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Wearing of masks in public places is mandatory-Lusaka City Council Public


Lusaka City Council Public Health Committee Chairperson Councilor Chilando Chitangala says Statutory Instrument 21 and 22 of 2020 and the Public Health Act are still in effect and people should adhere to the guidelines.

The Roma Ward 17 Councilor has observed that people have relaxed on measures and are not wearing masks and social distancing when they are in public places despite the presidential directive and the laws put in place.

Ms Chitangala has noted that wearing of masks in public places is mandatory and everyone including those in markets should adhere to public health guidelines.

“it is important that every time you are going out in public, you need to mask up. Those people in markets should also mask up and practice social distancing” she said.

Ms Chitangala observed that COVID-19 related deaths have in the past week increased and this should make people take COVID 19 guidelines seriously.

She said people need not to wait for the central government to force them to follow COVID 19 preventive measures that have been put in place by the authorities.

Ms Chitangala has also appealed to people planning to host events to postpone them to a later date when COVID 19 has been managed.


    • zambian observer
      13 July 2020
      Lusaka Province PF Vice Chairlady Chilando Chitangala says the behavior of Mr. Mweetwa is demeaning to the women who are fighting for more representation in Parliament through Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.
      Ms Chitangala was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today.


  1. @Pitt, what could have happened if your father used condoms before you were born? What can a condom do, honestly?
    If you enjoy smell of ifisushi then avoid condom. But if ifisushi and smell of cigarettes bothers you, then wear mask.
    The same goes with any virus.

  2. Beyond scepticism and folly, there is satanism that loves to see a lot of people die. These will play down any danger in society. They will tell people to go where they shouldn’t and do things that they should not.

    People should heed the warning and directive to behave responsibly.

  3. Good. Let’s get military doing the rounds like in SA.

    Please give people all the help to make them see sense.

  4. The problem is the Leaders, Bowman is constantly having meetings and rallies. Old poor PF women are being paraded around and PF youth are busy protesting like they are in the opposition. How do you expect the people to head to the warnings of the same people who are not adhering to their own guidelines. Chitalu the health minister transported cadres to the courts.

  5. Zambia is a blessed country but lead but ***** corrupt leaders only interest is enrich themselves and their families.

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