YALI scales up Bill 10 education around the country

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe shows a copy of the American Constitution to the Committee
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe shows a copy of the American Constitution to the Committee

The Young African Leaders Initiative has unveiled Bill Boards that accurately explain the provisions of Bill No 10 which seeks to amend the Constitution.

During a press briefing held at Mika this morning, YALI President Ntewewe said his organisation’s continues to engage the public in civic education on Bill 10 for them to appreciate the provisions and intentions of Bill No 10, contrary to what those opposed to Bill 10 have been championing.

“The idea was to simplify the essence of the Bill even to those living in the per-urban areas without access to traditional and digital media platforms,” he said.

He said YALI is targeting high density communities such as Bauleni, Chawama, the communities from Dambwa in Livingstone and that all citizens living along Great East Road, Along Chilumbulu Road will be able to see the messages.

“In Kitwe all those coming into town Parklands area will be able to gain insights on what really is in Bill 10. And all those living in Kapiri including those traveling to the Copperbelt, Northwest, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province inter-crossing the Junction will be able to read and understand the 5 basic important elements of Bill 10,” said Ntewewe.

In those communities, resolving of succession wrangles involving chiefs is important to safeguarding the dignity and honor of the chiefdoms while also promoting peace and development in their communities.

YALI has isolated 15 messages about what is in Bill 10 and the five messages include Bill 10 reaffirming Zambia as a Christian Nation.

“It is only true that once enacted, our Constitution will reaffirm the Christian character of our nation under the supremacy of God Almighty. This will, not in any way, stop other persons from exercising their right to religion and worship because that right will remain protected by the Rights enshrined under Part III of the Constitution and recognised in the revised preamble itself,” he said

Other messages include that Bill 10 will change the current electoral system to a multi member electoral system for electing our members of Parliament. This means that our Parliament will be a multi-member Parliament with guaranteed seats for women, youth and persons living with disabilities.

This proposal is meant to ensure our electoral system lives upto the principles set out in article 45 that require gender equity and representation of special interests groups in Parliament, that is, the youth and the disabled.

Mr. Ntewewe also says Bill 10 will continue to support delimitation of electoral boundaries, thereby contribute to creation of constituencies and wards, where existing ones are too big.

But by introducing a new electoral system, the framers of Bill 10 made it clear that new constituencies will be created, on an equal basis in provinces, as safer seats for women, youth and persons living disabilities.

He said when constituencies are made smaller, it is easier to deliver development as we have seen when districts have been created.

“Bill 10, colleagues, will allow our chiefs through the House of Chiefs to be involved in resolving disputes in chiefdoms, contrary to what you have been told that the President is the one who will be empowered to deal with these issues,” said Ntewewe

The proposed Article 165(3) clearly states that:

“Where there is a dispute in respect of an appointment or election of a chief and the dispute is not resolved in accordance with the culture, customs and tradition of the people to whom it applies the dispute shall be resolved by the House of Chiefs”

Mr Ntewewe also says Bill 10 will increase the days of hearing a presidential petition from 14 days to 30 days. This will afford ample time to those who lose an election as it happened in 2016 to present their petition to the court and for the court to determine the same.

“In fact, the Judiciary which includes the judges who hear these petitions were of the view that the petition require a minimum of 45 days for the court to dispense justice by hearing and evaluating the evidence. So this is good for all parties in an election rather than those who are already in government”


  1. Actually it is misleading to imagine that a chieftaincy wrangle involving intricate customs and rituals can be resolved by a collection of Chiefs from all over the place. Remember how those shilubemba dug in when their anointing was threatened? Be careful with that Bill 10. While the real thing being pushed forward may go through you will not handle the fires you are lighting in the process.

    • Those against bill 10 should upgrade their campaign by going door to door and dropping leaflets by helicopter, by hand, by lake, by road, this bane is slowly turning into semi referenda.

  2. Why all this desparation to have Bill 10 enacted? Makes one wonder. Good things explain themselves but if you go an extra mile to explain something then know it is not good at all. To YALI, stop wasting time and making places dirty by your posters. To YALI members and particularly your president, please you are young…get yourself a job. If you dont have qualifications, I suggest you stop this nonsense and go back to school.

  3. Bill 10 will only do good to those in the PF only. If I may ask will government allow the opposition put up bill boards that stress out the dangers of enacting bill 10 into law? The answer is no and this should show just how polarized bill 10 is. There is only one sided information that government is preaching and will not allow divergent views on bill 10.

  4. YALI, nice job. At least truth is now beginning to come out. You should have done this from beginning

  5. So those Laura group printed T Shirts, placards and all, they didn’t see anything wrong with that education. Whether Bill Boards or T Shirts, the intention is the same: educate the public! Well done YALI

  6. Thats called freedom of expression. Why are people scared of freedom of expression now that it’s done by YALI? Hypocrisy in Zambia

  7. Bill 10 is dead. Forget about it and concentrate on 2021 elections we don’t want to hear that elections will be postponed because of Bill 10. Malawi voted clean without Bill 10 or Corona ntweno. Every time excuses why?

  8. Akainde and a bunch of his brainwashed media team are insinuating that the bill boards are being put up by government. Ubufi ba shetani

  9. WE had the third term proponents(Zulu guys), We had Rupiah call boys (chanda Chimba, Siulwapwa) Now we have the Lungu chaps( these chaps talks as if Zambia will lose its sovereignty when Bill 10 is not passed…) Ntwewewe , I am told is a Jehovah Witness…… or maybe he has been disfellowshipped………. Zambia politics very disheartening………

  10. Bill 10 is bill 10, just that. Ask Lubinda,. he will tell you just that. Don’t mistake the Nakachinda select committee recommendations for Bill 10. The two are miles apart. Recommendations from Nakachinda et al will only be included in the bill after the bill has passed, and in the third stage or as they say, third reading. Implication being that the Government/Minister still has the discretion to include all the recommendations from the select commitee,or, some of them, or exclude all of them altogether. At this stage, no chance to withdraw the bill exists whatever happens. So, why take a risk? Bury bill 10 forever and ever. It’s dead and dusted. It’s illegal at law as it has lapsed. YALI please find something else to do.

  11. YALI is minting big time!
    Even Ntewewe knows that we don’t need Billboards to understand what Bill10 is about – it’s about PF survival and not the citizens.
    It’s “Sebana wikute!”

  12. Where did you suddenly get so much money. We know who is funding you but hope they are not picking from GRZ coffers or else you will be made to pay back.

  13. Was the billboard not enough to add what the other clauses mean as well? Or is the PF puppet trying to tell people what they want people to hear and not what people should know. Half truth is no truth

  14. YALI has no business advertising a constitutional bill, isn’t this a non-governmental organization trying to be governmental. Why waste so much money in a country full of poverty. PF’s time is coming to an end no matter what tricks they’re trying to play. I hope they can realize that and start packing. Tricks and bribes can only last you for so long

  15. Bill 10 is done and dusted. The good can not be advertised by bill boards. YALI can put up bill boards all over the country or even print T-shirts, Chitenges, Caps and so forth but its a waste of time, Bill 10 will not pass through. These chaps have turned cardres as well, too disheartening.

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