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Condemnation of UPND Cadres continues to pour in

Feature Politics Condemnation of UPND Cadres continues to pour in

Some senior citizens in Kafue district, that include the physically challenged have condemned in strongest terms the strange behavior that was exhibited by UPND cadres when President Edgar Lungu visited Monze District.

Bright Cihame, says the behavior is barbaric and it shows how desperation the opposition is to assume power.

And Erick Chewe has called on the UPND to apologize to the nation over the behavior especially that President Lungu was in the area to deliver development.

Meanwhile, George Jere has called on the UPND to respect the Presidency adding that President Lungu was elected by majority Zambians and any such behavior only shows that the opposition have no regard for the voters.

And a youth James Nyirenda has called on his fellow youths to avoid being used by some selfish politicians whose personal interest is just to ascend to power at all cost.

Meanwhile, Chairman for People with disabilities in Kafue Stanley Musanto has appealed to Members of Parliament to allow Bill Ten to pass because it caters for the needs of all Zambians especially women, youth and the physically challenged.

Earlier, PF Kafue district secretary Lazarous Sikaona appealed to MPs to back bill ten because it means well for every citizen.

And Kafue resident Francis Chipasha said Bill Ten will unlock a lot of opportunities for women, youths and the disabled once it is passed.

Mr. Chipasha also took time to donate football kits to taxi and bus drivers in Kafue before empowering women at Chifundo market with a two-thousand-Kwacha revolving fund aimed at boosting their business.

Meanwhile the New Congress Party President Peter Chanda has urged the Church and Civil society leaders to condemn the behaviour which was exhibited by UPND Cadres in Monze District.

Mr. Chanda says it is surprising that some vocal civil society organization and Church are quick to condemn the PF and mute when it comes to the UPND Cadres.

He says Zambians should shun political parties that want to thrive on violence, disrespect for the office of the presidency.

Mr. Chanda told ZNBC that the opposition should work at uniting the country and not to divide it.

He said this is what the country’s founding fathers fought for .


  1. The booing of Edgar Lungu was expected in the stronghold of UPND. Don’t play blame a game here.

    If Jesus was rejected on earth what about this man who feeds on grain like me?

    PF dimwits must just swallow their pride and understand that we shall form a coalition government with people of Zambians not these thieves in blue and black suits with rotten teeth.

    PF must go!?

  2. Looks like Lusaka Times could not find any real southerners to comment in their story.
    All the usual complainers from eastern province.

  3. This is what happens when you dont allow opposition leaders to conduct political rallies freely where their supporters can freely express their support. Now they take advantage of at least being able to gather freely during the presidents visit to voice their support.

  4. That’s how useless the church in Zambia has become. Its expected from the already useless civil society, but the church must be exemplary but unfortunately, those Bishops are just wolves in sheep’ skin. Very shameful. Look at the stance they have taken on bill 10? I like Mwine Lubemba’s description of the lot on Bill 10. They don’t read and just follow what Aakainde is bleating.


  6. PF are cry babies. What if those people had shouted “pa maka, pa bwato” was it going to provoke all these reactions? They didn’t throw stones at the President. They just shouted their party slogan which normal.

  7. I am not UPND, but my question is what is wrong with the people of Monze expressing their views. Booing of the President is very legal, wake up quickly.

  8. No offence in Monze, all very within the constitution. No issue it all, booing is very common in the civilized world. I know it is new here, so it appears abnormal. If the people of Monze feel that way, they can do it again when the President visits again, it is both normal and legal, so please let know one intimidate you

  9. Let us condemn the gassing of citizens and high theft in government.

    Booing the person that has caused so much misery to Zambians is fully justified.

    Why does Lungu expect to be praised when his work is way below average?

    People have had enough.

  10. Condemning UPND Monze people for what mwebathu. For booing, those are jokes. And who removed UPND material and there after complain of simple booing

  11. PF you deserved the booling because you have allowed only yourselves to campaign and you have banned opposition from doing the same. So meaningful Zambians don’t support PF they have failed to play a fare game. Give chance to opposition to start campaigning also.

  12. So PF were expecting applause for ripping down opposition posters?

    People have not forgotten the tribal hate exhibited by PF ministers.

    Also, why does ECL have an inkling for tribal talk whenever he crosses the Kafue River? Every time he goes there he speaks down of the democratic choice made by voters, that some people will never rule?

    My country is divided. One Zambia, two nations. Sad

  13. I like the caller from Chililabombwe on some radio station today, this is like football, you play well and score they cheer you, you don’t play well they boo you and even ask that they substitute you. So who can cheer the total failure of governance in this country. Economy is on its knees and you want people to cheer

  14. Very unafrican behaviour against our morals and values as zambians. This is why they are cursed and will never rule this country. You know it, I know it, they know it !

  15. The best they could have done was to avoid the streets and ignore his presence. Leaving your home to go booing a leader does not sound right. It’s like booing starts from law makers in parliament. Similar to wanyala by one minister of legal affairs during one TV interview. We don’t just know when to joke.

  16. Those condemning the booing of the “president” are jst hypocrites, let him be told tht things are not okay in this country than pretending as if it’s okay. Him is enjoying frm our sweat, than wht we a going through. Ad we need more of these action, better he resign, than still holding.

  17. During UNIP era kk waz booed during MMD campaign run up to 1991 election.I vividly recall at independence stadium zambia versus Morocco game.
    Who is ECL to KK in terms of credible leadership.Time has come to pack up and go to drink kachasu.

  18. If you expect all people to love you, don’t become a leader! You are better off selling some Ice cream!
    Why do you always want to provoke Southerners?
    When they give you a taste of your own medicine, you start crying foul?
    You always brag that you are winning 2021. Why then did you pull down opposition Billboards?
    There is no issue here. Just nurse your bruised EGOs.

  19. Why is the dissatisfaction of citizens to thier economic plight , which they rightly direct towards lungu , the fault of HH ???

    The majority of Zambians are suffering under harsh tax and economic conditions.

    Just look on Facebook, the number of insults from zambians in Zambia directed at lungu are astounding …….is the the fault of HH ????

  20. No news here, is Edgar Lungu God that he should be ‘respected without question’? For fudge’s sake, Donald Trump is booed more than he is cheered!
    Mu Zambia chabe! This is why everyone in PF supports Bill 10, why everyone thinks Lungu is the best to leave the country.
    And speaking of Bill 10, those disabled people busy saying bill 10 will allow them to be in Parliament are quite thick.

  21. Pono. Nomba aonaula icalo tulemulumba? No. He has to be booed. Let him come to the Copperbelt and we will show him how to boo

  22. Dear Zambians can we be level headed. The police caused this mayhem in monze. Why are the police in monze behaving differently from others in the province. Go to other towns in the province billboards are there and the president has visited these towns. The police in monze did this to discredit the president. Youths are human beings who are feeling the economic heat. The booing is not an issue in countries where civility is upheld. Politicians be mindful of your divisive comments

  23. HH and UPND are not the type that would apologise for the wrongs they commit. Its too much to expect them to do so. Bazafa na NO!!

  24. Koma chababa. The PF can’t get over the fact that the reports of rejection contained in the intelligence files were in full display.

    PF should instead focus on delivering their promises with in the mandated timeframe. Focus on delivering and you may yield the desired results.

    Continue focusing on self appeasement, and you will are the opposition in waiting.

  25. Those Kafue fake senior citizens have nothing to brag about. PF you are quick to condemn, tell us who the PF gasser is, tell us who is the owner of the 49 houses, tell us who burned the markets around Zambia, tell us why retirees cant be paid up to now when Lusambno is busy throwing money any how? A failing president can be booed, so what? Pay retirees at PSPF.

  26. Really laughable…where is the ZAF plane flying to this weekend with the “humble” moron Lazy Egdar? I hope it’s not Western Province as he will go back to State House crying again like a toddler whole week.

  27. Hh should forget about venturing into bembaland. Akaponoka. His silence is making things worse. On facebook and international media it seems upnd cadres were expressing themselves within the law, in Bahati, they will treat it as disrespect and mete out revenge on that tonga boy.

  28. Everything points to failure of leadership in the country in addressing needs of a citizenry harboring pent up frustrations due to being denied rights and entitled freedoms! Governance is not inspiring and laws are being selectively applied with anarchy abetted by the leadership in government and supposedly law enforcement institutions creeping in rapidly! No sympathizer of any party be it one in government or the opposition lacks portions of grudge and frustration of sorts because the country no longer has national leaders but mob leaders! How can the country sink so low into the blame game than finding lasting solutions to the chaos? Bye bye Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Everything points to failure of leadership in the country in addressing needs of a citizenry harboring pent up frustrations due to being denied rights and entitled freedoms! Governance is not inspiring and laws are being selectively applied with anarchy abetted by the leadership in government and supposedly law enforcement institutions creeping in rapidly! No sympathizer of any party be it one in government or the opposition lacks portions of grudge and frustration of sorts because the country no longer has national leaders but mob leaders! How can the country sink so low into the blame game than finding lasting solutions to the chaos? Bye bye Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. For as long as there was no violence, booing can not be considered illegal. Just keep those demonstrators at a safe distance from the Presidential motorcade for security reasons. I also take it that UPND will be OKey with similar treatment next time they decide to venture into so called PF “territory” for as long as it is peaceful, right? Because KARMA is a b!tch….as they say. In the meantime, enough with this GUIT BY ASSOCIATION that Tongas are lumped into. These are just gullible and misguided UPND cadres (just like some PF cadres) with too much time on their hands.

    The other point UPND members should always remember is to NEVER MAKE FALSE EQUIVALENCIES between the Presidency (Edgar Lungu) and Party Leader (HH). The President’s movements and travels (in and outside the country)…

  31. Continue….

    are governed by STATE/PRESIDENTIAL SECURITY PROTOCOLS while HH is considered an ordinary citizen who simply happens to head a political party…..BIG, BIG, BIG, DIFFERENCE. And we can only hope and pray that none of these excited UPND cadres will one day do something stup!d to necitated the full force of the presidential security detail to descend up them.

  32. He hijacked the party from a renown lawyer Sakwiba Sikota and truly speaking he will not pull through.Viva PF and shame to those civil organizations which are paid, they are on the pay roll for what they are doing,Bishops in sheep’s skins pretending to be doing good but not shame on you and soon you will be exposed this Zambia.

  33. Let Chief Mukuni and Bishop Mambo remain mute has this is good to tongas who want hh to be a president of Zambia. Shame on those supporting nonsesnse.

  34. Barbaric, he says. Does he know the meaning of the word I wonder! Booing is now barbaric? Booing happens in Washington DC all the time. Are you saying that is the land of barbaric people? Come on, even if we’re desperate to make a mountain out of a mole hill, let us try and least remain reasonable.

  35. Mwatiyamva, when radio stations wanting to telephonically interview HH in Northern and Luapula were stormed and intimidated by PF cadres, did you ask Chitimukulu and other Bemba leaders to apologise? Stop being hypocritical!!! Opposition are not allowed on ZNBC, they can’t hold rallies and yet Lungu is trotting from place to place displaying that ka fist symbol. Injustice causes people without a voice to express themselves in anyway they can.


  37. @Kaizer Zulu what morels and values, just keep on wiping old people’s asses in the UK.
    You have lost track with reality…go back to Zambia just for one month to get the clear picture.
    Trust me you will feel the burn as soon as your saved up pocket change runs out and your white sneakers get all dirty.

    What a minute you are stuck you can’t go back your visa expired 6 years ago you are scared to leave because you know that once you leave the UK…it will be the end of your wipe ass duty. Grow up brother this is not a video game. It’s real life for some of us.

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