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President Lungu Transfers Permanent Secretaries

General News President Lungu Transfers Permanent Secretaries

President Edgar Lungu has transferred Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr Felix Phiri to the Ministry of Defence.

According to a statement released to the media by his Special Assistant for Press and Public relations, Isaac Chipampe, the President has also transferred Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Mr Stardy Mwale to Cabinet Office to be in charge of the Remuneration Division in the same capacity.

Remuneration Division Permanent Secretary at Cabinet Office Mr Kashell Mwenya has since been moved to the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development in the same capacity.

And Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Permanent Secretary Mr Charles Mushota has been transferred to Luapula Province.
The President has wished the Permanent Secretaries the best in their new portfolios.


  1. At babomba,kkkkkk, take out people who are busy destroying the party from ministrial positions like Kampyongo, Sunday Chanda, Lubinda Given, Bowman Lusambo, Tutwa Ngube, Dora Siliya and Nkandu Luo. These have team up to finish PF.

  2. Crooks like Mr Stardy Mwale simply being reshuffled to another department where there is handling of funds so he can steal some more

  3. Now Zambia waits a major long over due transfer in 2021 or perhaps earlier: the transfer of clueless and incompetent ECL and his PF out of government. We are impatiently eager for a fresh breath of governance in Zambia. Now, it is just suffering and nightmares.

    • Awe mwandi we need fresh air. We voted for them but we are choked now, let them go and reflect, whereby you bring down all sectors to their knees and even have the audacity to blame Covid 19 which is very new.

  4. Let them bury their colleague first naimwe.
    Why panic just because of PS death? Start running like mad bees even before burial ??

  5. It’s shameful how virtually are positions are now held by Congolese and Malawians, as though there are no Zambians. This is how genocides start!

  6. Why does the president interfere so much with the Civil service? What’s the role of the public service commission? How about scrapping it if the president wants to appoint Permanent Secretaries? Should n’t the president’s role end with the appointment of his ministers?

  7. Bakawalala beka beka being reshuffled from pillar to post.
    Are the no qualified Zambians untainted by indicipline & gross corruption in the whole nation sure, that King Lutuku [email protected] -1 keeps recycling abena 2turdy Mwale?
    Drunken [email protected] has really reversed not only the economy, but also the tribal balancing K.K worked so hard to instil so Zambians feel Zambian & not affiliated to certain tr!bes.

  8. Reshuffles within eastern province, nepotism tribalism at its best if we’re a Tonga everyone will talking especially the sharp ones from the northern side……. As if they are the owners of everything but just a bunch of thieves now stealing the gold from North Western

  9. I think he has seen these permanent secretaries like to be on top so he as decided to shift them around.

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