Sunday, July 21, 2024

Beating of Police Officers by PF thugs at Central Police Shows We are Finally a Failed State


By Patrick Mucheleka UPND Deputy Secretary

The PF hooliganism and thuggery in the country keeps breaking news records with the recent incident being where their thugs beat up police officers right at one of the biggest police stations in the country.

Not even the once powerful UNIP vigilantes that terrorised citizens during the one party state reached this level of violence and thuggery of beating law enforcement agencies right at their premises.

As UPND, we have been at the receiving end of this PF thuggery resulting in some of our members even killed in cold blood by PF thugs, yet law enforcement agencies have done nothing up to now.

And we have repeatedly warned that violence has no end once it starts and encouraged by those in authority because one day they will equally be victims of the same.

We knew it was just a matter of time before this PF thuggery degenerates to such levels because it has been tolerated for a very long time now.

There are numerous incidents with video and photo evidence of PF thugs invading premises and beating up innocent citizens, such as what happened during the live TV Bill 10 debate at Intercontinental Hotel, yet nothing has been done to date.

We are also reminded of an incident during the Sesheke bye election when PF thugs invaded a police station and attacked police officers. But instead of promoting the police officers who repelled the PF thugs, the officers were themselves hounded out of the police service.

With all the powers that have been given to these PF hooligans where they have placed themselves above law enforcement agencies, what could stop them from raiding a police station and clobbering police officers?

It is now clear Zambia is finally a failed state because if law enforcement agencies cannot deal with perpetrators of such heinous crimes, where will ordinary citizens run to for security since police stations are equally not safe?

Where is the security of this nation and that of ordinary Zambians if police officers can be clobbered at the police station and then the assailants manage to evade arrest?

Can you imagine if these were UPND members who did such a thing.


  1. Police know wht to do. They’re the same organisation that worked well under a more efficient and effective commander-in-chief , the late LPM and inspector general Ephraim Mateyo. Why is there a different result under a different c-i-c?

    • The police can’t do nothing because they don’t want what happened to their colleagues in sesheke to happen to them.

  2. If you sow lettuce, please. NEVER expected to reap or harvest tomatoes!
    President J0n@ Ch@k0lwa was a certified Kachasu alcoholic & professional thief /embezzler, who without an ounce of shame /empathy embezzled a Widows cash, throwing her to the wolves & in the process leaving her high, dry & hungry.
    So whoever put this drunken Charlatan who used to drink in Kachasu dens, @ Kapoche & Weluzani bars in Chawama in power, should answer for the mess our economy is in & state sanctioned thuggery we see in Zambia today.
    It would have been cheaper for the whole nation of Zambia to pay J0n@ U$D 1 Million, not to take up the leadership & let him continue drinking himself into oblivion, as the cost of having this visionless corruption loving goon as President is costing Zambia Billions of U$D…

  3. PF is laying ground for 2021. This is just a preview. A warning to police and opposition. Ati mukaponokwa. But people get fatigued and it will get bloody.

  4. We are not a failed State Mucheleka. It’s only the Zambia Police who are a failure.

    Do not insult the Head of State, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He commands all forces including the Police who were recently clobbered by our cadres.

  5. Kudos , kudos ….


    Where did UPND clobber police ???

    Hehehehehe ,

    You are sounding mad now, we told you , lungu is a disaster for Zambians…..

    You ain’t seen nothing yet……

  6. Lungu is setting the stage for 2021…….

    He is making it clear to police and Zambians that his paid PF thugs are a law unto themselves.

    Boy , is 2021 going to be bloody…..

    Luckily enough the world will be watching.
    That is the only thing that can save Zambians from his thugs.
    Especially IMF has denied him funds to pay his thugs and bribe others …….things will get nasty and bloody.

    Lungu knows he has 50/50 chance of winning through violence and his thugs.

    We know he will deteriorate the situation so bad when it becomes clear to him that even violence will not work that the only option left for zambiansis to negotiate safe passage for him and his stolen loot, other wise he will burn down Zambia.

  7. Extremely unfortunate incident. Caderism is definitely going out of control. This situation requires immediate attention from the Presidency as he is commander-in-chief and president of the ruling party.

  8. The man is indeed a mess and a liability to Zambians. The earlier people wake up from their slumber and see what his agenda is the best for that country. He wants to imitate Mugabe but he will fail. I see him out in 2021.


  10. Those who doubted about lawlessness in our country must see degraded Zambia has become.

    You beat police officer at his / her workforce is the worst sort of lawlessness ever heard in the history of Zambia.

    PF must realize that the same police you’re abusing today you may need him/her tomorrow.

    PF must go!

  11. In my life, I have only heard such incidents happening where there are insulgents or terrorists fighting a central government, and not this madness where the rulers who command the police, and command their party thugs, allow the thugs go to a central police station and beat up the police and not even a word from their rulers or even their commander in chief! This has never happened anywhere on earth. I guess the PF are truly renegades and real modern outlaws in this 21st century.
    I am totally at a loss. Perhaps MR Sangwa our only outspoken Constitutional lawyer will come onto Facebook to update the country about this national legal madness we have fallen into because of having a visionless leader in Mr ECL and his confusion loving PF.

  12. This is when you are knowing. Its been a failed state for quite some time now. What we are now witnessing are indigestion results of the whole thing

  13. This has very little to do with the President but the Police themselves. The Police should not be shielded from their incompetence. How do they allow cadres to dominate them? Did anybody expect the President to rush to Central Police to protect the Police? Let’s hold State Institutions accountable rather than always rushing to try to make political capital on the Head of State.

  14. Zambian Citizen @7, something strange has happened. U and me hv agreed on an issue. Wht has changed? It’s a no brainer; PF cadres hv crossed the Rubicon and even Zambian Citizen is concerned. Here’s a straightforward party matter and even Sunday Chanda who fails to distinguish party and government matters, this time has decided that silence is golden. Well done Zambian Citizen. U hv an inner voice that u’re tangling with. U hv made my day. If I knew where to find u, I would hv dropped in on u to shake your hand Covid-19 style.

  15. WHO DOES THAT?????
    2021 IS TOO FAR.

  16. adviser 

    “…This has very little to do with the President but the Police themselves. The Police should not be shielded from their incompetence. How do they allow cadres to dominate them?…”

    The police can’t do anything against PF thugs , look what happened in sesheke , the comand got sacked for defending citizens from the same PF thugs.
    Lungu saw to it that any police defending against his PF thugs gets sacked.

  17. wow @Zambian Citizen: simply great! can’t wait to see you lead our great nation.
    Zambian Citizen is a great leadership we deserve.
    Where is NJIMBU?

  18. Tamu lati……..

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    The country will become a battle ground when it becomes clear to lungu and his gang that even violence by his thugs won’t save them…..
    You are looking at the next Congo.

    To stop the PF thuggery and lawlessness , lungu will be looking for a negotiated settlement to see safe passage for himself and his thugs, with their stolen loot.

  19. @Spaka: “Lungu is setting the stage for 2021…….He is making it clear to police and Zambians that his paid PF thugs are a law unto themselves. Boy , is 2021 going to be bloody.” I wish more people could see the danger we are in. Unfortunately we have a leader who couldn’t care less if Zambia degenerates into a bloodbath running up to elections- as long as he remains president. Any other president would have immediately addressed this with the urgency it deserves. Not this one. Not even a press statement from Statehouse. He has escalated from dog whistling to now sending direct, physical messages.

  20. I suspect Njimbu to hv been nabbed in N-W province during the recent mass arrests of iilegal miners of gold. Had he been a free man he would hv weighed in with his thoughtless comments. B.R. Mumba has long since given up.

  21. Emmerson Munangagwa in Zimbabwe is finding it very hard to govern the country effectively after working very closely with Robert Mugabe ruining a once prosperous African country with a first-world agricultural industry with secondary industries dependent on it in towns. Today these industries hv disappeared and poverty is everywhere. The politics in Zimbabwe hv become extremely toxic with low trust in government and its institutions. Same fate might await us if we’re not sufficiently vigilant.

  22. How true is this story?Jay Jay Banda is around (at least by his face book posting) and no one is arresting him. Why is he not being arrested? He is not as powerful as those who have been arrested before. Where is statement from the police on this incidence?

  23. PF thugs, firmly incharge, they are above the public order act, they climb on top of busses and cars to welcome their leaders at airport with both RATSA and traffic police rendered toothless to enforce the road safety act, they can beat Sean Tembo an opposition leader right in Lusaka with no reproach, they can routinely at every election stop opposition helicopters landing in Shiwang’andu and stone them without any arrest, they can raid and disrupt a chibwela mushi ceremony in Chongwe, they can raid radio stations at will with nobody stopping them, they can insult Kambwilis parents on video in Luanshya with no arrest whatsoever, a cader minister can just wake and threaten an opposition leader with declaring no go areas, they can slap a justice minister at will. Zambia my beloved country…

  24. PF caders beat Police in Sesheke
    PF cadres on bus roof tops going to the airport disobeying road safety act
    PF caders assault opposition leader Seun Tembo
    PF caders attack radio stations in Muchinga province
    PF caders attack HH at a radio station in Ndola and HH escapes through the roof top
    PF caders stone helicopter carrying opposition members in Shiwangandu during elections
    PF caders disrupt and grab food from Chibwela mushi ceremony in Chongwe
    PF cader slaps Roan MP Kambwili at parliament
    PF caders in a video insult Kambwilis mother
    PF caders slap Justice Minister Given Lubinda
    PF caders storm Lusaka central police and clobber police officers
    PF cader named in the gassing in Chingola
    PF caders and Police remove HH billboards in Monze before President Lungus Visit…

  25. In the first place Zambia Police are useless. They just lost a battle to a faction of themselves because they are PF police. They work for Lungu not for the people. They work for PF ministers like Lusambo, Dora, and Kampyongo.
    That’s why they can’t arrest Tasila when she has fenced off state land. Zambians these police they are part of the political enemy! They do nothing but enforce PF orders

  26. FF, police can be professional if the commander-in-chief allows them to be. They very well know wht to do. Wait till a new commander-in-chief who allows them to be professional takes over one day. U will see the difference and if u’re the type driven by fairness, u will come to this site to confess your ignorance.

    • Bushe kanshi finshi mulelanda ba Nemwine? Confess your ignorance of what? You are only saying what Iam saying in different words. We cant have a Police force that is only professional when the President allows it. That means they don’t know what to do. A police force has no allegiances to people but to the law. Didn’t you follow what happened in the US when Trump tried to draw the army into partisan politics. The army chief had to apologise to America for having been misled by the President. We need a police force loyal to the law not to a political party. That will only happen when we all claim our constitutional rights and duties.

  27. Chamu 

    “….. I wish more people could see the danger we are in…..”

    Zambians should be afraid , very afraid.

    From the once peacfull beautiful country we once were before lungu to a country where innocent civilians are lynched and burned in our towns by fellow Zambians while police and the president watches……

    This sad occurrence under lungus watch is the darkest time in our post independence history and should give the doughters an idea of where we are headed with the humble one lungu…..

  28. @Nemwine: as much as I don’t support caderism, changing GRZ or leadership is not the solution. Upnd equally have a huge horde of violent bantustan savages who would emulate their predecessors if they assumed office, they would even be worse as they would incorporate tribalism in the mix!! Caderism is not a PF problem as it has its roots in the UNIP era through MMD and wouldn’t stop with upnd-William Banda, the OC (original cadre) is still active as hakainde’s advisor!! The solution lies with us citizens, through our representatives and our unity, support the GRZ of the day and pressure them to change the system through strong and new laws that will outlaw caderism. Reform of ZP is now more urgent than ever, not regime change.

  29. It’s so sad that we have reached this stage. The only way this can change is to vote PF out. We need to save our country

  30. If as a police station you can be beaten by mere members of society, then you need to rethink your hiring and training strategy. How can people who are being beaten protect the country. Those were just disgruntled youths attacking you.

  31. When we tell you that Zambia is being run by an organized crime syndicate, you think we’re exaggerating. Lungu was a known crook and conman who had swindled a widow out of her hard earned money. That alone should’ve disqualified him from occupying the highest office in the land. If you employ a well known serial bank robber, as a manager in your bank, should you be surprised if he starts embezzling funds ? Heck that’s his nature. Lungu knows deep down his heart that he’s not qualified to be president, and never was. Coming from a background of poverty, he just saw this as an opportunity to amass a fortune for himself, by any means necessary. And he has succeeded in corruptly amassing that wealth. What scares him though is the possibility that he may lose the election next year, and…

  32. … that may mean getting arrested and sent to prison for all his criminal activities whilst in office. That’s why his resolve is to hold on to power by any means necessary. BILL 10, which has been nothing but a plot for PF to remain in office indefinitely, doesn’t seem to working out, as the majority of Zambians have rejected it. So the only option left for this PF crime syndicate boss is violence. There’s going to be an increase in violence as we head towards 2021. Brace yourselves, fellow Zambians, as Lungu tries to evade the long arm of the law by any means necessary. He’s going to unleash his thugs on the Zambians, not even the police will be spared.

  33. They were sponsored by Akainde as part of the big plan to embarrass Government. Pick one or two and put them pakampelwa, you will get all the gist

  34. PF is a violent party, do you remember when Kaizer Zulu young brother also beat up a police officer and nothing happened.

  35. I care less about the beating the police got, good for them. A parent who condones behavior of an unruly child deserves no sympathy when such a child turns on her or him! The police have been petting the PF cadres through and through in their abhorrent ways and laying their heavy hand on the opposition to pay for sins they never commit and always ready to point an accusing finger on the opposition even when facts point to the PF! However I feel pity for the officers who actually receive the beating because the decision makers are in the higher ranks protected by the lower ranks! Violent PF cadres and their leaders are sending a message that they determine lanes for the police!

  36. There is no respect for the law and the law enforcement officers. It is high time the president pressed for the arrest his party members who attacked the police officers to set the record straight and serve as a warning to those in the habit of disregarding the law. If this mess continues we really in trouble as a country. We cannot simply have cadres disregarding the law with impunity. PF have a chance to show good leadership and direction on this issue asap!

  37. What can I say? The PF has been a crime syndicate ever since. Some of those guys have blood on their hands. How can a mentally functional Zambian forget how Lusambo and Jean Kapata ganged up to beat up Kambwili at Parliament? Then you say, our humble leader?

  38. Easterners sense the wind of change last but once assimilated they become extremely violent repressive cadres. The history is there William Banda & a former President assaulted Kapwepwe in the 70s. The MMD was civil until FTJ attempted 3rd term. LPM corrected the situation until a former cadre rose to the highest office. But this! Beating and robbing cops at Lusaka Central Police. I have never seen in my entire life. Guess where both the cadre culprit and ba mwine come from. We need to start talking about tribalism openly. It exists. We need to address it frankly and aggressively

  39. Easterners sense the wind of change last but once assimilated they become extremely violent repressive cadres. The history is there William Banda & a former President assaulted Kapwepwe in the 70s. The MMD was civil until FTJ attempted 3rd term. LPM corrected the situation until a former cadre rose to the highest office. But this! Beating and robbing cops at Lusaka Central Police. I have never seen in my entire life. Guess where both the cadre culprit and ba mwine come from. We need to start talking about tribalism openly. It exists. We need to address it frankly and aggressively

  40. @Spaka: cadres were banished under LPM?? Only a diasporan bonehead believes such!c stories. Garden House land grab happened right under Mwanawasa’s nose, Bowman Lusambo as a violent MMD youth was prominent during this time, Benny Tetamashimba the prominent cadre was very close to Levy himself etc etc. Caderism is not new under PF, it has existed since Nkumbula’s ANC whose tribalist savages almost killed UNIP’s Mainza Chona.

  41. Who did Benny Tetamashimba ever beat? He was outspoken and that was it. Garden House land grab was after Levy’s death. William Banda beat no one under LPM. No one knew Bowman Lusambo under LPM. William Banda tore Magande’s jacket at Chibombamilimo’s funeral during the transition to RB after LPM’s death. That was his first sign of violence after returning to Zambia from Malawi. William Banda’s deportation was revoked after representations to LPM from his UNIP friends. Instead of rejoining UNIP, Banda chose to join MMD as a sign of appreciation for LPM’s gesture to allow him to return to Zambia. Banda said these things in an interview with the press.

  42. Nemwine: as I said, you diasporan boneheads have your own version of the country’s history. You seem to know more than us who lived here the whole time. You seem to want to blame all the bad things LPM did on RB but forget that while you hate and call RB corrupt, it was Levy who personally chose and went to seek out RB out of everyone else-how did a clean and corruption-free president pick a corrupt successor; two birds of the same feather flock together??? Or RB was just a victim of a vile cabal of political opponents who lied to us??

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