Vice President and Speaker leads MPs in COVID-19 Mass Testing at Parliament Building

Vice President Getting tested for COVID-19

Vice President, Mrs, Inonge Wina and the Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini today led Members of Parliament and Staff of the National Assembly of Zambia in a mass testing exercise for the Coronavirus disease, 2019 (COVID-19) at Parliament Buildings on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020.

Speaking during the mass testing exercise, Her Honour the Vice President, Mrs, Inonge M Wina, MP, said it was imperative for every Member of Parliament (MP) to test and know their COVID-19 status considering that they will be interacting with their families and constituents. She also urged Zambians at large to not be sceptical but test for COVID-19 as it is a life-threatening disease.

And Speaker Matibini also encouraged staff of the National Assembly and MPs to take the test, pointing out that MPs were the apex of political leadership in the country and therefore needed to lead by example.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Honourable Godfridah Sumaili, MP, praised the National Assembly of Zambia Management for organising such an exercise to enable MP’s and staff get tested quickly, she also thanked the Ministry of Health for reaching out to many Zambians and commended the church for being responsive to COVID-19 and adhering to the health guidelines in protecting their members.

And Minister of Health, Honourable Dr Chitalu Chilufya, MP, stated that the advocacy of the mass testing exercise conducted by the National would go a long way in inspiring people to test for covid-19.

He also emphasized the need to invest in testing as it would help to detect cases early and administer therapy for better outcomes. He added that testing for COVID-19 would change the landscape of the pandemic.

In order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the Fourth Session of the Twelfth National Assembly adjourned sine die on Tuesday, 21st July 2020.

It is not known when the results will be made public.


  1. I also tested negative. I am glad and thank God. Most diasporans here have the virus. We need to close borders soon. This came from diaspora this virus.

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  2. Good measure but reactive. This should have happened before a man lost his life. I do hope scientists are now leading on this, and advising politicians appropriately.

  3. UPND and NDC leaders thanks a lot for forcing the parliamentarians to close the parliament and letting all MPs to go for corona testing, On there on they would have not done so. Just the same with Jay Jay who bit and robbed the Heart of Police HQs in the great city of Lusaka, all is quiet. if it was UPND or NDC, it was the whole country crying like what Mweetwa did SHALLOW AND SHAMEFUL everyone in PF was on vuvuzela. Let talk on JAY JAY, there are mute, PF storming radio stations in Mufulira they are mute, Gassing Mute, Burning of markets Mute. Everything PF wrong doing MUTE ZEEEEEEEEEE. FINDLAY ZEEEEE. SPAX ZEEEEEE. QUIET. PAY RETIREES its too much waiting.

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  5. I never TESTED yet. But my 2 girlfriends do test every week at their jobs.
    I didn’t go anywhere since April 15th. I bought a bag of beans, 5 types of rice, 25 kg of Corn-meal, dry fish. Bought a full got at a farm and they helped me cut it up at their farm (its cheap here).
    I was teaching online until July 5th. I was not good at that. for me teaching online is like being on LT. I insulted my students several times, and all being in shock how different I am from class lectures. I am very sure I will not be part of online faculty in September. I have to resort to sell articles like Field Ruwe.

  6. These measures should have been done when Parliament opened but these morons didn’t take it seriously.

  7. GUNDIXY- Really laughable…how do you respond to a silly juvenile who shamelessly thinks he is someone else and in Zambia yet the moron is in England.

  8. Yes people must get tested. I had covid-19 for 2 to 3 months. This lung disease is savage in nature. I never thought I would survive but by God’s mercy I pulled through.

    You wanna know how covid-19 feels? it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest. You just can’t get enough air. Make sure you have an asthma inhaler just in case u contract corona coz your biggest challenge will be breathing difficulty

  9. The way these leaders are now going on about testing, one would think they are talking about HIV.
    First of all, there is no stigma associated with C19. The reason people are not testing in Zambia is that testing kits ane centres are not easily accessible. For that reason it does not makes sense to seek out testing unless one has either been exposed to someone who has tested +ve or is exhibiting the signs. This is why countries who are making progress with controlling Covid have invested in contact tracing and screening to make most efficient use of testing capacity.

  10. I test for HIV every world aids day annually. Israel I am negative and have nothing to is just another disease. Stop the stigma even if I got it one day , I would probably live longer than you

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