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President Lungu directs Minister Vincent Mwale to quickly complete Police Housing in three districts in Southern Province

Headlines President Lungu directs Minister Vincent Mwale to quickly complete Police...

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale to quickly complete the construction of Houses and police stations in three districts of Southern Province.

The three districts are Chikankata, Choma and Kazungula.

President Lungu says he wants the police officers to start using the facilities that are under construction.

He says Government will ensure equitable distribution of development despite the limited resources

The head of state said this when he commissioned Zambia Police Houses in Mazabuka

And Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo thanked the people of Mazabuka for turning out in numbers to witness the commissioning of the houses.

Mr. Kampyongo said despite the Covid-19 challenges, people came out in numbers to support President Lungu during the commissioning of the houses.

Speaking at the same function, Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja said Government’s support to the Zambia police has improved operational capacity and boosted the morale of the officers.


  1. Our police force please don’t be fooled ati balemikulila amayanda. Please defend your nation and not one man. I’m sure you also have families that are feeling the pain brought by PF.
    Get the houses but do him “Donche Kubeba”

  2. This business of directing his ministers, kodi, those Ministers don’t work until they are directed?

  3. @Nostradamus I am told police officers only get K5000, if this is true then they won’t be voting PF.

  4. Every time every week this moron Lazy Lungu goes on weekend he directing so and so to complete an infrastructure project …that should tell you something about his poor leadership and policies or there is just no money for this projects as they were grossly inflated to begin with.

  5. These are the result of PF and Sata recklessly moving administrative centre from Livingstone creating unnecessary expenditure

  6. I don’t think he means well to be president of Zambia and this shows how empty thid man he is.

    If all things were planned as his directives, we wouldn’t have to be subjected to endless directives.

    This man i feel 2021 is too far and i feel nausea the moment i hear about him.

    PF must go!

  7. Mwale should implement the presidecial directive quickly.so that those monze thugs who booled bashi tasi goes in. The police must identiefy them through the footage.

  8. Why can’t we have elections every year mwebantu. Even lazy people have realised that it’s not their mothers farm where they can be eating, drinking and sleeping for nothing, they are voted to work for the masses.

  9. His friend next door in Tanzania is seeing a high speed rail line being built and his country reaching middle income country status ….

    While ifwe our lungu is still looking at half finished houses that started being built 5 years ago…….

  10. @Spaka, he spent more time patronising dictators. It wasn’t by mistake, those were calculated moves. Look at the violence & gassing, tribalism and corruption on a grand scale it didn’t bother him – WHY?

  11. Reasoning and reasonableness seems to always return when its the election year as all the right statements are being made by politicians especially from those in the corridors of power who even stretch extent of criticism as to who among themselves and institutions are considered less effective. The short memory span of the citizenry emboldens these politicians to repeat the same promises that were made to help place them in the offices that they currently hold, the difference for example is while they may have talked about “infrastructure development” the language in issuing promises becomes more voter targeted as “teachers houses” and for the youth facilitation of business ventures through availing start-up capital. What have they been doing all this while that projects have stalled…

  12. contd…… or not initiated as promised? Ah! The pronouncement we do not get to hear is one of gratifying themselves before turning to the needs of the populace and country, by the time they “realize” to address this it’s election time again!

  13. Zekolatu

    Lungu directs all the violence , tribalisim and corruption……he dupes his followers with the humble tag and a bible in his back pocket at the ready , very well….

    If lungu wanted , all violence and thuggery by PF caders can be ended with one phone call……

    but make no mistake about it, lungu is fully incharge of the violence..


  15. The president likes wining and dinning with criminals. Chilufya has been accepted to be in the company of the president immediately he was arrested.

  16. Lungu is copying Zimbabwe ,keep the army and police housed and fed and they will protect you they have the guns we don’t
    collect the people and lock up the opposition and people who challenge him , just like Hong Kong.

  17. There we go again… quickly finish building this…quickly complete this… quickly reopen mulungushi textiles etc etc… elections are nearing and the heat is on. Nothing to Sonta.

  18. The President should forget that bantustan enclave and its primitive inhabitants and focus in areas where people behave like human beings.

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