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Works on the Kafue Gorge Lower Power station have resumed

Economy Works on the Kafue Gorge Lower Power station have resumed

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says works on the Kafue Gorge Lower Power station have resumed following the arrival of some workers who were stranded in China due to outbreak of Covid-19

Mr. Nkhuwa says some Chinese workers from Sinohydro Corporation the contractor working on the project are in the country following the easing of restriction on air travel.

He says once completed the power station is expected to produce about 750 megawatts to the grid.

Mr Nkhuwa explained that Government is aware of the electricity challenges that people are facing hence the decision to invest in the construction of more power stations. .

He disclosed that the Kafue Gorge Lowe Power station is expected to commissioned by October this year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkhuwa has announced that the water levels at Kariba Dam have been at five point three metres in the last five days out of the needed 13 metres .


  1. @Dokowe, don’t you know that the world is battling with corona virus and that international travel had reduced? HH cannot and will not be president of my country

  2. Too many unending stories regarding dams & electricity. A few months ago we were told it will open in september, which just 2 months away, now ati October. Then quickly they have started slipping in a water-level story. July / August we will hear another story that we have to wait for the rain season to come & then we will be told to wait for rains to finish. After that we will be told again to wait for water to travel from Congo via the copperbelt. That will be 2022. PF is a failed govt indeed.

  3. Oh you mean the one commissioned by RB in 2010 and then was cancelled by that clueless clown Sata only to be recommissioned at a higher cost by the dumb Lungu thereby delaying it by four years and causing loadshedding? Tw!ts.

  4. Great stuff. Let’s get rolling. This virus is here to stay. We cannot put development on hold forever. We promised better power supply and that is what our people will get

  5. The usual story of Chinese coming in Zambia at the pretext of experts. Qualified Zambian technicians are without jobs and Chinese labourers are brought in at the expense of Zambians. A government that can not even assess education levels of these incoming labourers from China. Most of them end up selling chickens and vegetables on the markets, other as barbers on the streets. Surely this is what we term as enslaving Zambia to China.

  6. Zambians do not want stories but
    Actions. When are you commissioning?Has water from
    Victoria falls not reached kariba?
    When will loadshedding end?
    Will it end before elections?

  7. Stale “news” ba honourable minister, it cannot cover up or hide your false statement about all transmission lines in Zambia including Cec and Zesco being common carriers by law. A common carrier only comes by statutory instrument. The sooner you admit your lies and apologise the better for you.

  8. ba minister please kindly stop that issue of smart meters @ zesco has it will ve no effect on the energy deficit the country is experiencing. with zesco its all about allowing consumers to use more electricity if zesco was to ve more money and not restricting consumer on electricity consumption. so ba zesco director please you re not an electrical engineer so consult the energy expert. Due to lack of consultation this why you re biz misleading the nation that cec is reaping off zesco all because of this management style.

  9. Commissioning dates keep changing…early 2020…mid year 2020…now it’s October 2020? Hope it we won’t wait until 2021!

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