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Home Affairs Challenged to issue a forensic report on who was behind a spate of Market Fires in 2017

Columns Home Affairs Challenged to issue a forensic report on who was...

UPND Media Director, Ruth Dante has called on the Ministry of Home Affairs to issue a forensic report on who was behind the spate of fires that swept through a number of markets in 2017.

In an exclusive interview this morning, Ms Dante said that it was surprising that the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Zambia Police had opted to withhold the report on who was behind the gutting of Lusaka City market, Comes market, Munyaule market and Chisokone market on the Copper Belt despite strong pronouncements from the PF that the culprits were members of the opposition.

She stated that the UPND had not forgotten the excitement exhibited by the Republican Vice President, Inonge Mutukwa Wina who rushed to the media to accusingly condemn the UPND as the party behind the acts of arson.

She said that the UPND would continue demanding for answers on the people behind the fires especially that most victims of the fire lost their lively hood during the inferno and were struggling to make ends meet.

She wondered why the PF made the fire victims register for compensation for the loss of their merchandise but that the PF suspiciously went mute over the issue after allegedly raising funds on the pretext that the money would be channelled to them.

She has since called on the Government, through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to furnish the nation on how much was raised towards the reconstruction of City Market and how the money had been utilized.

“We will keep on reminding you over the report and the compensation for the marketeers who lost their property and capital.” said Ms Dante


  1. These merciless corrupt elements, they burnt the markets so that they could justify the purchase of the 42 extremely overpriced “wheelbarrows” and Amwapeeling museum trucks. Time is catching up with you. It wont be long till HH & UPND come and fix this mess – 13 more months to go

  2. There are a lot of unanswered questions that this Pf govt needs to answer, even the issue of gassing has surprisingly gone quiet.

  3. Pf and lungu were being the gassings , the retual murders , the spate of fires and are behind the massive looting ….

  4. MMD gave us Black Mamba and Zero Option, PF has given us the equivalent of Market fires and Gassing. How foolish it is to lay your net in full of the birds you want to trap

  5. UPND that’s why people always suspect you to be behind those acts .from 2017 you start demanding a report today because you have seen that elections are behind the corner. You want either to start acting the same way or using it as campaign tools

  6. I feel sorry for people like Kampyongo because with all the scandals over the fire trucks, fire and gassing he will have a lot to answer for on court in September 2021 together with KAIZER ZULU.

  7. Do you remember the bweengwa kidnappings , where highly trained UPND commandos kidnapped GRZ journos and pf officials ???

    Do you remember lungu starting to blabber about intelligence information he has of UPND trading militia to destabilise the country ?? Only to raid GBMs gym and arrest youth and charge them for having golf clubs and boxing gloves ? as alleged weapons to attack Zambia defence forces with ……

    We all remember the fires to rock the country and UPND youth caught with Vaseline being charged just before 42/42 …

    Then PF started with ritual killings. Then they graduated to gassings resulting in the murder of 50 innocent civilians….

  8. …….in parrallel to the gassings , the PF thugs from statehouse allegedly uncovered a plot where $1.6 million was confisticated that was to be used to import RPGs and marchines guns to assassinate lungu….the PF even had a suspect ready to confese and implicate HH ….

    However the other part of their scheme which was the gassings was unravelling….with the public suspicious as to why the gassings were only happening in PF strongholds were PF thugs controlled every corner…the PF expected public rage towards UPND did not happen ,instead mobs lynched innocent civilians.
    Lungu was still hopfull that UPND will get the blame and waited almost 4 weeks while more that 50 innocent civilians were killed.

  9. …….as the lynching murders were getting out of controll with grusume murder scenes with victims being burned like in SA shown for the first time in the our history , forigne diplomats warned lungu….only then did lungu call in the art and police to act.

    Seeing calls were being louder to show the $1.6 million confisticated that was to be used to assassinate lungu and speed up the case with the suspect ready to confess , PF hurriedly threw in a nollie in that case.

    We have not heard a word on the gassings ever since……

    The 50 innocent civilians will not be murdered in vain , least we forget and history repeats itself…..

  10. Sometimes best to be quiet when your party and its leader are implicated. We don’t want to arrest him again for treason and be called dictators. We don’t take hh serious anymore because we know he not a threat when it comes to elections and cannot win elections. So we decided to turn a blind eye to his crime. If you want us to go after him please let us know.

  11. Ruth Dante is raising and reminding Zambians of critical incidents that have left un healing scars on Zambian people. We urge Ruth to continue reminding PF government that Zambians lost livelihood, properties, maimed and harassed due to 2017 market fires. Where is the report about investigations that were constituted, Zambians need to be compensated of the loss they suffered and culprits brought to book and tried in our courts of law. In the same vein, we demand that a report be published where more than 50 Zambians lost life due to gassing that went on in the country this year. Some PF cadres and government officials were involved it has been alleged, a report is owed to Zambian people about this calamity and PF government should not be seen to hide in the shadows of covid-19 pandemic…

  12. Mad KZ writes, we should just keep quiet. Zambians deserve respect and answers. How can we forget the pain and anguish unleashed on innocent Zambians, displaced and dehumanised by cadres from a known political party, ejecting from markets hard working youths who did not belong to the PF regime or belonged to any party at all. How can we forget all this, mad KZ

  13. These are issues that should be put on repeat mode to the electorates as we go towards 2021.
    48 houses
    mealie meal prices
    bill 10
    market fires
    in national interest retirements
    fuel prices………etc
    madam rute dante infact remind us on a daily basis till the booth.

  14. Hw many still remember the Daily Nation newspaper’s report of a plane-load of weapons and United States dollar currency notes that was diverted to the Zambia Air Force base in Lusaka? The boxes of currency notes on the plane were reported to uv had name tags of leading lawyers associated with opposition parties. Current Chinsali MP even commented on this report and “sources” in Zambia Air Force confirmed the story.

  15. @ Daniel I don’t have time for baseless accusations. All I ask from you and your tribal leader is that you accept the results in 2021. Start preparing now. If you want sleep with the ballots. Because when those results show, as expected , that pf has won, we don’t want to hear ati n.y.o n.y.o banibela vote badala

  16. [email protected], Chimpyongo, Cheeseboy, & the Real [email protected] know all about the F!res, Gass!ng & other dangerous unsavoury illegal acts commited against innocent Zedians. Whatever happened to “Spax Chimbwendembwende”??

  17. We ALL know it was UPND.

  18. KZ you may trivialize what Ruth Dante is saying but believe u me these things will come to bite u,u dont know wat pipo went thru

  19. Those comments above that say its UPND must submit themselves for a mental checkup because surely had it been UPND this issue would have been put to rest by now and everyone involved behind bars. But because all the suspects were connected to the PF everything is buried. What the PF is doing is more like what people do in money laundering, take dirty money and make it clean money e.g chitotela won’t be prosecuted twice for the same offense even if he did it and chilufya if acquitted no one will prosecute him twice for the same offense in essence these people are being laundered through the corrupt judicial system.

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