when like in Zambia they are the most affected by a hopeless future! Compare the education levels of Malawians to the Zambian politics and make your own conclusions.

  7. Entire ECZ needs to be restructured if credible elections are to be realized. The current crop will just take us back to the drawing board. Kuya bebele.

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