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ZRA closing in on fuel smuggling scams

Economy ZRA closing in on fuel smuggling scams

The Zambia Revenue Authority says is closing in on fuel smuggling scams that have already resulted in three trucks being impounded at the ZRA Makeni Enforcement Center.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said the trucks were declared as transit Cargo to the Democratic Republic of Congo by Fedrol Cargo Logistics a Zambian Clearing Agent.

Mr Sikalinda said one of the trucks carrying fuel worth over K1 million was being monitored to appreciate and understand how exactly the scam was happening.

He said after the alert, ZRA officials had to wait for the truck to start offloading the consignment in the light industrial area for them to impound and document the evidence.

Mr Sikalinda said this consignment was declared as transit fuel going to Congo DR but was offloaded in Zambia without paying any taxes.

He added that the Authority has further decided to suspend the Tax payer identification number for the clearing company.

Mr Sikalinda says the Authority is aware of transit fraud that is currently happening and has warned all people involved that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

“We are monitoring the situation and gathering all the evidence to ensure that prosecution in the courts of law is fully successful. The Authority is exploring a partnership with Congo to ensure that information exchange is done on all transits”, he added.

Mr Sikalinda said this will result in all transits declared to be pre-cleared in the Congo before they are allowed to transit in Zambia as part of revenue protection measures for both countries.


  1. Ndipo people will be thrown under the bus apa muzaona. It will be mayhem as the corrupts’ nearest and dearest are sacrificed at the altar of expediency. Elections si munzako…

  2. ZRA, this is not new. This has being going on for a number of years with the knowledge and involvement of some ZRA officials and politicians. Goods ( Containers )declared as transit goods have ended up in wall -fenced Industrial workshops, houses and even on farms.

  3. Immigration is government business as is customs and excise. How do the smugglers drive in the country without going through customs formalities? ZRA has a lot to explain.

  4. Get them! Well done our men and women in uniform. We are fighting crime at every corner. You can run but you can’t hide

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