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Southern Province Chiefs differ on Bill 10

General News Southern Province Chiefs differ on Bill 10

Senior Chief Mukuni of the Leya people of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts and all the Bene Mukuni says Chieftainess Sekute has no mandate to speak on behalf of Chiefs in the Province.

Chief Mukuni has rubbished the assertions reported by several news media including the National Broadcaster ZNBC two days ago in which it was stated that ‘Chieftainess’ Sekute spoke on behalf of Southern Province traditional leaders, on matters pertaining to the moribund Bill 10.

He said the individual in question is not a Chieftainess but a Princess who is standing in for her father Chief Sekute, who is recuperating from an illness.

Further, Chief Mukuni said it is therefore against royal protocols to purport to speak on behalf of reigning Chiefs and their subjects when one is not enthroned as a Chief and when the Chief of the affected Chiefdom is alive.

He said to that effect, what was reported that Princess Sekute speaks on behalf of the Chiefs in Southern Province that their Royal Highnessess support the passing of the controversial Bill 10 into law is not only false but lacks merit and facts.

“I was in the meeting in which the Republican President His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu addressed Southern Province Royal Highnesses on several matters relating to national affairs, and nowhere in the discussion was it resolved that Bill 10 should be supported or consented by the Chiefs in the Pronvice”, he said.

Chief Mukuni said in order to set the record straight and clear the names of the Chiefs that attended the meeting, the Princess should name the Royal Highnesses who chose her to speak on their behalf in support of Bill 10, whose shelf life as a mischievous tool to cure Zambia’s constitutional ills has since expired.

“As far as we are concerned as Chiefs in Southern Province, Bill 10 is stillborn and buried and no amount of behind the scenes corrupt machinations will resurrect it from its tomb”, he said.

Chief Mukuni said the people of Zambia were not consulted on the enactment of this Bill whose treacherous agenda is to perpetuate dictatorship and the abuse of public affairs.

He said all citizens must continue to stand firm and alert against the monstrous Bill 10 which has been time barred similar to the UPND Presidential petition whose 14 day period elapsed.

“Let the blind application of the law be fairly implemented on both PF and UPND without discrimination.What is good for the goat must be good for the dog”, chief Mukuni added.


    • Why is it that every time senior pf officials visit southern province they will poke fun and plant seeds of disunity? Too bad for the young lady , i thought she was a chieftainess, kanshi she just fail for the pf wa wa wa, Was the Tonga bull statement by the president necessary? Was the prisons boss in order to sound like a pf cadre, what was the whining for, in Australia when they had bushfires, people were heckling the prime minister, a fireman and a young woman refused a handshake from him, kuno that fireman could have been fired in national interest.

  1. Chief Mukuni is an intelligent chief….when he speaks , he speaks facts and to the point.

    Unlike some who write whole history books just to put one point across……….

  2. There is no legislation which has been as divisive as Bill 10. Now that Bill 10 has lapsed the Speaker shouldn’t make a mistake of resurrecting the dead Bill and unilaterally re-table it in Parliament for further debate and vote. The precedent of resurrecting dead Bills will haunt the Speaker of Parliament. Since the current sitting of Parliament ends this Month it would be better for the Speaker to allow the dead and notorious Bill 10 Rest in Peace. Should the Speaker resurrect this Bill its ghost will haunt him for the rest of his life. The writing is on the wall.

  3. You make a lot of sense, and you have spoken for the silent majority. What is good for the goat must be good for the dog. Mwalasa ba Chief!!!

  4. I charge books by the cover. Show us picture of how beautiful that princess Sefuke is for me to agree with her.

  5. When a government engages in traditional matters unilateral, to gain political mileage and cheap propaganda it back fires badly and once the damage is done, further lies as propaganda will ensue – confidence of government eroded and lost from citizens.

  6. Why would Southern Province Chiefs differ on death of Bill 10 which died on June 4, 2021? The Bill cannot be resurrected in its current form and during the current Parliamentary Sitting. This Bill has divided the Nation and should be withdrawn.

  7. Seems, the Princess overreached her place in the hierarchy. She now knows the extent of her authority….or the lack of it!

  8. The late bill 10 should be burried with full military honours so that we are sure it is gone for good

  9. Chiefs should unity not distroy ,will chief mukuni explain to us what is wrong with bill 10. can someone be kind enough to tell us what is bad about bill 10, because all we hear is it bad it’s that and that.point out what laws from bill 10 bad and explain why you think it’s bad….or because there are so many things in that bill 10 so why should we paint everything black.

  10. Chief Mukuni is educated and intelligent. Ati “Bill 10 is stillborn and buried and no amount of behind the scenes corrupt machinations will resurrect it from its tomb”. The Chief goes on to state that the UPND Presidential Petition was dismissed on the basis that 14 days expired and Bill 10 should should now be disregarded becoz it lapsed on June 4,2020. “Bill 10 which has been time barred similar to the UPND Petition whose 14 day period elapsed” should be treated the same. “What is good for the Goat is good for the dog”. These are powerful words from a Chief and we hope the Speaker of Parliament is listening. The writing is on the wall.

  11. Cheap politics. PF what is in bill 10 that you continue asking pipo to support it which we don’t know despite it dead in parliament what is it which you are not telling us, why so much weight on bill 10 why PF WHY? WHAT SECRET IS IN BILL 10 TELL US NOW

  12. That is my only sensible chief in Zambia, others Njala inabachita bad times.

    PF must go!

  13. seems the princess wants to take over the chieftainship through a coup while the father, the real chief is ill and so she is trying to get recognition as a chief through government support by agreeing to whatever they tell her.

  14. Instead of just fueling dissent and anti PF, what really do you want? Honourable Benjamin Chipango Kasabi with over 850 plus UPND members have defected to the PF. What are you not listening to?

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