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Known drug trafficker and cartel leader operating in Chibolya Compound Arrested


The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested Moses Chishimba Bwalya a known drug trafficker and cartel leader operating in Chibolya Compound for trafficking in over 40 grams of cocaine, contrary to Cap 96 of the Laws of Zambia.

Moses Chishimba Bwalya, 35, a Businessman of Obama Compound has been arrested for trafficking in 43.08 grams of cocaine.

According to DEC Deputy Public Relations officer Mwenge Mulenga,the suspect is a known drug trafficker and cartel leader operating in Chibolya Compound in the distribution of cocaine and heroin.

“The Commission so far has arrested a number of runners that are connected to this cartel but the ring leader has in most instances been eluding arrests” Mr Mulenga explained in a statement made available to Smart Eagles.

Meanwhile, Mr Mulenga said the Commission conducted a special operation in Central and Muchinga Provinces and arrested ten (10) people for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 43.19 tonnes and trafficking in 76.20 kilograms of loose cannabis.

He said the operation was conducted from 12th July 2020 to 15th July, 2020 in Chitambo District (Central Province) and Lavushimanda District in (Muchinga Province).

Mr Mulenga said all the suspects are in police custody and will appear in court soon.


  1. Let the law takes its course.drugs are an evil in our society. Let this be a lesson to all those currently partaking in this evil activity

  2. Who uses cocaine and heroin in chibolya compound? I thought they need money for maize meal! Can they afford heroin? Or there some big fish elsewhere!

  3. The big drug dealers on street are free and chibolya drug dealer arrested.Big fish go scotfree even
    In courts.

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