Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Working with the dead


Ever wondered what it feels like to work with dead bodies on a daily basis? Kennedy Gondwe has been speaking to a man who does just that – and makes a living from death.


  1. Eye opening. We thank you for the insight. The opportunities are endless in this sector because death is always around us. Diasporans scrounginh abroad come back home and run a business.

  2. Ok Ken this is much better than interviewing kids. That Banda is wise and respectable. But Ken don’t think of dying mudala, you are the 2nd best in Zambia. It is unbelievable that there even investors on funeral parlors, Lusambo should have stayed in this when he was a grave digger.

  3. Respect my friend. You have done great works over the years. You took care of my mother and my my grandmother. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Kaiza

    Ulichipoba sana, who told you diasporas as scrounging. At the moment it’s better being abroad than being lead by drunkard.

  5. Zyoka please don’t bother yourself with a bonafide sad troll, aka fake Kaizar.
    He’s holed up in his British council flat, typing frantically, whilst not taking his antipsychotic medications chapwa

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