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People Declaring “No Go Areas” Should be Arrested for Breaching Article 22 of the Constitution-CiSCA

Feature Politics People Declaring "No Go Areas" Should be Arrested for Breaching Article 22...

CiSCA Statement on the Possible Breach of Article 22 of the Constitution

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) is greatly concerned with the non-arrest or censure of people declaring “No Go Areas” for fellow citizens contrary to the provisions of Article 22(1) of the Constitution of Zambia. Under this Article, all citizens of Zambia are free to move and reside anywhere in Zambia, and leave and return to Zambia freely and willingly without interference.

It is disturbing that despite this clear provision in the supreme law of the land, the Zambia Police Service have remained mute, unmoved, and unaffected by such public utterances.

Soon, the country may start witnessing political fights and violence in the so-called no-go areas for others as happened in Chingwere Cemetery in Lusaka yesterday, on 8th July 2020. The police will be overwhelmed with such incidents while hiding under the guise of “still investigating the matter” yet the instigators were left untouched and walking the streets freely.

The trend now emerging of police not touching ruling party officials breaching the law unless commanded or ordered to do so is clear display of the extent of the capture of the institution and the levels of partiality and selectivity in the application of the law. CiSCA calls on the police to be more impartial in the application of the law and arrest those that have openly declared certain areas No go areas for certain citizens in this country contrary to the law before lives are lost.

The declaration of no-go areas by some people associated with the ruling party is divisive and an Act of lawlessness and must be condemned in strongest term possible. We call on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to condemn this unconstitutional declaration of certain places as no-go areas for some citizens, as this has potential to skew the electoral playing field.

Further, some party officials and political commentators’ misunderstanding and misinterpretation of booing of elected political leadership as disrespectful instead of as a form of freedom of expression of dissatisfaction against an elected leader is extremely amazing.

Almost all presidents in Zambia, including the current one, were at some point booed by people when the people got fed up with their leadership deficiencies. It is for this reason that CiSCA finds it difficult to appreciate the hullabaloo that has associated the Monze booing of President Lungu. We also find the demands for apologies for the people of Monze to be misplaced, baseless and unfounded.

God Bless Zambia, God Bless our Nation. Thank you.


Bishop John Mambo

CiSCA Chairperson


  1. All this because a desperate tribal party couldn’t respect the office of the president. The upnd do not realise that there is a big difference when EC Lungu is working in his capacity as party leader and official duty at president. When he is party leader and campaigns are ongoing you can boo him all you want. However, when he is acting as president, as he was in monze, you cannot disrespect that office. These are the repercussions of doing so and we cannot be blamed if certain groups within our strongholds take things in their own hands. Somethings are just unnecessary. Hh has been for many years now inciting violence and then playing victim. He is really a d.i.ck. I hate violence but if I was given the permission to beat some one, it would be this small boy HH. It seems his mother…

  2. Kaizer the only reason you can beat people is because of the political power you hold. Trust me people start giving you a good beating after PF loses next year. Do you remember how Castro Chiluba used to get beaten after the father lost power?

  3. But for the first time I agree with KAIZER ZULU, when the President is acting in his capacity as President of Zambia, please do not boo him, let us reserve the booing for when he is on the campaign trail.

  4. Which constitution is he referring to? PF don’t like the Zambian constitution, they stopped using it in 2016, after losing referendum. Bill 10 is PF constitution.

  5. We shall defend our party president og UPND and PF ministers and cadres must prepare for masd arrests.

    PF must go!

  6. KZ and Patriotic Zambian

    If he , lungu is acting in his capacity as president , why is flashing patriotic front symbols when touring these areas ?????

  7. The question is who will risk arresting them when they are protected?
    And we know what happens when Police are prevented from doing their job.
    It’s a recipe for anarchy!
    We should brace ourselves for hard and cruel times in 2021!

  8. The problem is Bishop Mambo is biased towards the Supreme leader HH of the UPND hence his objectivity is highly impaired…

    P.F are only good in violent behaviour, threats, stealing, reversing development & stunting the economy.
    These P.F G00n D0g’z cannot even pull their weight when in developmental partnership projects with other nations i.e, the Botswana Bridge project, as there’s no opportunity for overinflated invoices & dodgy tenders, BUT come threatening violence & “no go areas” & they are tops!
    Now their smelly hungry Belly Cadres & Chiefs are trying to make Courts of law “no go areas” for anyone not linked to [email protected] Funkutu aka P.F.
    Lastly, P.F.KUYABEBELE!

  10. all those saying this place is no go area for so and so, just sing the national anthem without understanding the words in it.

  11. Which law states that booing must be reserved for campaigns? Kaizer and Patriotic Zambians u are all sick, u need serious psychiatric attention. Booing is a symbol of dissatisfaction, if u are a bad leader you deserve to be booed. It doesn’t matter whether you are campaigning or not you need to know that you are not wanted. Prepare to leave office. Those people didn’t throw anything at ECL they just booed him to show him that they don’t believe in him and his End of term strategy to try and show as if he is working hard. Where was he 4 years ago to start these tours now?

  12. People have the right to boo and this shouldn’t come as surprise to the failing govt that’s on it is way out, the chap they have as a leader is a walking disaster, the chap is dull, careless, useless and doesn’t know how to do his job, he is only good for stealing and drinking and you even have half a man like KZ to advise you, then you are really sick in the head, the [email protected] should just go.

  13. And PF sponsored cadres who keep declaring no go areas are forgetting something. You are being captured on cameras, next year you will dance to the tune of regret. We are patiently waiting for you hand over power u will wish u never appeared in the fore front of your own doom.

  14. I don’t agree with Bishop Mambo but on this issue he is 100% correct…[email protected] Wajimona Bishop Mambo is Zambian…went to school with his son Eddie at Chizongwe in Chipata…..very much Zambians….stop being a kachepa

  15. Spot on!!! It is illegal to make such statements as NO GO AREAS/ZONES. We have only one Zambia

  16. Presidents getting booed when the people got fed up with their leadership deficiencies is alright but being booed just because you are opposing a tribesmate is something else


  18. Very true some people will die because of Lusambo, sampa, GBM and Chisela s instructions to bar their rivals from campaigning in the so called 4 Bemba provinces and Lusaka.The battle lines are drawn so says the PF top thugs and if UPND don’t restrain themselves which will cause them to lose the 2021 elections, then we risk an all out civil war.

  19. @Immy Shobo UPND Is not Tonga but a party for all Zambians. It’s not even tribal! Mind you PF don’t mean well and don’t listen to their failures. Listen to me before it’s too late!

  20. They will not be arrested because they have the blessings and support of Kamwendo Jonathan from Chimwemwe

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