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UPND MPs are violating the powers and privileges act of parliament by walking out of the house

Feature Politics UPND MPs are violating the powers and privileges act of parliament...

Former UPND Security Adviser Benjamin Kasabi Chipango says UPND Members of Parliament are violating the powers and privileges act of parliament by walking out of the house instead of debating issues and duly represent their constituencies.

Mr Chipango who served under the UPND as an MP for two terms,was district governor as well as member of the central committee says UPND MPs have now become dictators because their decisions are not in consultation with the people they represent in their various constituencies.

He notes that MPs should not be ruled or dictated to by their party leadership but should represent the peoples views in parliament by debating important issues without any due influence.

Mr Chipango defected yesterday and was recieved together with over 850 other members in Kabompo district in North Western Province by the PF deputy Secretary General Madam Mumbi Phiri.

Mr Chipango cited lack of unity, patriotism,love and integrity as his reason for leaving the party saying there is too much dictatorship.

“A Member of parliament is not supposed to be ruled by the party up to the desk of the speaker” he said adding that MPs should instead table the views of those they represent as opposed to walking out but regretted that MPs are doing things as dictators without consulting people who put them into office.

Mr Chipango said MPs should exercise free and mandatory democratic right and should not go against the spirit of unity,independence and integrity


  1. All along what they were doing was just ok but immediately you defect then they are bad. We have seen plenty of your kind.

  2. Bantustan party, it’s like leaving your party and join PF is being a saint not vice versa. If Lungu was boood in Tonga/Mukuni Land who are we not to follow Lungu. That massage will be shared to all non Tonga regions so that we vote accordingly.

  3. Since when did PF MPs listen to the voters? They are rich and the voters are suffering. Have PF MPs even listened to the public that doesn’t want Bill 10? All they want is to stay in power because they are scared of going to jail if they lose

  4. Walking out during parliament debate has proved most effective to discredit PF run parliament so that they lack majoritism in enacting their preferred laws.

    All i can say to UPND mps continue to walkout until this bill 10 fails completely.

    PF must go!

  5. Welcome back to the side of the living!!

    By elections there will be no UPND Members left and this will naturally end the party before the courts decide to deregister/ban them. But let’s face it even if HH was left alone he would still be trying to cause problems! This party needs to be deregistered as soon as possible.

    UPND is a cult of charismatic leadership. His money is all UPND people worship.

  6. Ba patriot Abroad u claim to be a patriot but yo posting doesn’t seem to suggest so. i wonder why u people expose yo ignorance on these platforms why cant u sober up and be objective for once. Be realistic and objective, think about Zambia was it this tribalistic, corruptible, violence which has costed so many innocent people,s lives and many other atrocities we have faced in the past as a country? What kind of a Zambia would you love to leave for your own children and the future generation. Whatever talking we are engaging ourselves in, lets not look at what will make our stomach happy, but wat a Zambia we are building. I will end by just simply asking a simple question to all the blockers on this platform and please spare some time and search yo inner soul with sincerity, If Dr Kaunda…

  7. Does this Chipango know that in Zambia we have a Bill of Rights which allows MPs to boycott Parliamentary sessions if they so desire? MPs can walk out of Parliamentary Sessions as a protest to Bill 10 which they feel is not serving National Interests. MPs just like any Zambians have rights to speak, to protest, to go to Church, School of choice, marry a woman of choice etc. These Rights are Universal and are enshrined in the Zambian Constitution. Mr Chipango is talking rubbish and out of ignorance. He is just an opportunist looking for money from the corrupt PF Party. Mr Chipango should concern himself with the notorious PF Party and leave UPND MPs alone. Mr Chipango should concentrate and eat quietly in the PF sinking boat.

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