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PF Women Ask Speaker to take Stern Action against UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa


The Women from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Lusaka have asked Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini to take stern action against UPND Choma central lawmaker Cornelius Mweetwa if he fails to apologise for disrespecting Republican vice President Inonge Wina

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, PF vice provincial chairlady Chilando Chitangala said it is sad that Mr. Mweetwa has refused to apologise to the Vice President for issuing derogatory remarks against her on the floor of the house.

She said it was heart-breaking that at a time woman are fighting for 50 percent representation in parliament there are men like Mr. Mweetwa who are making it difficult.

‘ We are aggrieved as women in this country by the remarks made by Hon. Mweetwa against the Vice President, this is at a time we are fighting for 50/50 representation in parliament and other key decision making positions and the men we think can support us are by the ones disrespecting us’ Ms. Chitangala said.

She Mrs. Wina has inspired many women to join politics because of her exemplary leadership style.

‘ The exemplary leadership of Madam Inonge Wina inspired some of us women to be in politics and the speaker of the National Assembly should take this matter seriously because men like Him. Mweetwa are making it difficult for women to be politics,’ said Ms.Chitangala.

She added that women groups should also come out and condemn the conduct of the Choma central lawmaker.

She said there was need for the quick enactment of the constitution amendment Bill number 10 because it will guarantee women representation in parliament.


  1. She must resign and retire at the same time. Ngawangala nabaice neficitwa ufwile ukuba ngomwaice. PF are confused people who do not understand and believe in Democracy. If she feels offended let her resign because no one shall intetain ubufi she is old and very old who must behave like an elderly lady infact in her, people must see maturity and not jokes of lies so that people can respect her at she is pouring out gray matter.

    • I am not UPND and probably will never be. But the truth is that PF caders are a disaster – violent, lack of understanding of issues, lack of objectivity. Sure Mweetwa should apologise for telling the Vice President that what you said that opposition are behind the gassing is not true. So what should the guy be apologizing for

  2. ala kwena banamyo ..what is wrong with you..what happened in parley is for them to clear and sort out not for you to be wasting your time and go to the simply shows how petty you are..shame on can do better..Hon.Mweetwa and Her Honor the Veep are friends and she is the mother..they’s just politics..muleikala fye..sha!!

  3. He should never apologize because inonge was misleading the nation with her remarks. What facts was she basing her answer on? That’s being useless as a vice president. She is a disappointment to women and must resign on moral grounds for issuing stupid answers. Rubbish, if this is what women stand for to support them kaye, mwe they will ruling or leading with emotions.

  4. Ikalenifye naimwe ba attention seeker!
    Sometimes I wonder how these PF chaps would have managed if Sata was in opposition today. They would have been having political diarrhea every day. There is nothing the Speaker will do because there is no issue here! It also depends on how dirty your mind is to misinterpret what someone said. Maybe this lady failed English Comprehension. When someone tells a woman that her thinking is shallow and hollow, it doesn’t mean an insult to the anatomy of women. You should be ashamed of yourselves for such dirty minds!

  5. Ikalenifye naimwe ba attention seeker!
    Sometimes I wonder how these PF chaps would have managed if Sata was in opposition today. They would have been having political diarrhea every day. There is nothing the Speaker will do because there is no issue here! It also depends on how dirty your mind is to misinterpret what someone said. Maybe this lady failed English Comprehension. When someone tells a woman that her thinking is shallow and hollow, it doesn’t mean an insult to the anatomy of women. You should be ashamed of yourselves for such dirty minds!!!

  6. When Mwitwa said “Hollow,” these ladies have taken an anatomical interpretation of the statement. They are not even ashamed to go public with their misinterpretation. What a shame!

  7. Whn such things happen, it’s dialogue that clears the air, not monologue as in this statement from PF women. Cornelius Mweetwa says Mrs Wina’s statement in parliament was not factual. Mrs Wina says she stands by wht she said. Whn facts are in dispute or disputed, only a neutral player can settle the dispute. I don’t know the facts and it would reckless of me to rely on both Mrs Wina and Mr Mweetwa. I however recognize a dispute.

  8. This is real disaster – backing a wrong horse. Kwena baPemFu ni marubbish. She was misleading the house and they want someone to apologise for not agreeing with her. If that is the calibre of women we have in Zambia as leaders then we can just do without them as we move on as men. Just take the heat if you want recognition as men do.
    Atase just because she is a woman nangu ni marubbish we should say – yes yes; matusi!!!!

  9. LT has intensified its censorship of so many views. They’re obviously under pressure from the powers that be.

  10. Mweetwa’s language was not sexist. What are these people complaining about? Are they trying to influence the speaker? They should tell Ms. Wina to be truthful. That was Mweetwa’s concern.

  11. Dr Kaunda used to say ignorance is one of the worst disease. Telling the vice president that what you said is not factual cannot be deemed disrespectful. This notion of thinking that either the President or Vice President are infallible(assuming PF women know the meaning of the word) should come to an end. The Vice President is not infallible please

  12. You cant be serious really? When your fellow woman was undressed at a named gathering did you call NGOs to pressure the president. No you kept quite because you never saw a fellow woman but an opposition cadre, Today you want to cling to the excuse of being a woman when someone was in his democratic right to control the erring VP. Bane Muletusebanya. If this is what we will be expecting from women fighting men for nothing then its better for you not to be in high positions.

  13. Can people be sensible! The issue here is not about 50/50! Our mother lied to the nation, so stop the b$&1@t and stand for the truth. That’s the only way you can’t attain equality

  14. Thank you to our very beautiful mothers. I have never seen a beautiful upnd member.ugly inside and out.

  15. If SATA was around this nonsense was not going to be here TRUE. Someone is not showing leadership. Madam Wina misled the Nation the way she answered. The answer was very shallow and shameful to the people of Zambia. Mweetwa only wanted to find out on behalf of Zambian people who the gassers and the ones behind the burning of markets in Lusaka as promised by the Police to come back to the people of Zambia and announce the culprits behind the two incidences. NO MADAM APALOGISE TO MR MWEETWA for the shallow answer you gave which was shameful or resign since it seems you are tired, time to go and rest let fresh blood take over madam. The PF women don’t read they are blank just making noise and de-campaigning PF further and further more because of shallow minded people in the playing field…

  16. If members of Parliament cannot hold account the executives, then there is no hope for Zambia to live in truth and progress at a good rate. It is unfortunately that the majority PF MPs could not ask the Vice President to answer the questions which Hon Mweetwa raised. It is not only the opposition MPs who are suppose to ask such questions. I am deeply, disappointed with the PF Chairlady to sink so low. Take note that even if the Vice President was a man, he needed to answers the questions asked by honor Mweetwa. Is this a reason why a Lusaka Chairlady want Bill 10 to go through? Doesn’t she understand that women and men in Zambia should be treated the same. This lady is misleading many women. If this lady was brought before God, would she honestly tell God that Mr. Mweetwa was…

  17. “….men like Him. Mweetwa are making it difficult for women to be politics,’ said Ms.Chitangala….”

    Tell that old woman to stop telling lies then……

    for her age she should have been looking at becoming older statewoman

    , but this old cow is full of lies ….and if she is cornered , she claims ignorance…

  18. They are a joke! Just because their party is in government residence number one they can be interfering everywhere! I wonder why they would want to invite bees to themselves as the vice president who without proof accused the opposition for gassing! Losing respect is a choice one makes on their own terms!

  19. The fact that they are all PF women smacks of mere politicking. A woman by the name of Nawakwi from the FDD called the then president Chiluba a “thief”, no MMD woman whined accusations of disrespect because they understood democracy. Our former beloved president was called a “cabbage” by then known opposition leaders, no MMD woman whimpered because they understood democracy. If you follow the issue impartially, it won’t take long before you abandon your misplaced sentimentality. REMEMBER IT IS NOT LONG AGO WHEN DIGGERS NEWSPAPER REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE TO HON. DORA BECAUSE OF THIS PF HABIT OF TWISTING MATTERS OUT THEIR CONTEXT WITH A VIEW OF DEMONIZING THOSE THEY HATE? READ THAT ARTICLE SOBERLY AND TRANSFER THE LESSONS TO MWEETWA VS INONGE VERBAL SCUFFLE.

  20. The collective intelligence of the Zambian people, and in PF in particular is very low. Is it lead poisoning from Kabwe or lack of Iodine in the diet that has brought us to this level of reasoning? What is said in Parliament is privileged. The Speaker can ask the MP to withdraw a statement if the language is unparliamentary. He does not ask an MP to apologise.

  21. So women are allowed to lie and not take responsibility? And besides, lets not be stupid here- this not a woman we talking abt here. This is a Vice President. VP of any country is a VP for men, women, children, the old,the unborn and vp for all the animals & businesses of the land. He/She carries that status. And we pay them on top of that position. Therefore they are our employees….we can talk to them however we see fit thankyou . Mweetwa even put it better if was me, i wud say “she is the worst piece of trash that shd be dumped into the bin urgently b4 the whole country becomes contaminated.

  22. The only thing I see is NO MASKS!

    With how hard Covid has hit SÅ, I suspect there will be very few cadres running around to campaign for our “honorable” leaders next year.

    Let them ramble but people please mask up! Just because you support an individual, it doesn’t make you immune from infection!

  23. THE SAINT: He’s asking Mweetwa to apologize for wht he said on a television show and not wht he said on the floor of parliament. This is wht makes it really crazy. Does the Speaker control wht MPs say outside parliament? He clearly doesn’t. It’s the IBA that regulates wht’s said by broadcaters.


  25. Thank GOD she is nt my mother….cause the thinking of this mother is tht of a…………..will have to support every wrngs vp talks just beacuse women wants representations in August house…

  26. If this is the calibre of women who aspire to be MPs then forget about 50% representation….mau be 1% is realistic at the moment until women with brains stand up and join politics.

  27. When late Micheal Chilufya Sata called Dora Siliya as “Dora siliti- lihule” , where were you? Why do you do what is not right and when corrected you accuse some1 ati alufyanya. Go leave men alone and stay in a seperate world where men are not found.

  28. Holy F**K!
    Are people really this dull in this country that they can’t understand that if anyone makes a wild allegation then that person is a misguided ignorant who deserves nothing than strong condemnation from all sides. It doesn’t matter whether that person is President, Vice President, Pastor, Opposition Leader, or whatever body part that person has, or office currently being held.
    Just because she doesn’t have a male appendage and holds a high political office doesn’t give her the right to right to misinform, lie, collude etc. Actions like hers are part of the problem this country is facing, there’s need to call she said sectarian and disgraceful because it is.

  29. “Shallow and hollow!” I understand your point @ Chikubabe! There are many amongst us that speak in English but are not really conversant in it’s usage! From a sentence a picked buzzword almost always is misinterpreted!

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