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Lusaka PF Youth Chair Calls for Peace, We will follow President’s Directive to be peaceful

Feature Politics Lusaka PF Youth Chair Calls for Peace, We will follow President's Directive...

Patriotic Front PF Lusaka District Youth Chairperson Clifford Bwalya has urged youths in the country to maintain the peace that the country enjoys.

Mr. Bwalya says youths in the Lusaka District will follow President Edgar Lungu’s directive for them to be peaceful and love one another.

Mr. Bwalya was speaking when he addressed PF youths in Lusaka today.

He said the behavior of UPND cadres in Monze to disrespect the head of state only shows that the UPND does not mean well for the county.

Mr. Bwalya wondered how the UPND will conduct its activities if the PF in Lusaka decides to use its numbers to do the same.

He said Politicians who mean well for the country’s should ensure that they unity the people through the promotional of peaceful campaigns .


  1. Just shut up your mouths, which peace have you advocated for ever since you came into power?

    Your kabova president was booed for his failure to run the economy of Zambia.

    Poverty is increasingly noticeable in every corner of the country. Economy is only improving PF thugs and Edgar’s fellow thieves.

    PF must go!

  2. There have been many instances when you PF youths have gone to disrupt opposition rallies including radio programmes so this is how it feels.

  3. What happened in Monze was WRONG, but P.F are not the holders of virtue when it comes to brutality & trampling on citizens /opposition’s rights, so this should not be happening in Zambia, though 99% of brutal violent acts are perpetuated by the Corrupt intolerant [email protected] Funkutu party.
    All ba [email protected] needs to do is change his Home Affairs Minister from that brutal thug & in his place appoint someone with grey matter, sack !di0ts like [email protected] & then lock up anyone who stones Helicopters, or behaves like the [email protected] in Chilubi & it will be very easy to apply the law & lock up the ones in Monze. Unfortunately what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

  4. Which numbers is this chap talking about, the mysterious 13,000 votes that assisted them to claim victory even with all the benefits of incumbency, he’s indeed living in fool’s paradise. Your overzealous party cadres and police defaced and pulled down UPND billboards on the eve of the president’s visit and you expected supporters to let the matter pass. Besides he’s not the first president to be jeered at.

  5. If peace means no more disruption to radio station interviews; No selective application of the right to assemble; No more PF thuggery or throwing out opposition leaders from Chilubi, Then yes.

    But the reality is the we shall see PF protest without any regards to the regulations.

  6. Try to pretend to be peaceful, as PF caders you have been very violent and caused a lot of damage. Apologize to Sean Tembo for battering him for no reason with your leaders very quite

  7. Very mature response. We wish the upnd savages could emulate this. However, the demons in them are too strong . I have given up praying for them.

  8. The most lawless party in power ever has been the PF. But time will tell, and I am PF but the objective one

  9. Most importantly, President Lungu has called for peace, tolerance and forgiveness. This guy is one of a kind, a true patriot and nation builder. KK through to Sata couldn’t tolerate such nonesense and would have taken ruthless counter-reaction. God bless Edgar Lungu.

    • more like a man with ball, this peace of sh1t is useless as they come… scatter teeth m*ther f*cker

  10. Dialogue is the best,I see the country to be divided if the pf are not careful.in pf they don’t have people who are reasoning well, can you imagine HH phone calls are being disturbed by the pf youths , the party never said anything , today they want to cry loudest as if they are good.Dont treat Edgar lungu as if he is good you cadres that one he is your worker not boss or mast no.

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