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Citizens urged to maintain Zambia’s unity and not allow politicians to divide them

General News Citizens urged to maintain Zambia's unity and not allow politicians to divide...

A clergyman has urged citizens to maintain the country’s unity and not allow politicians to divide them.

Bible Gospel Church in Africa Presiding Bishop Peter Ndlovu says it will be easy for the country to thrive when there is peace and unity.

Bishop Ndlovu says youths should embrace unity of purpose and patriotism and avoid being used as tools of violence as the country prepares to have elections next year.

He says the peace that the people are enjoying today was as a result of hard work and sacrifice by the country’s founding fathers.

He also says it is unfortunate that President Edgar Lungu was disrespected in Monze during his recent visit to southern province.

Bishop Ndlovu told ZNBC that the head of state should be respected by everyone .

And a Political Analyst Alex Ng’oma says leaders need to take deliberate measures to ensure that Zambia remains united .

Dr Ng’oma says Zambia is a multi ethnic society which needs to remain united for it to make any meaningful progress .

Dr. Ng’oma also encouraged the young people not to be used as tools of violence .


  1. Zambia will remain divided as long as public institutions and public services is biased towards by one side of the the country.

    We need more inclusion and tolerance in National Affairs.

    Also, the language by Luo and Yaluma and ECL silence is divisive.

    • Yes it will be easy for the country to thrive when there is peace and unity.This is the kind of message we expect from politicians but they are all lost at present. They like dividing themselves and dividing others. They benefit from divisions

  2. @Sikufele, there is another dictator who is silent about the recent happening in Mongu. In 2021 youths should ask politician to send their biological son to do dirty work.

  3. Don’t worry clergy man we shall fix the ethnicity imbalance perpetuated by PF government of thieves and thugs.

    Bally will fix it and don’t worry.

    PF must go!

  4. It’s not politicians that divide them its just the system. Even you clergy are divided are we going to blame politicians or your greed.


  6. Very true and thank you Bishop. You are preaching peace and love unlike your catholic cousins. May God continue to bless you and our great nation Zambia.

  7. Are we capable of having an honest conversation on this subject of peace and unity the way America is having one now, albeit after many years of denial that some people were having a raw deal? Is Lungu’s government even able to listen?

  8. #Kaiza, what kind of advisor are you? Every one can see that if you wave at someone expect them to wave back so if you raise a fist people will respond with their simbols too. Is that the same as attacking a radio station or killing Lawrence Banda? That shallow thing for a political advisor! No wonder your principal could not read the mood and provoked the crowd into booing him! Am sure you advised him to use the term inspecting development projects for politicking…..a political advisor or leader worth his salt would read the political mood before proceeding!

    Even special division should have assessesed the people’s mood before letting the boss be embarrassed!

    So kaiza, it’s not UPND that are violent it’s PF and the impartiality of those tasked to run government.

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