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MMD Elects Youth as Deputy National Secretary and launches Young Leaders Academy

Nevers Mumba shaking hands with the new Deputy S.G Gregory Mofu
Nevers Mumba shaking hands with the new Deputy S.G Gregory Mofu

The opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has elected Gregory Mofu, a 30 year old Youth, as it’s Deputy National Secretary.

Unveiling Gregory during a Press Conference, Party President Dr. Nevers SEKWILA Mumba said that Gregory’s election is a testimony that the New Hope MMD believes in the Youths.

“Over 2 weeks ago, We had a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting where we elected a Youth as the Deputy National Secretary. Gregory Mofu please stand so that they can see you. Gregory’s election is testimony that the New Hope MMD believes in the power of the Youth “, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba further announced that the New Hope MMD would field 50% of the Youths in all elective positions during next year’s elections.

“We would further like to announce that we will field 50% of the Youths in all elective positions at Councillor, Mayoral and Member of Parliament level next year. So I call upon all Youths who have intentions of running next year to quickly run to the New Hope MMD”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba further announced the setting up of Young Leaders Academy for Youths who want to run in next year’s elections.

“To show that we walk the talk, we have deliberately decided to set up a 2021 Young Leaders Academy called the New Hope Institute. The aim of the New Hope Institute is to train, equip and mentor the Youths who want to run in next year’s election. Participating in an election is not an easy ball game. Our Youths need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge and have to be mentored”, Dr. Mumba said.

In an interview after the Press briefing, Gregory said that Youths are now ripe for Leadership roles.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank My Party, the New Hope MMD and Party President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba for believing in the Youths by electing me as Deputy National Secretary. This is testimant that the New Hope MMD values the roles of Youths as Partners in Development. I would like to call upon all other Political players that we the Youths are now ripe for Leadership”, Mr. Mofu said.

New Hope MMD Youth Treasurer Mr. Constatino Mubita said that the MMD Youth league is delighted over the election of it’s Youth Secretary to Deputy National Secretary of the Party.

“We the New Hope MMD Youth league are excited with the election of Cde Gregory who was our National Youth Secretary as Deputy National Secretary of our Party. Cde Mofu becomes the only Youth serving in a senior role in the three biggest parties in Zambia. Some of these parties don’t even have Youths leading their Youth Wing”, Mr. Mubita said.

And Mr. Collins Zulu a Youth who is an aspiring Councillor for Kalingalinga ward became the first to register for the New Hope Young Leaders Academy.

In an interview after his registration, Mr. Zulu called upon other aspiring youths to register for the 2021 Leadership academy.

“As an Aspiring Youth candidate for the 2021 General elections, I am delighted by formation of this New Hope 2021 Leadership academy. A number of us Youths have never stood in any elections nor have we ever had any senior politician to tell us what is involved. We have high hopes that this Academy will not only equip us us with the necessary skills and knowledge required to a run a successful campaign but we will also have the rare privilege of being mentored by seasonal politicians who have served this Nation in different positions”, Mr. Zulu said.


  1. One of the things that saddens me about Zambians is this lack of curiosity about knowing wht kind of people the British were as colonial masters. They themselves came from a flawed society that was class-ridden. They were champion slave traders. This is the baggage they brought to the colonies such as Ireland, India, the 13 American colonies, South Africa, Nigeria, the two Rhodesias etc. Wherever they went they took the class system. Where it didn’t exist, they worked to create it because to them that’s the normal order of the things. Zambia was founded on this basis by Kenneth Kaunda and his UNIP government.

  2. How cringeworthy and desperate is this. The youth who rioted are a small minority and most of them are actually coming from relatively privileged background. Don’t think this will help you secure votes. The real majority of youth appreciate the development they are receiving.

  3. People should take up roles PURELY on merit. People always fail to learn from history. Zambia has always had youths in government. UNIP had V J Mwanga, RB, Kebby Musokotwane, Alexander Kamalondo, Ben Kakoma, the two ‘cowboys’ Arthur and Sikota Wina etc. Don’t ever think that youths have not participated in politics in Zambia. Dr Kaunda is the youngest person to ever become President of Zambia at 40. The problem with the youths is that they become so entrenched in a political career that they grow up knowing nothing else but politics and cannot do anything else, hence dictatorial tendencies and pilfering. Let us get people who deserve to be where they should be not because of gender, tribe or age. In Congo, Mobutu was 35, Joseph Kabila in his 20s, when they began to rule, but see where…

  4. All that most of these so-called youth or young people have is the time and the energy before them but certainly not the scope hence the need for academies mentioned. One can only hope they’ll be robust enough to create the necessary balancing

  5. I always get gobsmacked by how in Zambia,
    these days, old men and women aged over 25 years, are now being classed as “youths” …?? Whats the purpose of this regression?

  6. Awemwe……..another day….another party trick!!

    What experience does so called youth have to take that role on? Oh. Training on the job. Ok!

  7. Please, not another cantankerous Chinsali hailing theologian donkey for president. Besides, Nevers is a damn pompous fool bereft of any intellectual abilities, Levy tired the *****ic pastor for nearly sparking a war with Congo! He store furniture from our mission in Ottawa! Damn the thieving fool.

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