President Donald Trump meet Zambia’s Ambassador to the USA, Lazarous Kapambwe

United States President Donald J. Trump has met Zambia’s Ambassador to the USA, Lazarous Kapambwe at the White House in Washington D.C.
United States President Donald J. Trump has met Zambia’s Ambassador to the USA, Lazarous Kapambwe at the White House in Washington D.C.

United States President Donald Trump has met Zambia’s Ambassador to the USA, Lazarous Kapambwe at the White House in Washington D.C., and reiterated US support to Zambia in fighting the COVID-19.

Ambassador Kapambwe took the opportunity to brief President Trump how Zambia is dealing with COVID-19 as the US President asked about the situation and how the country was dealing with the pandemic.

“Among other things we discussed, President Trump assured me of continued cooperation with Zambia in the fight against COVID-19. He reiterated the United States support in fighting this pandemic,” Ambassador Kapambwe said adding that he took the opportunity to thank the President for the US assistance to Zambia.

Washington and Lusaka have for generations enjoyed long lasting and strong relations with few parallels on the African continent.

The friendship dates back decades to Zambia’s independence in 1964 when the country’s founding leader, Kenneth Kaunda, found in the United States a genuine, willing ally and set the stage for a long-standing partnership.

President Trump formally received credentials from Ambassador Kapambwe, in the Oval Office at the White House Credentialing Ceremony Friday July 17, 2020.

He officially received Ambassador Kapambwe credentials on 8th April 2020 during which he expressed his Government’s desire to deepen the “strong and abiding friendship” between Zambia and the United States of America.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in Washington DC Eric Mwanza.


  1. Musinkhu wa ambassador nibvuto. Pepena – Trump is just too tall.
    I hope its true Trump does not believe in COVID-19 or Kung-Flu as he calls it.

  2. That is how we do it. All the haters in diaspora and opposition, ichi konko. Haha. Some one hold them

  3. I find this picture bogus ….. since the Covid trump doesn’t stand this close to any “foreigner” … I strongly have my suspicions

  4. Diasporans can do better diplomacy than waiting for months before recognition. Diasporans trained, work, live and have craftly adjusted to the culture in the west of corruption free, hard working ethics and progressive moral values of decency and freedom of expression and assembly. We intend to replicate these values for the betterment of all Zambians at the right time in the near future.

  5. Diasporans would make better diplomat than some of these….. forgotten for months and in a come-up reminder recognised. Diasporans have trained, work and live in the west where they have crafted themselves effectively with GOOD western cultural values of hard working, decency, corruption free, commitment to work-ethics which is missing in Zambia except what is there for me through corruption and cronyism. Diasporans also remit huge financial resources back to Zambia accounting for a third income generation to Zambia. Diasporans would communicate better to the west which would make them more effective as diplomat. Any serious government would appreciate this advice unless otherwise.

  6. Kaizar Zulu 

    “..That is how we do it. All the haters in diaspora and opposition, ichi konko. Haha. Some one hold them… ”

    Yaba……this desperstion to be recognised and look relevant by PF

    …..trump most likey does not even a country called Zambia exists. That is just a photo opp with many more waiting in line to be sworn in……

    Uhuru kenyatta and other african leadets have met trump, not your ka lungu….

  7. Zambian Ambassador looks too short.lets put height as one condition to be met for one to
    Qualify as Ambassador. Height
    Makes people respect you.

  8. Ambassador Kampambwe is one of the finest Diplomats that Zambia has produced. He is well informed and articulate. I have interacted with him and he is simply a warehouse of diplomatic skills and tact. He enjoys immense respect from fellow diplomats and he also has polished inter-personal skills.

  9. It honestly can’t be that literally all appointments are only for Bembas and Nyanjas. This is the vile stupid tribal bigotry that had led to civil wars in many African countries before. One thing Lungu and his tribal cabal must know is that Lundas, Kaondes, Luvales, Lozis and Bantu Botatwe are watching all this. Mark my word, it won’t be long before we split this country into two right along the line of rail, enough of this stupidity!

  10. Where are all those from UPND that made so much noise about his appointment while he was waiting for US State Department clearances.

  11. Lungu is not from Eastern province – he neither speaks any language from the east nor have any connection with the east. Lungu from Northern province probably.

  12. Congratulations to ambassador Kapambwe, we will support him to help him in his work for us.

    All the hilarious, UPND Cadre ‘sour grapes,’ (schadenfreude), comments are as expected. Well, we’ve seen it all before. First they say one thing, “USA, refused his appointment,” now they say another thing, “he’s short.”

    Honestly, can’t lose graciously……….please practice dignity!

  13. Where has Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula, been taken?

    Thought he was the one serving as Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S??

  14. Ngosa Simbyakula is in New York as permanent representative to the United Natiions. Him and Kapambwe swapped roles

  15. We need to see Kaondes ,Tumbukas and other smaller tribes given similarly high profile appointments .

  16. Where is Harry Kalaba? I remember him lying to us that the Zambian ambassador was expelled in retaliation for expelling the arrogant US ambassador to Zambia.

  17. This ambassador is not fit to be our representative in the US. He is too short. He should have been in Frederick Chiluba s government

  18. He forgot to tell Trump how stealing was going on and how thieves were getting steel wall protection from their master Jonathan .

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