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GBM calls for PF Mobilisation in Central Province

Rural News GBM calls for PF Mobilisation in Central Province

Patriotic Front (PF) Vice National Chairperson for Mobilisation Geoffrey Mwamba has called on party members in Central Province to supplement the efforts of district structures by mobilizing the party in the region.

Speaking when he met Central Province Mobilisation Committee members in Katuba today, Mr. Mwamba said the key role of committees is to mobilize the party in all provinces to ensure PF wins elections in 2021.

He advised members of the party to avoid infighting adding that they should aim ensuring the party emerges victorious in 2021.

And Central Province Mobilisation Coordinator Andrew Sinyangwe said COVID -19 had disturbed the Mobilisation because of the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

Mr. Sinyangwe noted that the programme for mobilisation will now continue while following the laid down guidelines.


  1. GBM will contuse the upndead in the upcoming General Elections.
    PF 100%
    Patriots 100%
    ECL 100%
    Zambia overdrive 100%.

  2. Failed project – you said your main reason of going back to your vomit (PF) was to dismantle HH and UPND. Have you succeeded? Give us a report iwe chi GBM l. Kuya bebele PF

  3. Thanks GBM for leaving the learners party. On the their party regalia we should start seeing the letter L.
    Ama deads batupesha ukulusa lusa ba kalusa.
    Please ensure that you give him 6. 6 is the land mark figure to remind us of the all time political failure in our land.

    Zambians love PF is the ultimate summation.
    PF 100%
    Patriots 100%
    ECL 100%
    Zambia overdrive 100%
    Ukali ususha iwe?
    Whip the upndead boyz’ buttts!

  4. GBM is not telling us what PF’s campaign message is. Is it high cost of living, high prices, corruption, gassing, high debt levels, poor Governance etc. What has the PF done to improve the welfare of the Zambian people? Voting for ECL and PF is voting for more suffering for the next five years. Who is insane to waste his/her vote this way?

  5. A sign of a successful party is openness in its internal affairs. Our father GBM has noticed where we need to tie loose ends and has advised as such. You will never hear such from upnd because they are arrogant and believe they can never get things wrong. This is why they will never rule this country. Kz

  6. Learner’s party.Why were you praising him?
    Someone is only valuable and useful when in UPND .What a joke

  7. Whn dd PF ever stop campaigning? There should be time for policy implementation and monitoring and evaluation to see hw well u hv fared. In other words, time for real governing not just driving around in 4x4s looking important. Why hv projects stalled? Why hv new ones been started whn there are incomplete ones? Does this matter? Wht are rhe results of past youth empowerment efforts? Where are the Higer buses that Inonge Wina launched as youth empowerment?

  8. It’s not time to campaign. No one will vote for PF. Where ever you go people are fed up they dont want to hear Pf anymore

  9. Ba Kaizer, Dont play with Central province. Mutolipenshabo, GBM, knows how Lenje people are. They are no jokes. keep fooling yourselves. GBM, let Alizona trucks florish . It wont be easy!

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